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National "No Lane Split/Filter" Day - January 23,

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dan, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. Yes - We need to do something before it's all gone

  2. Yes - For solidarity

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  3. Yes - I don't commute but i will that day

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  4. Yes - But it won't prove anything

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  5. Yes - But I never filter anyway

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  6. No - Don't commute on the bike

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  7. No - Silly idea that won't demonstrate anything

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  8. No - Filtering is dangerous and should be outlawed

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  9. Maybe - haven't made my mind up on the issue

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  10. Maybe - I'll see what everyone else reckons

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  1. This letter to AMCN (Vol 55 No 11) spells out some action to curb possible rule-changes to outlaw filtering/lane splitting, and possibly even get them legalized:

    Personally I back such action 100%. But the date proposed isn't the best, the city drains a bit around long weekends. Some crunchy Wednesday near no holidays, would be the best idea.
  2. Cant see this helping, its not like theres that many motorcyclists on the road, that would take up a whole lot of space. Just makes it easier for the politicians to say it wasnt that bad was it.
  3. Yeah really doubt this would have much of an effect in major regional towns, simply not enough intersections and not enough bikes. Plus usually only ever have to lane split past one or two cars. Also what's their problem with the headlights-on law, that one actually makes sense.
  4. There's nowhere near enough bikes to have a significant impact on even one arterial, let alone all of them. Add to that the number of riders that won't do it, or won't have heard. ZXR's right, the pollies will just point and say "See, we told you so!".
    I support the cause, of course, and I'll participate rather than do nothing, but I think the energy would be better spent lobbying to promote the safety and congestion benefits. And maybe developing a set of guidelines that the authorities may be prepared to accept, (even if we may not always adhere to them :wink: )
  5. That's currently happening via the MRA's Advocacy Committee and I think VMAC.

    A submission on congestion and how motorcycles can help is being prepared for submission to a Parliamentary enquiry.
  6. :applause: :applause: :applause:
  7. Hopefully it will go in in the next two weeks :roll:

    Speaking of which if anyone has any new ideas, references etc. PM me
    I've got Marcus Wigans stuff and a lot of English and American. If anyone has solid info on Europe I'd appreciate it although I've got some stuff from FEMA as well.
  8. Re: National "No Lane Split/Filter" Day - January

    Good idea! I don't agree with the date either. I start at 9.30 so I'm not the beast judge of peak hour traiffic, but already the traffic on Monday's coming down the eastern is a lot less than normal. And January is a holiday period for a lot of people. Late Feb - early march, and not on a Monday would be much better.
  9. I'm with ZXRPilot on this one - all it will do is prove to the pollies that its not so bad if its outlawed, and that we (motorcyclists) can live without it.

    Personally doesn't faze me anyway - I don't filter, split or whatever else you want to call it - don't think its safe, to be honest. If you want to go ahead and split, thats your call.

    Oh, and to the bastard on the dirt bike this morning who split past me and clipped my wing mirror - I have your rego.
  10. Peak hour in Melbourne is a gridlock anyways, if motorcyclists didn't filter it would still be gridlock and noone would notice any different. Only thing is you would get cagers wondering why the d(*khead on the motorbike is sitting in traffic when he could filter through traffic like all the other motorcyclists are doing....
  11. well it's better then doing sweet F-all :|
  12. ZXRpilot wrote
    Exactly . Lets not encourage them to legislate ridiculous laws.
  13. Midnight, they don't need encouragement. They are perfectly good at coming up with ridiculous laws whilst sitting on their arses with their snouts firmly entrenched in the money pot.

    Personally I filter quite often. I'm not a fan of being stuck in the middle of traffic. Maybe the angle of safety needs to be looked at as well and not just congestion. That's apparently why we're paying this extra $50.
  14. Has the health issues of being stuck in traffic for bikes been brought up before?
    personally I hate getting blackheads and a cough from being stuck in tunnels :(
  15. In Auckland they allow Motorcycles to go in the bus lane.... apparently this has drastically reduced accidents between cages and motorcycles...

    then again, they use the outside lane (the emergency lane) as a bus lane...
  16. no one cares bout my black heads :(
  17. could be caused by all the chocolate!
  18. nup... unless its from chocolate withdrawal ? and the cough? guess it must be caused by me smoking too much chocolate too :LOL:
  19. Filtering is dangerous and should be outlawed has 1 vote.
    who is this uber-malaka and why does he ride??