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[National] - National NetRider Meet - Jindabyne March 2010 pointer.

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by brownyy, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. Pointer Thread.

    National NetRider meet, March 6th, 7th, 8th 2010 in Jindabyne.

    Full thread here.
  2. I thought I'd get the ball rolling with a suggestion for the trip to Jindabyne from Sydney.

    Possible Route

    Take it leisurely in the morning on some nice roads and just slab it down in the afternoon pretty much from Moss Vale.

    No doubt there'll be some alternatives suggested......

  3. I'm a long shot at best for the weekend, but thought this would be an awesome ride down:

    New improved linky (actually shows via points now!) - http://maps.google.com.au/maps?f=d&...148.789902&sspn=0.274097,0.676346&ie=UTF8&z=7

    Takes in RNP, Macq Pass, Kangaroo Valley, then stays off the Hwy (long weekend=traffic and cops) through the hills via Nowra, Corang, Braidwood, Gundillion, Countegany, Cooma and down to Jindy. It's a bit over 500km and none of it on freeway, so would take all day.

    I might even scout it out early in the NY when I get 2-day weekends again.
  4. RNP, Mac Pass, Kangaroo Valley, Cambewarra, Nowra, Bateman's Bay, Clyde, Cooma, highway to Jindy....

    (And pray it's not too hot).
  5. I haven't been this way before. Is it all sealed and how good is the road? Will it be fun? Looking at the attendee list, there doesn't appear to be any beginners but if some turn up will it be ok for them?

    If it's sealed, I may do it just for fun too!

    I don't think it's a long weekend either?

    Via Braidwood?
  6. I know its not a long weekend for us in NSW. Hornet i know after having a few rides with you that you know your rides so i would be happy with the route you put forward. What is the distance for this run? I also like the idea of something that takes in a few straight forward riding in parts to make up for sometime / more stops as it wi9ll be the longest trip i have done.
  7. NFI at this stage, I've never been further that way than Kangaroo Valley. I'm still hoping to get out and do it sometime in the next month so I can report back, but don't know if it'll actually happen.

    Just looked like a good non-freeway route on the map.
  8. Nope, the road from Nowra thru Nerriga to Braidwood (Main Rd 92) still isnt finished. There is dirt.
    Better off coming down the B'Bay and up the Clyde.

    However, if your coming down from West Sydney, it'll be a lot less painful to come straight down the Hume Boreway, onto the Fedral and come via Canberra.
  9. The route that I have posted in the Ride Thread proper is all sealed, http://snipurl.com/tzgbo and is around 582 kms

    That's a reasonable ride, Google Maps says around 8 hours, add another couple for stops, etc, and it's around 10 hours in the saddle. That might sound like a lot, but in '05 I rode to Melbourne with N1GH7-R1D3R, he was on a ZZR 250 and his Ls, and at that stage had not evern ridden from Wollongong to Sydney, and we were in the saddle for 15 hours, (and went out for coffee in Melbourne when we arrived!!!).

    The route is all A-class highway, plenty of rest/coffee/smoke/regroup stops, should be a wheeze, I've ridden and driven it dozens of times....
  10. Damn Im so Pins and Needles prone!
  11. I'm easy - Hornet's route looks good to me too.

    Start praying for good weather from now!
  12. Bugger about the dirt. Guess further south along the coast is a better idea then. Probably cooler too!
  13. I'm not suggesting people should avoid a route that has dirt on it, but my little 16" front tyre gets the screaming meemies on dirt, so I'll stick to the tar, and roads I know :wink:.

    Plus, if it's going to be a sort of group ride, then you need to cut down on the possibilities for 'oopses' and dirt usually increases them :LOL:.
  14. G'day Hornet et al,

    There is a road that heads west towards Dalgety (via Springfield IIRC) just before you get to Nimmitabel. It was in the process of being sealed last time I rode it yonks ago. Would save a few km over going via Cooma. You'd have to fill at Bega - the servo at Bemboka is only open spasmodically these days and Nimmitabel has no fuel.

    The road from Dalgety to Jindy is a bit of fun.

    Perhaps Joel would know if the sealing was finished or not.

    Wish I could come on this ride, sounds like its goin' to be a corker.

  15. Hey all;

    Thanks for your input, can you please tell me your final routes for the fast and slow group (if there is two?).

  16. It seems most of us agree to follow Hornet on his route?

    I'd suggest a Sydney rider meet at Heathcote McDonalds at 7:30am on Saturday 6th March for a 7:45am sharp depart.

    This allows us to meet any Wollongong riders at say Fairy Meadow Mcdonalds by 8:15 for a 8:30am sharp depart? If there's any preferred meet point in the Gong then we need to be told it.

    The route also allows Joel to join in if he's inclined. And we get the great opportunity to overdose on unhealthy fast food at all of our meet points. :)

    The route isn't demanding so unless someone specifically requests a freeway slab trip then we stick together....no point splitting up a handful of riders.

    Happy to hear any other suggestions.
  17. That's still "in progress". There's about 10 - 15kms of dirt left. It's pretty good but bad enough in places to bring the inexperienced undone late in the day.
  18. I wonder if the missus will let me strike out on my own for the weekend. I think she was expecting to do something special for my birthday on the 6th, so I think not :/
  19. So Dean going by the times you got there i take it we slab down the fwy to the gong! How many riders from Syd/ Gong do we have?

    Also was thinking that if anyone is interested we could meet up for a short run somewhere before this trip. Put some faces to names etc! Just something i am throwing out there!