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[National] National NetRider Meet - 6th MAR 2010 Jindabyne

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by brownyy, Dec 15, 2009.


    Victoria Main Route: 566km

    Click for Google Maps.

    Victoria Main Route Meet Points and Times:

    Southern and Western Meet - Todd Rd Shell Service Centre INBOUND
    7:00 Meet
    7:30 Departure.

    Northern Meet - Caltex Service Station
    307 Diamond Creek Rd
    Greensborough VIC 3088
    8:00 Meet
    8:15 Departure

    Mansfield Fuel Stop (15min) - 165km from Greensborough
    9:45 Arrive
    10:00 Departure.

    Beechworth Lunch
    Arrive 12:00
    Departure 12:45

    Tallangatta Fuel Stop (15 min) - 226km from Mansfield Fuel Stop.
    Arrive 1:15
    Deprature 1:30

    Jindabyne - 217km from Tallangatta Fuel Stop
    Arrive 4:30 - 5:00

    Victora Fast (Kitten Killing) Route: 800-900km

    Ride will continue as per Stewy's post here.

    Victoria Fast (Kitten Killing) Route Meet Point and Time:

    Ride will continue as per Stewy's post here.

    Laughing Place Servo / Log Cabin.
    Meet at 7am, leave at 7:15am

    Sydney + Wollongong Route: 584km

    Click for Google Maps

    Sydney + Wollongong Route Meet Point and Time:

    Sydney: Heathcote McDonalds at 7:30am on Saturday 6th March for a 7:45am sharp depart.

    Wollongong: Fairy Meadow Mcdonalds at 8:15 for a 8:30am sharp depart.


    The cost is $75 for two nights which includes your breakfast for both mornings. Rooms have one double and two single beds. We will be staying at the Lake Jindabyne Hotel


    Sunday Routes To Tumut for Lunch:

    9:15 Obligatory Group Photo, (Not too early)
    9:30 Departure on group ride.

    Option 1: Gentle ride (480km)
    Option 2: Longer ride including Granya Gap (601km)

    Lunch at Tumut 12:30
    Departure 1:30

    Back to Jindabyne by 4 or 6 depending on which ride, how much sightseeing and how many exploding kittens. :)


    1 brownyy - Melb main group - Westgate. - Can pay again. - $96
    2 cjvfr - Melb main group. - Can pay again. - $75
    3 CFVFR - Melb main group. - Can pay again. - $75
    4 phizog - Sydney group. - Will be covered - Vic
    5 GreyBM - Melb main group. - Will be covered - Vic
    6 Lizzy - Melb main group. - Will be covered - Vic
    7 rocket60 - Melb main group. - Can pay again. - $75
    8 hornet - Wollongong group. - Will be covered - vic
    9 stewy - Melb main group - TBC. - Will be covered. - MVrog
    10 Lenna - Own means. - Will be covered. - Vic
    11 akaluke - Melb main group. - Can pay again. - $75
    12 jirf88 - Sydney group. - Will be covered. - Brownyy + Vic
    13 Arc - Melb main group. - Can pay again. - $75
    14 blu101 - Sydney group. - Can pay again. - $75
    15 Ree - Team Ree & Crowey. - Can pay again. - $75
    16 Crowey - Team Ree & Crowey. - Can pay again. - $75
    17 Moto2 - Melb main group - Greensbough. - Can pay again. - $75
    18 NJG - Melb main group - Greensbough. - Can pay again. - $75
    19 mikkey - Melb main group. - Can pay again. - $75
    20 dannyboy - Melb main group - Greensbough. - Can pay again. - $75
    21 Loz - Melb main group. - Can pay again - $75
    22 Adventuresaurus - Random Tag alongs. - Will be covered - Vic
    23 Adventuresaurus - Random Tag alongs. - Will be covered - titus
    24 mischiefmaka - Beechworth @ noon. - Can pay again. - $75
    25 mr mischiefmaka - Beechworth @ noon. - Can pay again. - $75
    26 Hoff - Melb main group. - Will be covered - Rented
    27 deadman - Melb main group. - Can pay again. - $75
    28 gabe_au - Melb main group. - Can pay again. - $75
    29 Oz_johnno - Melb main group. - Can pay again. - $75
    30 MVrog - own means - Own means. - N/A - $75
    31 pegasus - own means - Sydney group. - N/A - $TBC
    32 pegasus friend - own means - Sydney group. - N/A - $TBC
    33 D1300 - own means - Sydney group. - N/A - $TBC
    34 funkyenduro - Canberra Solo 2. - Will Pay Upfront. - $75
    35 Ed - ??

    ricecooker -
    Brightblue -
    mischiefmaka kaz -
    Slow Coach -
    Motormouse -

    not attending but helping out
    RobSalvv - $75-
    Rented - $75
    titus - $75 - transfered to brownyy 02 MAR 10
    vic - $504 - transfered to brownyy 01 MAR 10

    Now, how that fukn list works: There's an amount of money next to your name, if you could please bring that money in cash (correct weight) to the trip and on saturday night in Jindy I'll collect it and pay the bills etc. I know many people were happy to lend/donate/help-out etc, but with more and more people offering and with limited time to complete bank transfers its getting more and more difficult to manage. So at this stage I'd like to leave the list as is above. If anyone has actually transferred money to other members, please advise me via PM so I can adjust the list accordingly. Thanks.


    --Saturday 6th March: Meet at respective meet points and conduct feeder rides to Jindy.
    --Saturday Night: Meet Jindy, dinner at the Jindy Hotel - socialise. :twisted:
    --Sunday 7th March: Twisty Ride to Tumut for Lunch (Booked: Commercial Hotel in Tumut, $16-28 their menu or $21 fixed 3 selection 2 course menu). Return to Jindy for Dinner. Dinner location Booked - socialise. :twisted:
    --Monday 8th March: Reverse Feeder rides to respective cities.

    Pace / Speed / Skill / Number of Kittens claimed:

    This meet has everyone in mind regardless of engine cc's. The only requirement is that each individual:
    --have a working bike,
    --is able to ride with their luggage,
    --can ride the planned distance,
    --group ride without endangering anyone's safety excluding kittens.
    --your ability to ride within your own limits and not get carried away or pushed beyond your own limits
    --acknowledge their will be fast riders and slow riders; which brings me to my next point
    --respect each others needs and everyone must have a hooty wooty good time. :)

    Anything else:

    Yep: Information PDF Printable! Thanks cjvfr!!

    Make sure your bike is in the best running order you can manage, this is but not limited to (gotta love that disclaimer) good tyres capable of the entire trip, mechanical reliability if you currently know of issues that you can repair / attend to before the ride, your ride stamina to complete the palnned distance and your luggage's ability to do said distance (i.e. your bag doesn't fall off etc), your ability to have a wooty hooty good time. :)

    This post is fukn epic

  2. Now I'm gettin excited! Its made the CALENDER, PEOPLE!!!

  3. Tassy january, uluru feb, jindy march.. should be a good year for riding :)
  4. :) Good onya Brownyy, So Any Nominations for:

    Accommodation Czar.

    Melbourne-Jindy Feeder Experienced Ride Organiser
    Melbourne-Jindy Feeder Gentle Route Ride Organiser

    Gippsland - Jindy Feeder Ride Organiser (Possible)
    Canberra - Jindy Feeder Ride Organiser (Possible)
    Sydney - Jindy Feeder Ride Organiser (Possible)

    Any others?
  5. My interest has peaked... I'm checking my calendar first thing tomorrow morning...
  6. Interested but tentative at this stage as I may take an additional day and LizzyM and I may stop over in Myrtleford to visit the kids.

    So if anyone else wants to step up for that role, feel free.
  7. Is this the VIC Labour Day long weekend or the weekend before? Either way I don't care coz I'm still on holidays then, however I do have to organise a sitter for the monster pup.
    The best thing is that it is 3 days after my birthday, another great reason for a trip on the bikes. ;-)

    If there is slower group going I am happy to help keep that group together. I may still be recovering from birthday drinks and the older I get the longer the recovery period.
    As for a leader of the group, not a good idea, who knows where we will end up.
  8. There were people who didn't notice the Tassy trip cos it was posted in the Other States forums. I know this is in the calender but again it's a long way ahead so people may not see it for a bit.

    I only saw it cos I was checking updates for the Tassie trip.

    Would it be an idea to post some feeder threads with links elsewhere (e.g. the Vic and NSW Events forums)?
  9. All, OP updated. :) Keep the ideas coming, can everyone start registering there interest etc. (I know it was done in EOI, I just want to run it again all through here, sorry to be a pain in the arse).

    I was going to write something else but I forgot.

    Mods / Admins; I ticked the box for the calender thingo for forumbot to start a thread but it hasn't. Can you please add a link to the calender entry to this thread. Thanks.
  10. Good work m8. Great organisational skillz!

    Put me down as a definite maybe! :)
  11. Great work Brownyy, count me in...
  12. That feature is broken mate, has been for a year or two. One day the geek department might take a look at it :(
  13. I would like to register my interest at this stage but can't 100% commit untill about a month beforehand due to the nature of what I do for a crust.
  14. yeah Brownyy put me down as a definite maybe
    some ones gotta look after Ree now she's gettin old :cheeky::cheeky:
  15. IN! Somebody's gotta keep Dad in line :p

    and yes, Monday 8 March is a public holiday for the ACT (Canberra Day - HUZZAH!)
  16. Excellent! The 6th is Mrs Hornet's birthday but she's had lots of them so she won't mind me missing one :LOL:.
  17. I only just found this thread....

    Im there! ( so long as my litter arrives when it is supposed to i dont see anything else being able to stand in my way) so pencil me plus 1 in for the count Browny...

    I can hook up and meet the Melb peeps in Seymour or Wang...

    Not sure where im going to stash enough stuff to keep me happy for 3 days on my bike but i guess ill figure it out....

    Looking forward to this muchly!
  18. This sounds like a lot fun. Count me in !
  19. yep put me down as well (y)
  20. A Suggested Gippsland route could start at Traralgon, Cann River, Bombala to Jindabyne. It's about 5-6hrs, depending on how spirited one is feeling and how many stops are made.

    A variation is to get off the Highway at Buchan and take the back road through to Orbost, then up the Bonang Highway to Bombala and so on.

    A longer route is Traralgon to Omeo to Hotham, across Tawonga Gap to Tallangatta to meet up with the Melbourne contingent.

    Or, we might make it a bigger weekend for those interested. Do a run to Merimbula on Friday, then across to Jindy on Saturday (that's about a 3hr ride). But accommodation may be an issue given that it's a holiday weekend and weather will still be fairly summerish. And presumably you'll be making the pub bookings as soon as possible.

    Me personally, I try to avoid these sorts of rides on holiday weekends. They tend to attract all sorts of undesirables out there...

    However, I'm considering this one. But I work that entire weekend, so it would mean trying to get a fair bit of time off. But on the up side I don't work Labor Day itself so it doesn't mean a loss of penalty rates for taking it off.

    I'll see how it goes.