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[National] Motorcycle Awareness ride, 28 Jan 06

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Scumbag, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. Now I realise this is really early but it came to my attention in my local intranet.
    Something to keep in mind for come the new year.


    Canberra 2006

    National Motorcycle Awareness Ride

    Thousands of motorcyclists will ride to Canberra on Saturday, January 28 in
    support of a celebrity based motorcycle awareness ride to highlight a range
    of important motorcycle awareness and safety issues.

    Following in the footsteps of the famous Celebration Rides in 1996 and 2001,
    this national awareness ride will bring together a cross section of the
    whole motorcycle community in Australia in order to bring positive public
    attention to the importance of motorcycling and making drivers 'more aware'.

    Organised this time by Bikers Australia and the Melbourne based MRAA, the
    details will be similar to previous rides with a road closure on the Federal
    Highway and a mass ride through the cheering throng of local residents to
    New Parliament House. It is expected that members of the Federal Government
    will be present and already has the support of Federal MP Jackie Kelly (see
    attached letter).

    Previous Awareness rides to the nation's capital have secured an enormous
    amount of positive motorcycle coverage in the mainstream media across
    Australia. Indeed the last Celebration ride featured prominently on news
    bulletins and significantly featured on the front page of the Canberra
    Times, as well as other papers and national motorcycle magazines. More
    information will be available at ww.bikersaustralia.com.au soon.

    As with the Celebration Rides, this National Motorcycle Awareness Ride is
    expected to attract a lot of positive public attention to motorcycle safety
    and awareness issues as well as to motorcycling itself. Get your friends to
    come and make this the biggest ever.

    Yours in motorcycling,

    Greg Hirst

    Organising Committee Chairman.

    02 9635 0761 ph

    02 9687 9727 fax

  2. Cool. I'll pencil it in. 2006 is starting to look busy. :D
  3. This looks like one for me too!

    :D :D :D
  4. Melbourne - Canberra - Melbourne on an Across?

    Why the hell not? I'll pencil it in too. :)
  5. Yeah the weather should be ok.

    I'll be a senior citizen. I might go see where my money has been going to.

  6. should be a bit of fun
  7. Sounds good.....ROAD TRIP!

  8. If there are a number of people going from these forums should perhaps arrange to ride under the netrider banner, without of course detracting from the organiser's efforts.
  9. If my kids can survive without me for a few days

    I Shall pencil this in, too good to miss
  10. Yep, I'm in.
  11. Depending on bike situation (I am -NOT- doing this on the rollerskate), I would very much like to do this. Will confirm closer to the time.
  13. More confusion.

    Just what we need. :roll:
  14. Might have to see if I can afford a boat ticket for Jan '06 :D

    Mouth, that "every capital city" bit sounds good, keep us posted please.

  15. Jason, thanks for providing this information. It helps understand what's going on.
  16. I'm confused. Does this quote from Derek Wainohu come AFTER the one from Greg Hirst, and if so, does that mean the event has been postponed?
    Or does the originally proposed Jan 28 ride go ahead without CofAM?
  17. Greg = BikersAnon
    Derek = CofAM

    BikersAnon asked CofAM to have another ride in Jan 2006. CofAM appears to have said no because they feel there is an unclear reason for the ride and the short timeframe. BikersAnon have decided to run their own ride instead.

    .. that's my read. :)
  18. Thanks for the update Jason, I will be on for either of these what ever happens. Plus I have free accommodation in Canberra if I need it.
  19. National Motorcycle Awareness Ride


    Canberra 2006 - A Memorable Experience

    Riders from around Australia will descend on Canberra on Saturday, January 28
    to draw public attention to the need for car drivers to be more aware of motorcycles on Australia’s roads. Thousands will join former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson, Speaker of the House of Representatives David Hawker (on the Melbourne Ride) and other political and celebrity riders who are calling on car drivers to look out for motorcyclists.

    The main ride will assemble in Canberra at a road closure on the Federal Highway from 11.30am. At 1pm the assembled throng will head off for a ride through city streets to the lower grassed area of Federation Mall (near Old Parliament House) for a public gathering and speeches.

    A Little Bit of Motorcycling Magic
    Organiser Bikers Australia has arranged to bring a little bit of motorcycling magic to this awareness ride. Famous for its Brass Monkey Rally on the outskirts of Lithgow in May each year, it plans to bring elements of this rally to the grassy confine of Federation Mall so that there will be heaps of fun, rally awards, water on sale and things to look at as well as listen to the speeches.
    “This will be a memorable experience to be part of the mass ride into the heart of Canberra. Along with the important message of ‘Look out for Bikes’, the excitement will continue as motorcyclists from all over Australia mingle and check out the displays and trade stalls”
    Noel Andrew, National President

    Where to Join In
    Riders are encouraged to obey local road rules as they head to Canberra direct or join one of the informal rides organised by riders to join from the North, West and South:

    Melbourne : Leave Elizabeth St. at 10am Friday, January 27.Contact Damien Codognotto OAM on 03 9846 8621 for more information.
    Orange: Meet at 7.30am at Sam Laws Motorcycles to leave at 8am Saturday, January 28.
    Sydney: Leave Uncle Leo’s Roadhouse, Hume Hwy. The Crossroads at 9.30am Saturday January 28.
    Canberra: Leave 1pm Federal Highway Watson, Saturday, January 28.

    Sponsors and Supporters
    Bikers Australia is appreciative that Harley Davidson has come on board as a primary sponsor of Canberra 2006 and that the event is now supported by Motorcycling Australia. Other sponsorship and support details are expected be announced soon. Any and all profits from Canberra 2006 will be donated to the Celebration of Australian Motorcycling for its ongoing motorcycle awareness activities.

    For further information contact Bikers Australia on the details below.
    PO Box 185, Guildford, 2161.
    Phone/Fax 02 9609 6887
  20. It's always on at the Australia Day Long Weekend.
    This should be number 3...it only comes around every 3 or 4 years.
    Started off as a Protest-run in 199x ? and drew about 12.000bikes then, numbers for the last one were reportedly between 15-20.000.

    Great to see the flocks of bikes around the area, but cop-presence will be accordingly (and not just in Canberra).