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National M/C and Scooter Safety Summit

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jdkarmch, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. I was one of 100 "invited attendees" who spent the last few days in Canberra at the Motorcycle and Scooter Safety Summit. To say the least it was exciting to be there - and we have set the foundations in place for some pretty exciting stuff to come...

    Here is something that came out during a presentation on Thursday (and surfaced in the media yesterday):


  2. Smart dude.

    I hope he's listened to.

    It's his correct view vs millions of $$$'s however...
  3. All sounds very encouraging .. however, his methods will cost $$ rather than generating it. more visible police, etc.

    John .. from past experience do the "relevant authorities" take note of this kind of report, especially when its probably NOT want they want to hear??

    I note from the above article that Shaun Lennard agree's with Dr Rogers, but dont see any agreement coming from the gov side of the deal .. Did they agree with him, or just go very quiet on the matter?

  4. Hey John, who were the other 99 people? Anyone else worth listening to, or just political types looking for a couple of days away, all paid for?
    Can you give us a run down of the main topics covered?
  5. If they did listen then this crap would have been sorted out years ago.

    I know Shaun personally and know how passionate he is but to me it's just another get together of enthusiasts sounding like a broken record.

  6. Thats along the lines of what I was wondering, and hoping to find out if things are/were any diff this time around ..

    The various causes as listed in the report, have had a zillion posts on NR by many an experienced rider..
  7. I thought that there would be some questions.

    This was a summit organized by the Federal Govt. So - the right people will hear about it.

    The summit was made up of all the key people from many motorcycle organizations like AMC, MCC NSW, Ulysses, all state MRAs, Motorcycling Aust, BMW and Honda reps were there and there was ebven one guy all the way from NZ. All were vetted and assessed before being invited ( I heard that AMCN wanted to come - but were rejected...).

    Also all the states sent their Bureaucrats - Vic roads, TAC, RTA NSW, Qld, SA, WA, ACT, Tasmania equivalents were there.

    Senator Kate Lundy addressed us over dinner on Thursday Night. She rides as well.

    MUARC and VMAC were there.

    The quality of the presenters was incredible - we even had someone from the USA who was impressed with the "feel" that was generated and the "passion that was displayed by he attendees.

    From this summit - a National M/C strategy will be generated. What will happen next? Watch this spot.

    I was particularly impressed by a presentation given by a presenter from NSW RTA. She is a psychologist and worked up some excellent stuff with MCC NSW.

    Needless to say - there were a lot of myths dispelled at the summit.....

    I hope that this answers your questions for the time being. I'll post more stuff here as it comes to hand and as soon as I can sit down and digest my notes.
  8. Thanks for the update

    All interesting and anything that promotes rider's safety is a bonus
  9. Did anything come up about risk taking behaviour jdk?

    You know the kind where it doesn't matter how skilled you are, you always want to push a little bit harder. At a guess, I'd say more than a few accidents stem from that, and it's something you can't police, and likely can't "educate" out of that certain type of person either. How do you combat that, apart from accepting people's personal choices, and then having the self restraint not to implement some knee-jerk operation every time a few people die?
  10. Yes, it did.

    But, it was but a "part" of the overall picture for which as was stated by one presenter, "There is no single 'silver bullet'."

    Let me just reassure everyone - sceptics included - nothing was missed and some sacred cows were raised - killed and in some cases accepted....
  11. As John said, there was some first rate stuff there. I was sitting with Stuart Strickland (Honda MD) most of the time and he said it was the best thing of its type he's ever attended. The interest (and the goodwill) was astounding. We split up into workshops on various topics and came back with recommendations to the group.

    The outcome from the recommendations now flows through to the Motorcycle Safety Consultative Committee to develop stuff for the national safety strategy for 2010.

    The MSCC has various state and other reps, Adrian Toscarno (Qld), Guy Stanford(NSW), me (Vic), Neville Gray(SA) Shaun Lennard (Tas & WA) Robyn Majors (ACT & Women riders) chaired by a rep from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

    We're meeting again in a month or so once we've digested all the input and the recommendations from the workshops.

    Some of the stuff was brilliant and very challenging for a lot of the state bureaucrats etc. there. Program below with my personal comments:

    Keynote presentation – Motorcycle safety – the road ahead: an international update – Dr Nick Rogers, Secretary General, International Motorcycle Manufacturers Association

    Brilliant presentation on the MAIDS (Motorcycle Accident In Depth Study) data from Europe and how they acquired the data - real solid information on crashes is still sadly lacking in Australia.

    Keynote presentation – Improving safety through engineering and integration: the IHIE guidelines for motorcycling – Mr Tony Sharp, Vice President, UK Institute of Highway Incorporated Engineers and Chair, UK National Motorcycle Council, Traffic Management, Planning and Transportation Policy Sub Group

    Spoke about the work he's done in the UK developing the Guidelines for motorcycles which feed into the National Motorcycle Strategy- read the travel plans section and weep! It's just so good...

    From data to strategy – Ms Liz de Rome, LDR Consulting

    excellent as always - Liz spoke about strategy development and implementation

    Accuracy of data analysis and evidence based research – Dr Michael Kremmer, Lecturer, Griffith Business School, Griffith University

    This guy was absolutely fascinating - he's an Economist & Statistician (with several bikes) By far the hardest to follow (but an entertaining speaker) he's too difficult to sum up easily. He has the ability to tear some of the arguments used to absolute shreds. I had the opportunity to chat with him for a couple of hours at the airport and my head is still spinning with his enthusiasm and ideas. :LOL:

    Road infrastructure and roadside hazards – Mr Nial Finegan, Regional Director, Metropolitan North West Region, VicRoads

    Good talk about some of what is needed and the difficulties of fixing it -

    Training and licensing best practice – variations among jurisdictions –
    Mr Ray Newland, Motorcycling Manager, Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI)

    Moped licensing – Ms Hollie Black, Chair, Australian Scooter Federation

    A couple of good presentations about the fairly silly mish-mash of systems we have in Australia and how everybody seems to think theirs is the best. Also about what sort of training do we actually need - skills, attitudinal, perception etc.

    Protective clothing – Ms Liz de Rome, LDR Consulting

    Liz again talking about standards for clothing and the inadequacy of a lot of what's sold as protective clothing. Something that came out of the workshops included the takeup of european standards rather than re-inventing the wheel with our own. (Helmets are a prime example here; Cameron Cuthill (BMW Motorad GM) commented on a new helmet they've released in Europe that weighs < 1kg but won't be sold here because it's not economic to even get it assessed for the Australian Standards)

    Victorian Black Spot Program – Dr Bruce Corben, Senior Research Fellow, Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC)

    Bruce spoke on the black spot treatments that the levy has paid for in Victoria and how the treatments have genuinely prevented crashes - these can include things like edge sealing, alignment etc. etc

    Psychological and social factors influencing risky motorcycle rider behaviour – Associate Professor Barry Watson, Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety – Queensland (CARRS–Q)

    not what I expected from CARRS-Q - a motorcycle sympathetic study of risky behaviour. Not particularly about speed but the psychology of riding unlicenced, unregistered and pissed among other things. Fatigue got a serious mention as well. He spent time talking about methods other than enforcement to reduce risk taking behaviour.

    Keeping motorcyclists safe: a behavioural approach – Dr Patricia Bryant, Principal Behavioural Scientist, NSW Centre for Road Safety, Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW

    One of the best (as John said) - Patricia is responsible for the latest ads in NSW about cornering. You'll note there's not a single reference to speed in these adverts. She talked about how a successful road safety campaign needs serious input from riders.

    Keynote presentation: The United States Action Plan to Reduce Motorcycle Deaths – Mr Steve Kratzke, Associate Administrator for Rule Making, US National Highway TrafficSafety Administration (NHTSA)

    Very interesting but I think he learned more than he gave - what we learned was how much further ahead we are in many areas They've had a 75% increase in bike numbers over 10 years and a 210% increase in fatalities.
  12. Apart from travel and accommodation for the presenters, all the inviteeshad to pay their own costs.

    Organisations represented.

    All the Motorcycle Riders Associations, Ulysses, Motorcycle Councils MCCNSW etc.
    Motorcycling Australia
    Aust Scooter Federation
    Dept of Defence
    Aust Post
    Qld Main Roads
    WA Office of Road Safety
    RoadSafe Victoria (both delegates were riders)
    Griffith Uni
    SA Dept of Transport
    NT Dept of Terriotry & Municipal Services
    Rider Awareness NT
    TAS Dept of Infrastructure
    Assorted Federal Govt Depts
    Morgan & Wacker Training
    Stay Upright
    LB International (very brave - they make WRBs)
    WA Office of Road Safety....
    and more
  13. Oh how I wish I was there.

    Sounds great!

    I do wonder how much of the good ideas will be watered down in the final implementation though as always seem to happen. :cry:
  14. Tony, we give MUARC a bit of stick in these forums... would you consider what he said as reliable?

    The conference sounded like a genuine attempt to tackle understanding of the topic.
  15. Rob,
    I also have a lot of misgivings about some of MUARC's conclusions. However Bruce is the MUARC rep on VMAC and is not inherently anti-motorcycling. What he was presenting was based around a lot of information I already knew (in terms of black-spot treatments) and was pretty solid stuff.

    As I said, it was CARRS-Q (Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety at QUT) that surprised me. It was good sensible stuff on risk-taking in general and methods of preventing or alleviating it. What it was really came down to was about how to get motorcyclists to manage risk. It didn't particularly come out on the side of enforcement but spoke about things like peer-pressure on group rides and the like.

    Thinking back on some of the overall ideas of the summit a lot of it may have had to do with education, not training and licensing - although that was involved - but a more generic theme around responsibility. Educating riders and drivers to take responsibility for their own and other peoples safety, educating road engineers and policy makers to take responsibility for including motorcycles and scooters in their planning, educating legislators to take responsibility and making sure legislation is evidence based (a major theme everywhere at the moment).

    I honestly don't know how much will come out of it. I do know major changes won't happen quickly (although there is a need to get some things done while the momentum and good will is still there). I do know that we should see an attitude change among some of the government people. We've got our informal rider/industry pre-VMAC meeting tomorrow and I know there will be lot to talk about.
  16. Thanks for the reply Tony. Good to hear MUARC weren't just pushing a government propagandist line.

    Better education is a pet hobby horse of mine. You'll still get the tossers who have utterly no consideration for other users and/or themselves but IMO a better educated road user population has to be a safer one.

  17. Any idea why? I would have thought having media at such an event, even if they're there in a strictly passive sense, would be a benefit in terms of rider awareness of the various issues and thoughts on approaches.
  18. AMCN weren't considered to be suitable experts is all I can deduce.

    Perhaps you should ask them why they didn't/couldn't attend. I assume that they will report it in their next issue.....

    After what was in the recent issue I would have loved to have met Boris :LOL: :LOL: just to introduce myself to him after naming me in his latest article....