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National Automotive and Driver Education Centre (ACT)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pringa8, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. (mods, exactly sure where to put this, thought general was closest)

    Righto boys and girls, mainly the ACT ones, it's time to get behind the ACT Motorist party in this upcoming ACT election.

    These farken champions have put forward a proposal for the National Automotive and Driver Education Centre (NADEC) which is a combo of driver education centre, racing circuit, international drag strip, speedway track, gokart track, camp grounds, cabins and motorsport industry shops.

    Their policies are aimed at cars and motorcyclists alike and can be found here: http://www.amp.org.au/
    For example, they wish to divert ALL traffic infringement revenue to programs and initiatives for road safety and driver education and start driver education programs for high school students

    But more importantly, THIS IS OUR CHANCE FOR A MOTORSPORT COMPLEX IN THE ACT!!!! This seriously looks like the best chance we will have of getting a motorsport complex in Canberra.

    Now to get a seat in the Assembley and get this through, I've been told they need 12 500 primary votes, and that means voting 1-5 for the candidates, not just putting a 1 apparently (I dunno??, just do it!). PS, just in case anyone was thinking, I dont work for these guys, I'm just sick of this fkn current governemnt shafting motorsports and drivers/riders in the ACT and its the first decent looking party I've seen, and I want this fooken track!!!

    Here's the details of the press announcement

    On Saturday Night the 20th at the National Press Club in Canberra a bold and progressive Tourism and Motorsport policy was unveiled by THE AUSTRALIAN MOTORIST PARTY..
    This new and exciting political party was born 2 years ago to bring a vision to generate millions of dollars for the Canberra and region's
    economy and satisfy the enormous demand for a motorsport venue.
    Canberra is well positioned to service 7 million people within a four hour
    drive and a further 5 million 7 hours away.
    The gala event featured V8 Supercar driver Steven Richards and drag racing star Victor Bray as guest speakers. The excitement was at fever pitch when the plans for the NADEC (National Automotive and Driver Training Centre) motorplex was unveiled to the 250 enthusiastic guests.
    A business plan has been developed to fund the project, with staged
    construction over a four year period.
    The first and most important stage will see a driver education facility,
    housing driving simulators for high school students to prepare them for their driving careers.
    An international standard dragway, an international racing circuit for cars and motorcycles, a speedway and go cart track will follow.

    The Chamber of Commerce and the Canberra business community have welcomed the proposal and are very enthusiastic about its potential.

    A big thank you must go to the group One racers from Top Fuel, Pro Stock and Doorslammer as well as all the other racers, fans and supporters for your financial help. Your generosity will help to see the Motorist Party elected to the ACT Legislative Assembly on the 18th of October.
    Election candidate Denis Walford stated that to run a successful election campaign against the major political parties, the Australian Motorist Party will need a six-figure sum of money.
    Please get behind this great project and the only political party that represents YOU, the racers and fans.
    Financial support and donations will be most welcome and is fully tax deductible. Log on to http://www.amp.org.au for full details, contacts and see the latest news.


    Here's the plan below!!

  2. if any state can do it - Canberra can!

    p.s the drawing of the track looks liek it would be sooooo much fun if it was put in to play! :grin:
  3. Not with this current government mate, they are so anti-motorsport it aint funny. Fkn Stanhope, they've given that much trouble to the hill climb crew, they've made it so difficult with red tape cr@p it's ridiculous. And dont get me started on the GMC300!!!

    How good does the plan look!!!
  4. That's the way! Tell all your mates in Canberra!
  5. Haha, there go my questions about who to vote for.
  6. +1. I'm just wondering if I can vote on my bike :grin: Not going to spend more time than required to vote, especially if it's going to be a bright sunny day
  7. Much as I like the idea of what they stand for, I just can't vote for single issue parties. It's a wasted vote when there are many other important issues to consider. If these parties stood up and said "Hey, this is our primary platform, but we'll deal with the economics, social issues etc this way" they these sorts of parties would attract far more votes.
    Their aged citizens transport service looks like a waaaay under budgeted nightmare.
    Their other policies also stand no chance of achieving funding as they WILL be blocked as they have no chance of having any sort of power.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. I have to agree with typhoon on this, I like the ideas, I think the NADEC would be awesome... but ultimately I think that I would like my representatives to be aware of all the issues being faced by their constituents and not be so focused on one particular area.
  9. hardly a wasted vote in the ACT's modified hare clark preferential voting system
  10. Doesnt matter who you vote for, they are all going to stuff up education, health, transport, water etc etc....

    At least by voting for these guys we get a race track :LOL: