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National anthem/Land ownership

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by smileedude, Jun 14, 2014.

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  1. #1 smileedude, Jun 14, 2014
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    So watching the Chile verse Socceroos game the singing of the national anthem was just shit. The music stopped in the middle and the Chileans kept barreling it out. Chile was psyched up and we were just touching ourselves for the first 15 minutes. And it is a dreadful song that invokes zero passion.
    The chorus "Advanced Australia Fair" just means hey gang, lets keep going and we might get an encouragement award.

    Chile on the other hand "Que o la tumba serás de los libres
    O el asilo contra la opresión"
    Basically we are free or we are fighting fcukwits"

    England "Rule Brittania", no matter what happens today you are still our bitches.

    America: fcuk off England we kicked you out and have a pretty flag.

    Italy: lets get together and try to fcuk these tough sons of bitches up even if we die trying.

    Germany: we are better than you

    France: Lets get ready to rumble.

    Spain: no words, but we're just going to stare the shit out of you

    Kiwis:The haka, needs no explanation.

    To top it off the melody sounds like it's been written by Mrs Thompson, the crazy biatch that made us start singing laugh kookaburra laugh when we got a little rowdy in primary school assembly.

    I know I'm a raving lefty who is all for a multicultural sharing society but not when I'm watching sport.

    Can't we have a song which inspires passion.

    And for fcuks sake nobody suggest Waltzing Matilda. As bad as Advanced Australia Fair is it is far better than come over and do a fancy dance with my sheep.
  2. Has the soccer started? When do they hand out the Oscars?
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  4. Or if you actually listen to the words, about a bloke who steals a sheep then necks himself.

    "Australian's all let us ring Joyce" not that inspiring, but what do you do?

    I am a Kiwi, "God Defend New Zealand" isn't that exciting either, it's better now we added the Maori version.

    The key to a good anthem is whether the crowd are into it. Best I have experienced live is the Irish rugby anthem, which isn't actually the nation anthem, but one commissioned to avoid sensitivities due to players coming from both Northern Ireland and the Republic.

    I like South Africa's new one too, it is pretty good.
  5. National anthem is just fine, if dowdy, boring, uninspiring, downright crap.....perfectly fitting for the current fcukwit of a prime minister we have..
  6. UK national anthem isn't rule Britannia but the awful dirge God save the king. Rn rule Britannia or land of hope and glory would be far preferable.
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    I think RATM fcuk you I won't do what you tell me is more appropriate to describe how I feel about our esteemed leader.

    Oh yeah that's right. Well yeah God save The Queen is basically we are too useless to defend an old lady that lives in a giant castle, I hope our choice of deity was the right one. Probably worse than Australias. But then again they have more in their suitcase of psych ups than Aussie Aussie Aussie after the anthems over.
  8. I believe it's called 'killing in the name of'.
    Kids today....
  9. Ive been talking about choruses the whole time ya big butt plug.
  10. The French have the most rousing TUNE for a national anthem, but any national anthem's WORDS are going to sound corny if it's not your nation.
    (Musically, I DO like Jose Can You See, too)
    But Advance Australia's Fares is without doubt the crappiest excuse for a national anthem on the planet. And people voted for it!
    Options? We used to sing this in South Australia when I was at school,
    and it was in the ballot and lost :(
    ANYTHING other than the song of praise to a thief, or Bruce Woodley's sad doggerel "I yam orstrayan" though, 90 seconds of silence would be preferable...
  11. So now I'm expected to read your posts rather than just make snarky comments?
    You win this round, Cat.
  12. French lyrics English translation
    Allons enfants de la Patrie, Arise, children of the Fatherland,
    Le jour de gloire est arrivé ! The day of glory has arrived!
    Contre nous de la tyrannie, Against us tyranny
    L'étendard sanglant est levé, (bis) Raises its bloody banner (repeat)
    Entendez-vous dans les campagnes Do you hear, in the countryside,
    Mugir ces féroces soldats ? The roar of those ferocious soldiers?
    Ils viennent jusque dans vos bras They're coming right into your arms
    Égorger vos fils, vos compagnes ! To cut the throats of your sons and women!

    Aux armes, citoyens, To arms, citizens,
    Formez vos bataillons, Form your battalions,
    Marchons, marchons ! Let's march, let's march!
    Qu'un sang impur Let an impure blood
    Abreuve nos sillons ! Water our furrows! (repeat)

    Really? That's not corny. They are cutting throats of women and children. I have a lot of respect for a country that hasn't been so PC that they changed that.

    Le Marseilles has meant so much in history as well. The scene in Casablanca. Imagine they sung AAF.

    Going over the AAF lyrics it is almost a resume for a job. All it needs is a line about typing skills.
  13. My wife gets annoyed when I sing the Marseilles when Les Bleus play. It is however the best anthem (NB contains inbred French bias on my part).
  14. I think you got these two wrong smilee:
    Italy is actually …Why has my tank got more forward gears than reverse
    France is actually…Can you please get ready to rumble we are in the shit again.
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  15. Nevermind.. I should read the *whole* thread.
  16. So does that mean your avatar should be Madame Cholet instead?
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  17. Read the lyrics again, bro. The soldiers are coming to cut the throats of women and children, and the anthem is a call for the people to rise up and defend themselves.
  18. I thought you said that you were watching the soccer world cup, does that really count as sport?
  19. She is a lovely French sauce pot
  20. Still, they are coming to slit the throats of our woman and children and we will wash our burrows with their blood would most likely have been censored in other societies. My point still stands.
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