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[National] 4 Musketeers - 4th Generation, Sat Nov 1st

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, May 17, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Mitch

    Wooooohoooooo - its on again and the planning stages have commenced.... 1st, 2nd and 3rd November 2008

    Its the yearly Melbourne Cup 3 day ride - Melbourne - Tintaldra - Bombala - Home. This is the 4th year of this event and one that will really go...

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  2. An official calendar entry and everything!

    You know I will be there, this has been marked on my calendar since I got back from the last one :grin: :grin: :grin:
  3. Updates Updates UPDATES - 13th october 2008

    There are two updates:
    1). Meeting locations
    2) Attendees

    Meeting Locations
    Hi all, the meeting location is Westgate Shell, City bound side - Todd Rd side. Meeting time is 8:00am for an 8:30am departure.
    We are not having the meeting point in Healsville any longer due to the size of the group and the length of the ride.

    We are going up the Hume for about an hour and then heading in-land from Tooboroc/Seymor and then onto mansfield. Expect to be in mansfield no later than 11:00am. We have plenty of km's to cover and the Blackspur is somewhere most of us have ridden and I am not too comfortable riding through there with a large group.

    Latest Update - 10th October 2008

    We are back upto 30 people. So, new names go on the Waiting list for the time being.

    qbnspeedfreak - out
    Sir Skuffy - 100%
    ricecooker - 100%
    motormouse - 100%
    toe_cutter - 100%
    hornet600 - 100% saturday night night only
    sleddog - 100%
    realm - 100%
    MStevo - 100%
    kwaker750 - 100%
    Bubba CBR - 100%
    Spots - 100%
    Pomy Boy - 100%
    funky_monkey - 100%
    Seph - 100%
    Tribos - 100%
    Pegasus - 100%
    Donsky1 - 100%
    Matt232 - 100%
    Isle-of-cam - 100%
    Celastrina - 100%
    Nin - 100%
    Tex + Jen - 200%
    Daniel + 1 - Welcome mate. - 100%
    Jazzfan - 100%
    GarthInvestigates - 100%
    _joel_ - 100%
    Ree - 100%

    29 confirmed


    Its the yearly Melbourne Cup 3 day ride - Melbourne - Tintaldra - Bombala - Home. This is the 4th year of this event and one that will really go off with a bang. Why, because we are doing it in reverse...

    The roads we will be running will be a blast with something for everyone - well, except for the MXers of the group...

    Day 1 - This is a secret - but it will be a loooong days riding..... Whitfield, Towonga Gap, Hotham, Dinner Plains all the way to Bombala.....
    Day 2 - Alpine, Brown-mountain, Jindabyne, Tintaldra
    Day 3 - Hmmmmm, we'll see

    Night 1 - Bombala Imperial Hotel

    Night 2 - Tintaldra

    Things to Bring
    Bedding, linen and towels are provided
    Bring Cash for Tintaldra
    Otherwise, that is it.....

    Meeting Points - To be Determined.

    Lead Rider - Me...

    Warning - Experienced Riders
    This is a long ride, but it IS NOT technical. 250's are welcome but be prepared to spend some time in the saddle. We have the Corner marker system and will follow this and be sure not to leave any riders behind. Maps will be handed out and "short cut" options will be available to those that do not wish to take the twisties. We will run two groups to minimise delays.

    Now, if you have ridden the Black Spur and the Reefton Spur, then you wont have problems with this ride.

    More details and information will come to light over the next several months so please stay tuned.
  4. Submitted a Ride Event for NSW...we don't all wanna go via ACT :p

    Sydney via 'Gong, then via coast to Bombala. Ride with main group second day and then decide third day home :cool:
  5. AWESOME - thanks for that Toecutter.
  6. Well, I bailed on you last time, but did say I would be a starter for 08. Yep, I'm in please, if you'll have me. I'll be on a bigger beastie this time so won't be feeling so concerned about holding everyone up as I splutter along on the 250.
  7. i'm number 1 i;m number one, bloody hell there is a long wait til this, it hurts thinking about it :LOL:
  8. OH GOD - I know.... It is a loooooong time away..... :cry:

    Have already spoken to both locations and we are golden.... Need to send them an email as a reminder... :grin:
  9. Hey all,

    I have the design for the t-shirts/polo-shirts for this ride.......

    Let me know if you are interested.
  10. Pictures please! :)
  11. How do you post pictures????
  12. If it's a file on your computer's hard drive, clicky 'Reply' and then below the text window there's "Add image to post".

    Select the file, add a comment to it if you like (not necessary) and click the Submit/Upload button.

    That'll automagically thumbnail the image for you and add a link back in the text window.

    If it's an image that's online, use the 'Img' button above the text window.
  13. Hope this works.

  14. Put me down as a maybe eh Skuffy?

    Oh, and I find your illustration... Disturbing. :shock: :p
  15. Hey Loz - your on the list

    As for the "illustration" I certainly cannot take credit for this. A friend off of the gsx1400 site put this together for me - very talented person.
  16. A new version of the print.....

    I am awaiting approx costings for 25 to 30 polos or T-shirts in black.... varying sizes ofcourse. this will ONLY be available to those attending the ride... :grin:

  17. I reckon you should get an extra one printed and maybe chuck it Lenna's way...
  18. Loz - excellent idea.

    I am working on Lenna coming on the ride - even the possibility of pillion with myself or hubby....... She needs to finish the trip.....

    In some way, I look at Lenna as being our Guardian Angel - looking out for us.
  19. mitch that looks awesome i should definately be up for one
  20. That design looks great Mitch! Well done :grin: