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nathp's new GSXR750 L0 build up

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by nathp, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Well thought it was about time i posted up about my new ride, a 2010 GSXR 750. Some of you might remember my last one met an untimely death at the hands of a cager, insurance came through and it was cheaper to get them to replace the bike than get it paid out and buy another.

    I've had it for about 5,400kms now and decided it was time to modify it a little.

    So far the mod list includes:
    • -1 front sproket.
    • BMS sports filter
    • FactoryPro Velocity Stacks
    • Power Commander V (stock map from the website at the moment)
    • Yoshi R77 slipon
    • Puig light smoke double bubble windscreen
    • Yoshi Fender eliminator
    • Michelin Power Pure tyres

    and still to do:
    • new levers (on order)
    • de-cat bike
    • get a proper dynotune

    I've got photos of pretty much the entire build so far and all i can say is, those little pliers in the tool kit are possibly the best thing in the world when installing a power commander.

    Here's a couple of pics for you, I'll categorize/upload them properly later tonight with the rest and a quick write up on them all.

    Also I'm going to be looking for a dynotuner soon, can anyone recommend someone in VIC? City to eastern suburbs would be best but dont mind travelling if it's worth it.







  2. PTR (Phil Taiton Racing) in Stud road Knoxish / Wantirna for anything gsxr. He is the best in OZ, hence why he runs the Suzuki Team in ASBK.
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  3. thanks tim, i'll give him a call
  4. nice bike mate
  5. Before delving into PC; look up KLEEN & X-TRE mod for your bike.
  6. Nice one Nath :) Look foward to riding her soon!

  7. Looks good. I bought mine a couple of months ago as well. Only was able to put a Yoshi R55 on it so far. I'm thinking of getting some mods too but am still new in the motorbike world.

    Is there anyone in Sydney who can get these mods done?
  8. so took me long enough but finally got around to properly uploading all the pics:

    everything that came in the mail

    last shot before everything starts going in

    and another

    stock vs aftermarket filter

    shot of aftermarket filter with stock stacks

    with the old windscreen off

    comparason between the stock windshield and the double bubble one

    with the new fendor eliminator

    installing the new stacks

    with the airbox off

    bottem half of the airbox for stacks install

    new stacks and filter installed

    just a work in progress pic

    getting access to the lower injector plug on number 4 clynder

    just a shot of the plugs you got to work with on the PCv (this is for the TPS)

    injector plug cables and PCv cables

    PCv sitting smugly in it's new home

    new shorty levers

    running the PCv software
  9. Thanks guys, definately feels much quicker now by the seat of my pants feel.

    also until i get a proper tune i'm just running the greeves slip on map from the PC website, its not bad but definately feel the bike struggling a bit down low but that'll change when it gets a tune.

    Fawad - just install it all yourself, i'm not the most mechanially minded but i did it all just with copious amounts of swearing and a few cuts later. plus google helps if you get stuck.

    X-TRE mod is in the works too for this

    but first it needs a service, so will be off to E2W when i can get onto them
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    Last edited: Nov 29, 2013
    I guess it's time for an update now, been a bit lazy on this.

    However the mods haven't stopped... And the bike is at PTR right now getting a dyno tune done ;)

    Current mod list now includes:
    • BMS Sports filter
    • FactoryPro Velocity Stacks
    • Puig light smoke double bubble
    • Yoshimura Fender Eliminator
    • Shorty levers
    • R6 throttle tube
    • Progrips
    • PCV + Auto Tuner
    • Yoshimura R77 full exhaust (anyway want an r77 slip-on? make an offer)
    • Vortex rearsets
    • Annitori RL lite Gen 2 quick shifter
    • 520 chain kit with -1/+2
    • marble mod done
    • X-TRE
    • SpeedoDRD
    • Yoshimura case savers
    • Ohlins steering Damper
    • Bridgestone S20's (soon to be Pirelli Rosso Corsa's)
    • Frodo stinted pads front, SBC stinted pads rear (not really a mod i guess?)
    Next to do:
    • Look into suspension setup options
    If i get some time later will post up some new pics of her
  11. Bikes now back from PTR and feeling much much smoother on the power output.

    Max power: 144.93
    Max Torque: 62.16

    Will post up the graphs later today if anyone is interested