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Nasty Hong Kong ebay crap

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by thecptn, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. Am I the only one who keep's getting nasty crap that is faulty from Hong Kong on ebay? don't get me wrong, it has been all cheap stuff so it is not a great loss, but the extremely poor quality of some of the stuff is some thing you should keep in mind before bidding, I've had stuff that literally last only 10 or so minutes before dying! any one actually got some thing that actually was good and has lasted?

  2. I got a welding hammer for $7.

    No moving parts... :grin:
  3. Ebay is Crap anyway.
  4. I got a set of 4 indicators, the plastic weld seams are crap, and the light bulb is kinda dull, but for 30 bucks im not complaining.
  5. It depends on what your after.
    Last week I bought a portable TV 32cm, for my study, $7.50.
    It came with the manual, that just happened to have the original receipt taped inside, $129, 2 years ago.
  6. Ebay is Crap anyway.

    That's a silly thing to say; it depends on what you want.

    You can buy a complete computer, no OS or keyboard/mouse for a lot less than it costs to buy the bits to upgrade an existing machine, and that's just an example.

    And the other day I sold a pair of boots I'd only worn twice; I paid $159 for them and the buyer get them for $100; she got a bargain.....

    I could go on..
  7. Ebay is great for clearing your house of crap you don't want anymore... I've sold heaps of stuff which i would normally throw out :)

    I've got a few bargains too. Nothing as bad as the OP though. Then again, most of the stuff i buy doesn't have moving parts, and if it does, its usually second hand from Aus :)
  8. Cheap hong kong screen, $30 - 6 months of use and still perfect.
    Indicators, 4 for $30 delivered, exactly the same as the ones you can buy at mca and other places, except they are $30+ for 2 here.
    I could go on.
  9. Brand new genuine GTA IV for $50 from Hong Kong. Brand new genuine Xbox360 wireless controller, brand new genuine Xbox360 wireless network adaptor, both from Hong Kong a year ago, also for a fraction of the local price. Some server gear, some PC gear....no issues for me.
  10. I tend to roll over my junk.
    ie sell some stuff to buy more.

    Get rid of ten years of magazines - buy a power commander and tank bag etc.

    seems to work so far - few mags left, replaced with ipod, GPS, camera, PCIII, etc.

    Like an old style flea market - look at thousands of bits of crap, sell your own crap, buy some one elses crap!.
  11. I bought a pair of cheap replica Yamaha mirrors for $30 plus $15 freight from ebay (hong kong) and the genuine Yamaha ones (which at first glance look the same) were $80 each.

    Even if the copies rust in 2 or3 years I don't care... I've saved $115 and I won't have the bike by the time that happens.
  12. i've not bought much from ebay but i did get a watch for 7c. it was sh!t but worked for 2 years as a desk clock before the batery ran out.. i have though sold stuff on there that advantaged myself and the buyer.. anyone want a heap of old woodworking planes used to create architraves and the like ?. for you blokes - free.
  13. yes, unfortunately I have. And also unfortunately once I paid quite an amount. For what is meant to be a very, very, very bright heavy duty torch (700 lumens) and it flickers a little, and I don't know how to fix it. Any electro-nerds out there?
  14. some c*&t sold me a genuine (chinese copy) tag watch for $1400, he is now in jail for watch fraud and i'm still out of pocket my money.

    The watch was a perfect copy, tag service centre told me it was the best copy they have seen......and they wouldn't repair it for me :(
  15. jesus...1400 you say? farqinhell!
  16. Don't know about motorcycle stuff, but some of the electronics gear I've bought from HK via eBay has been a bargain.
    • * 4 port USB 2.0 hub - $15.95 delivered
      * Bluetooth dongle - $7.95 delivered
      * iPod dock with remote - $21 delivered

    Haven't been burnt yet
  17. 700 lumens????? :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

    My surefire torch produces 120 lumens and that heats up my hand in around 0.8 seconds flat.
    Fires a brilliant beam of light that lights up and night.

    Leave it on for longer than 1 minute and it gets hot to touch.

    It will kill a fresh set of batteries in around 5 minutes of continious use. It runs 2x 123 batteries. Thankfully they are cheap from Ebay HK

    700 lumens would be up there with aircraft landing lights.
  19. I bought DSLR, Lens etc. from hong kong no problems so far.