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Nasty accident.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Den Monkey, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. Here a interesting video showing how easily something can go wrong.

    Looks like he would have been safer to continue on the back wheel.
    Lucky he was wearing his gear.

    Just click on the pic to start the vid or right click save as

  2. Ouch, that's all kinds of messed up. Lucky he didn't end up trapped under the car though.
  3. Imagine how big impact was. It pushed the rear of that car up the air.
  4. wow, that's incredible he survived!
  5. +1

    He was lucky.
  6. oooleey dooleey ,watch out for those illegally parked cars folks.
  7. Agreed. I wonder if perhaps he subconsciously tried to steer the bike away from the car as the bike came down causing the front wheel oscillation. Pure speculation of cause. :) Having survived, I'd say he's one lucky bloke. :)

    Ouch! :shock:
  8. friends don't let friends power wheelie.
    at least he was geared up.
  9. lucky as fudge
  10. :shock:
  11. That's wheelie bad!

    :oops: bad joke...

    Seriously, makes me feel physically ill... and I'm not so keen to learn to wheelie anymore :shock:
  12. Looking at it again when I have time to pay attention the wheel was turned to the right when it hit the ground rather than the left. He must've hurried to get it down and managed to get there before straightening up.

    Makes little difference though.
  13. In the slow motion shot it looks like the front tire blows out almost... there's a like a little explosion or something at the tyre.

    Oh, and BTW - if you are ever first on the scene for a bike accident do not turn that persons head so you can see their face.
    You do NOT move them at all except to remove them from immediate danger.

    That guy is lucky he didn't die, thanks to his gear.
    He's also lucky he's not a quadraplegic NO thanks to his friend.
  14. that would be smoke from the tyre as it hits the road 'not square'.

    a good example of what happens if you try to 'stiffen up' during a tank slap.
    ....if only we could process thought that quick.
  15. This is probably the nastiest bike accident I've ever seen and I've seen some horrific ones. As a kid for example I watched a fireman hose most of a riders guts into the gutter after he crashed his bike through the neighbour's front fence.

    If you're disturbed by grisly stuff don't click. (even though there's no blood )

  16. I reckon its fake
  17. Nice of his "mate" to make sure his helmet with camera was properly positioned before tending to his friend. With friends like that.....
  18. I reckon you're wrong. (for a change)

    Here's another couple of angles.


    Pretty elaborate if it's fake. I must admit I did question it myself for a second, thinking it was too much damage to a F series Ford, but then I remembered a incident my very own Effie encountered once with a kangaroo and it put it back into perspective.
  19. ooppsss wrong post........ :)