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Nasho/Robertson Pie shop tomorrow 10/01/10.

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Mickyb V9, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. A few groups are going leaving from various locations.
    I'm meeting up with Hornet at Robertson Pie shop at 12:30-1pm.
    Say leave at Loftus Oval at 9am.

    Feel free to come along, learners are on the ride.
  2. Don't miss this, a chance to meet our own living legend, Micky, and to ride the wonderful Macquarie Pass, maybe a couple of times.
  3. Good luck in the heat,I went out to Wollomi today and cooked,hope you get a sea breeze
  4. i will be either at loftus at 9 or at the pie shop, did the same loop today and wasn't to bad when moving in the heat, and tomorrows gonna be cooler, will see the living legend tomorrow
  5. Micky dont know if you intend checking the thread before leaving but i will meet ya at Loftus Oval at 9am as per ya post. Check ya PM for my number! On a red Hyosung GTS650.
  6. I might be able to struggle up the Pass for this one...
  7. Good to briefly meet the people up the pie shop, then had a good ride with micky down the backroads to picton for a stop and more bike ogling then back home, he was last seen riding to the micky enclosure through camden way, not even a kamikaze magna straight lining with locked brakes toward him on a hairpin seemed to faze him :LOL:
  8. Got there at one and everyone was gone. :(
  9. Was the guy with the blown up ducati still there? couldn't have been much before 1 when we left, i got there 12.30 and hornet was later. most of them headed to kangaroo valley around 12.40 or so, just me and micky stayed and rode off to picton ways later
  10. Yeah he was still there on the mobile trying to organise a pick-up. Not a pretty sight.
  11. yeah, this dude ! . . . the one with a naked photo of his gf on his iPhone screensaver!

    Can't believe you didn't see that one Wayne !!

    I wonder if he is still there as I type this post ???? :?

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  12. Well if he was phoning when Phil was there that would have been at least his THIRD call :(
  13. I think he'd made many more than 3 !!
  14. We were not too observational on the ride down old south road micky, we rode past a crashed plane in the vinyard of marist brothers near the airport and didnt even see it or all the firetucks, i saw it this afternoon http://abc.gov.au/news/stories/2010/01/10/2788994.htm?site=news A bit more to its left and hornet may have had a longer holiday from the school :LOL:
  15. nah, i saw the fire trucks !
    I was waiting to see the accident but it was not on the road as we went around the corner.

    Interesting, we should have stopped and had a look !
  16. Don't worry mate ,this is how micky runs all his rides ,not on time or you get there and then get left behind or lost.:rofl:

    GREAT to see you back mate on the bike =D>=D> it will be just like old times ,can't wait to get out on the roads again.=D>
  17. Good to see those red camos on either side of a fuel tank :LOL:.
  18. Great stuff micky ,=D>=D>=D>=D>=D>=D>.

    Forget the bike we talked about ,get a monster.(y)