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Nasho Ride - Sat 21/04/07

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Mickyb V9, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. Mods had not approved the event, so i'm posting it manually.

    A few are riding tomorrow through RNP.

    Meeting Point 1 - Orange Grove KK @9:30am

    Meeting Point 2 - Heathcote McDees @ 10am.

    Its catered for learners, but as usual those who want to go quick can come and ride ahead.

    C U there !
  2. i'll come, meet you at heathcote :grin:
  3. woah woah woah after being away for a while just looked at the new (for me it's new) garage feature, what happened with my old VTR???? was it that tap in that back form ages ago (i can't seem to find that topic too read) or another incident ?
  4. i'd like to tag along if thats okay..
    im intermediate but love to just cruise along with all bikers :p

    see ya at heathcore :)

    rod (red 02 honda vfr800i)
  5. I might come along see how I feel tomorrow cause I've been sick all week. If the weather is ok and I feel ok I'll be at heathcote.
  6. it got written off :cry:

    here's the full story https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=33753&highlight=

    do you know what mods you had on it? (apart from the staintune)... it feels like you had wider bars and a different sprocket combo...
  7. Forecast for Saturday

    Some morning fog, chiefly in the west, followed by a fine, generally sunny day. Precis: Early fog, then fine.
    Wollongong : Fine, mostly sunny. Min: 13 Max: 23

    Sunday Shower or two.
  8. I might tag along too, see you all at Heathcote
  9. You bring the mohic :LOL:, I'll bring the chariot!!! :moped:

    Noobs! Ready your breakie and eat hearty... For tomorrow, we ride in RNP!!!
    Harooh! Harooh! Harooh!
    Netriders! Prepare for ride!
    Oh my .., I think I broke a nail…tssstssss
  10. I might come along ,I'll be at Heathcotte .
  11. plan is for this one to be a slow, easy on the corners cruise...if we can help ourselves.

    ill be at KK's.
  12. Cameron? Is that you? Agreeing for a cruise on a crap road? What happened to macquarie pass and putty road being the only two roads up to yoru standards :p
  13. Oh... and i'll try and make it, but southern recce ride is on tonight and i prolly wont get home till 3 or 4am :grin:
  14. haha, desperate straights. havnt been riding in ages. and nasho is a short trip :)
  15. Couldnt get you on MSN Micky, you still gonna be at Norwest at 845? Just reply here or SMS me if you can...
  16. What time do yo reckon we will be back in Sydney? Rugby is on @ Moore Park, and need to get home (Quakers Hill) before 16:30.
  17. lol i'll be there pending home time after the recce run :)
  18. I'll be there.

    Donshe/MickyB - Is there a meeting place @ Norwest, and I will meet up w/ you guys there @ 08:45. Otherwise will meet at Macas @ Heathcote. Not sure what KK @ Orange Grove is.
  19. Grrrrr i really want to come on this ride only 2 little things stopping me i failed rego on wednesday (the day it was due) and tyres the reason i failed rego looked and felt fine to me though hopefully getting all that sorted tommorow by about 12 thou :cry:
  20. The BP at Norwest just off Old Windsor man. Im heading there from Quakers Hill too.