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NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski tweets from his car while waiting for Daytona 500 to resume

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. LOL this is awesome

    What is a NASCAR driver supposed to do while waiting in his car for a race to resume? According to Brad Keselowski, you jump on Twitter.

    Keselowski surprised his 65,000 Twitter followers on Tuesday (EDT) when he tweeted from his car during several stoppages to a fiery Daytona 500 in Florida.

    Fire! My view ... Keselowski's Twitter photo.

    The decision to carry his mobile phone in his car paid dividends for a clearly bored Keselowski, whose number of followers tripled during his mid-race tweet-a-thon.
    Juan Pablo Montoya's collision with a large jet dryer led to NASCAR officials ordering the rest of the drivers stop their cars.
    In a up close and personal view of the accident, Keselowski tweeted a photo (see above) to his followers with the captaion "Fire! My view".
    Keselowski answered other questions, including how low his phone's battery was running (28 per cent).

    Then this: "Time to get back racing, thank you for following!"
    Keselowski was back online again when he was caught in another crash late in the race.
    "Nothing we could do there," he tweeted.
    "Never saw the wreck till we were windshield deep."
    Ironically, it was reported last week that Florida's Senate would consider a texting-while-driving ban.
  2. Completely full of win.
  3. So good. :)