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Narrowest helmet?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by charlesflies, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. I've got a weird shaped head :) Well, everyone does in some way.

    So, what helmet has the narrowest fit?


  2. 'fraid your just going to have to go try them all on :wink:
  3. agreed... a helmet may be narrow, but may not suit your style of head. it may be pressing your crown on the top and may feel really uncomfortable.. the only way to test is by trying them on unfortunately
  4. Yes, trying it on is the only way to see if it fits, but it's nice to not waste time trying on ones that are never going to fit.
  5. ok dont try hjc

    kbc, shark, shoei are good ones to try
  6. Yes but some helmet might have narrow external measurements but the internal lining and padding is what really matters. So the external size doesnt really mean anything.
  7. I never asked about shell shape.

  8. Nobody replied about shell shape
  9. All I was asking for was help. Too hard.
  10. Actually, if you want a narrow internal fit, you could consider a MX, or Dirt bike helmet, in a slightly smaller size than you would normally. They tend to have a slightly swept kind of fit so if you got one in a smaller size, it would be a little bit tight for the first few hours, but as the padding starts to react to your head, you should get a nice fit.

    Other than that, no idea, and good luck
  11. try the OGK helmets.. they have removeable linig and different fit linig.. so can change 'half sizes' is great idea... and Arai was great fit for my little mug.. im an XS for crying out loud... nothin smaller than that :p well there are kids helmets i suppose he he
  12. OK, well thats an odd thing to say, but what ever. No skin off my nose.
    I didnt say anything with any malice, sorry you took it that way.

    All i said was all lids are different. What fits me might not fit you. I dont care if your head is narrow, long, fat or oval the point is no matter what anyone says you need to just try them on. If you consider having to try lots on a hassle then fine, good luck to you.
  13. *has an extremely small head*

    even different models within different brands have different fits.... out of 5 arai's and 4 shoei's 2 fit nicely it was bizarre. I find a nice fit then go to choose what style and it doesn't fit. bastards.