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narrow footprint mirror for easier filtering

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by daedalus, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. i have a kawasaki gpx250

    is there an 3rd party mirror, or any mods i can do to reduce the horizontal footprint of my mirror for easier filtering?

  2. My advice is "not sure it's worth the trouble"
    I think, unless you put very thin bars on
    and fold your mirrors in
    you're not going to get huge gains ....

    Also a caution against cutting bars, I know a few people do it
    but I found after doing so, due to the bars sweep, the angle at which my hand met the bar was such that there was too much pressure on the outside of my palm.
    Hard to explain but you'll see what I mean if you hold your hands in riding position, then move your arms inwards; while the hands move in a circular arc, bars are generally straight with a fixed angle of sweep, meaning that if your hands aren't near the intended "end" of the bars, they will no longer be "flat" with the bars.

    I filter often and just put bar-ends on, which actually made the bike wider,
    but don't care because I generally avoid places where I only have a few cm clearance ......
  3. Bar end mirrors are fairly tight in and give a surprisingly good view.

    Clicky Linky
  4. On the ZZ-R, I just used to fold the mirrors in if it was a tight squeeze, which wasn't very often. I presume the GPX mirrors would be very similar...
  5. yea my mirrors can do that, but then i wont have time to readjust them after filtering to the front
  6. You can do the left one on the move & the right when stopped at the lights. That's what I used to do.
  7. na its ok then, rather not take the risk

    i had to ride around without my right mirror cause i screwed up the screw threads, its actually not that much of an advantage cause the mirror footprint is only slightly wider than then handlebars.

    i would go as far to say its better with those mirrors on cause i wont get myself into a position where my handlebars wont fit
  8. Even the right one can be adjusted on the move; Reach cruising speed, pull in the clutch and adjust the mirror with the right hand while the bike coasts. :)