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Narellan macas to Picton via Camden 2011

Discussion in 'NSW' started by TAX123, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. A ride from Narellan Macas to Picton to Camden. Nice relaxing country ride for Netriders to meet and ride park and talk etc Mix of older and newer riders to give advice to newbies. Ride will now also go up to Burragorang Lookout from The Oaks turn off to stop for a nice view of the Lake and Mountains and to stop for a rest, toilet break chat etc

    2 rides in 1 Narellan-Coberty-Oaks-Burragorang Lookout-Picton (early return shorter ride) Picton -Camden (for those looking for a longer ride) Picton-wollongong

    Start: Narellan McDonalds
    Date: Saturday 3rd December (9:30 -depart 10 am)

  2. Hey mate i don't want to rain on your parade but this is one short ride 20mins max u might get more people if you make it a bit longer, maybe you should consider mixing it up a bit. I assume when u say via Camden u plan to go over razorback. Maybe you should consider going Camden - The oaks (via werombi Rd)- Thirlmere- Picton, its a nice ride probably not the smoothest in the world but lots of twisty parts to keep you interested and a couple of pubs along the way. Plug it into google maps and let me know what you think if you extend it a bit count me in.
  3. ^
    What he said.

    By coincidence, today I was trying to ride to Camden but gave up as the traffic was backed up like kilometres on some crummy 1 lane road (if it deserves that title, more like mortar landing area).
  4. Put me down as a potential starter. I've lived out this way for about 2 years, but never met any netriders. Having a few bike dramas, but hopefully I'll be on my new (2nd hand) SV1000.

    Edit: Point on the short ride - There are a few runs out and back from Picton to add a little bit extra to the ride. I usually hit them up if I'm going riding without any particular plan.
  5. 100% keen I'm free most Sundays
  6. Camden Valley Way

  7. I can think of a couple of nice variations also, still not too challenging but certainly to make it a bit longer. My suggestion would be to ride north along Northern Road, turn off at the Mulgoa turnoff, stop at Peppercorns at Mulgoa for a bite and a coffee, proceed down the Oaks Road via Walachia and Silverdale to Picton. You could return to Sydney directly up over Razorback, or if you wanted to brave the freeway, proceed a bit out of Picton and turn left onto the Hume.......

    Me, I'll be heading straight down the Picton Road to the Mt Kiera turnoff, and down into Wollongong...
  8. Are you going to be riding at a pace suitable for learners?? I'm keen to come (presuming I get my bike back on the road in time) but wouldn't be too confident pushing along at a quick pace as I know some of the roads up that way are pretty shyte.
  9. Count me as a tentative.....subject to other commitments prior to Christmas. The weekends are starting to fill up already.
  10. +1, depending upon when. Early starts are good for me ( say 7 to 8 am ).

    Nice part of the world, like everyone said, there's plenty of options.
  11. Hey Hornet i like your thinking without hijacking TAX123's forum maybe he would be persuaded to do this one.

  12. If it isn't a work weekend i'll be in it for sure
  13. Its ok , I just put this ride down as a possibility and to get numbers, its not for 1 person to decide, we all can put our input in and see whats best for who, if you anyone would like to help organize by all means help, thats why i started it. Date would be on a saturday or sunday probably 3rd December as 26-27 November is bike show.

    Thinking of doing 2 rides in 1. Narellan to Picton (through coberty to Camden via back road to Oaks round to Picton)
    Stop at Picton for a Chat, Drink, bite to eat etc Then learners less experienced or people without time can head back and others with more experience and time on their hands can ride from Picton to Gong either woll or mitt we can decide before ride or at picton.
  14. As long as I'm not on-call that weekend, count me in - GSX650F...

    And as a sometimes ride organiser myself, I'll follow where you lead and not complain about the route ;)
  15. Thats why I said nice relaxing country ride. Not much traffic, Learners welcome, first part of ride will be at a slow pace as a few L riders will be joining, I will be riding at a learner legal pace. Its not a race, if some decide to ride ahead at a faster pace thats ok, we will all meet up at Picton anyway.
  16. What you think of the route, think it may be a little longer than 20 mins plus we stop at picton for food drinks and talk plus you could do the optional wollongong from picton ride afterwards too , I put a map to show, didnt put thirlmere cause the road to Picton from the oaks is a nice twisty road, barkers lodge rd, but if you think its nicer doing the extended thirlmere let me know. Would you be up to doing a wollongong ride from picton with hornet and a few others or ride back to camden on razorback and left at cawdor rd?
  17. Hey that route sounds pretty good to me i probably would be up for going down to the gong and back up Mac pass (I live in the oaks area) but i would have to wait untill a few days before to see if i will have the whole day free. If i cant do the gong one, ill go back to the Oaks Via Mt Hurculese Road off the top of Razorback through Cawdor.
  18. OH and i vote For the Saturday 3rd!!!!
  19. Hey guys, i ride around these areas a bit as my GF lives out their - her parents actually run a cake/pie/coffee shop in Narrellan called Cake.Biz.. theyve got an old train carriage behind the shop with tons of seating and serve up onto it, as well as plenty of parking for us to admire the bikes from on the train carriage. Might be a good meeting spot instead of Maccas? its just 2 minutes from there, and then some of us can grab a coffee and a pie before we go.. or conversely end up their?

    As for the route: to improve this route but still keep it relatively quick, instead of turning towards picton at the Oaks, go along burragorang road all the way out to Oakdale and turn left at the school (towards picton) - this adds probably another 20-30 minutes onto the trip and has some nice bits in it, and leads all the way to picton then through back around to camden or wherever you want to end up (cake.biz?).

    Count me in once a date is decided (pending rain!!)
  20. OH & I will be there but as I haven't got my bike yet I'll be 'catching a lift' with him.

    Can't wait to meet you all.

    (oh and he's got an ZX14)

    Edited to add..... We'll be leaving from the Hawkesbury going through Penrith to the meeting point and then continuing the ride to Wollongong. If anyone wants to join us, just let me know and we'll meet up.