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Naracoorte Weekend

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by alan55, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. What started as a just ride to Naracoorte with my ST1100 turned out to be a little more as I had two stops to do on the way. Rather than by pass the Adelaide suburban sprawl I had to go into it.

    Route there. http://goo.gl/maps/vxALj

    First stop was the Your Suspension Shop http://www.suspensionshop.org/index.php which was just to check the condition of my front forks in regards to rust/stone chips in fork travel area. The seals need doing and I’m adding progressive springs at the same time. Fork legs are ok and don’t need to be re-chromed ($150 a leg) but the ABS might be a bit beyond these guys so I will get a Honda dealer to do the seals and fit the springs.

    Next stop was out to the Port Adelaide area to see one to of my twin grand-daughters, Krystal for an hour or so before heading off towards Naracoorte.

    Photo taken of Krystal in front of bike.


    The bike was fuelled up at Coles Express West Terrace where it took 14 litres for the 259kms (18.5k/L) from home. The best figure I’ve had for towing a trailer and tail wind helped there. Next was fuel for me so I stopped of at Macca’s on Glen Osmond Road. Then one more stop at Woolworths in Murray Bridge for essentials that I’d forgotten.

    I didn’t want to get to Naracoorte until Saturday morning so I spotted a place to camp near the Desert Camp Conservation Park http://goo.gl/maps/IrWp8 and stayed there until about 9:30 Saturday morning. Having 65kms to ride I tried to work it for arrival around 10:30 which turned out ok as Rick (Lonerider1) arrived about 15 minutes later on his ST1300

    The two of us walked the main street looking for a bank where we both got some cash out then back to town square where we had the bikes parked and Peter (StinkyPete) rode past us on our way back. We also noticed an ex BMW police bike as well.

    It would have been just after midday when we headed of to the hotel for lunch and of course we all forgot to take our cameras in. Peter couldn’t stay to long as he had to get back to Adelaide so when it was time for him to leave I grabbed my camera and took a couple shots of Pete (Red ST1300), Rick (Blue ST1300 and My Blue ST1100 with trailer.


    On Sunday morning Rick and I headed for the Naracoorte caves and made it in time for the fossil cave tour which took up from about 10:30 until about 11:45 by the time we got back to the bikes.

    Fossil cave pictures are here, some turned out better without flash. http://s1082.photobucket.com/albums/j374/alans1100/Naracoorte%20Caves/?albumview=slideshow

    Bikes at cave entrance


    Rick and I parted ways here while he went to the caves shop and I made for home as wanted to be home before dark.

    Return Route http://goo.gl/maps/KpQSJ

    From the caves I went to Woolworths Plus where the bike took 22.46L for 368kms (16.38kms/L) and then to the local take away store for my lunch. I left Naracoorte at about 12:30 and arrived back home at about 8:30pm. Return distance was about 550kms as I by passed the city and stopped at Tailem Bend for about 30 mins.
    The odometer clicked over to 150000 about 1km south Of Riverton where I took a photo and added the 20 litres of spare fuel I had bought earlier after having ridden 398kms from Naracoorte
    Total Distance travelled was about 1165kms.
  2. Quite a bit of detail in this story. Sounds like you had a relaxing fun trip. How are the roads in general around SA? Did you pick your route because it was direct, good scenery or because it was fun, i.e twisty? Good to see some SA write ups on Netrider.
  3. The detail is there as it was my ride report that I posted on OzStoc for the SA Branch RTE (Ride To Eat) and copied over to here. Like you say there isn't much like this posted from SA on Netrider.

    Both routes were direct routes.
    The trip to Naracoorte reflected the two stops I had to make on the way.
    The return trip had several variations I could have made to avoid the city so I just picked a few roads I hadn't been on for awhile. Google maps come in handy for this then just had key way points into the GPS and enjoy the ride.

    I think most SA roads are below average and have very little maintenance done on them. Some of the minor sealed state roads are having patches put on patches. There are some good ones but few and far between. It's annoying having a blanket 80kmh limit on 95 percent of the hills roads around Adelaide especially when you grew up using them at 110kmh without a problem.
  4. I think we all have similar speed limit issues. I curious about SA because im planning to head down there in 12 months time and pending time, finance or life changes, i want to bike it down. All I've heard about SA is that you avoid the Princess highway. Thanks once agin for the write up.
  5. This put a tear in my eye! That's my home district, the Lower South East/ Limestone Coast.

    Benny if you need any extra help with roads/ places to visit I would be happy to help, Warnambool through to Adelaide I know very well..
  6. I don't have any issues with the Princess Hwy as I prefer the more coastal route even though it's a bit longer if I'm going to Melbourne.