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[Nanny State] Noise cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by gavinl, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. ahhh another thing to ream us out with
  2. They say they will set it at 80 db, but the legal standard is 94 at about 3500 rpm.
    How does this work? Oh wait it doesn't have to.
  3. Awesome, more revenue for the state when people with perfectly legal exhausts have to go spend money getting tested.
  4. Kind of BS that the cameras activate @ 80dB. Bikes are legal up to 96dB at (revvs at maxtorque/2) rpm.
  5. What a load of bs. Trains are noisy and residents have to put up with them as well, are they next? Oh wait they belong to the government.
  6. How unusal for the Vic government to ignore the ADR's.
  7. If I got a ticket on that I would dispute it for sure. Bike meets legal requirements.
  8. Been there. Problem is, once you're advised to go to EPA and get it tested - you're paying $30 for the testing. If you dont go get it tested (eg. if you ignore it or if you send in an appeal) they automatically change it to a defect notice, which if not dealt with leads to the vehicle becoming deregistered - regardless if you're in the process of appeal I can see this happening.

    So at the end of the day you have to bend over and take it or face further costs and complexities due to typical gvt bureaucracy.
  9. I'd almost like to go by at the speed limit in first gear, which would definitely set it off, get the notice, go pass the test, and then file a suit in small claims court vs the government. Hell, might even be able to get a REAL suit for conspiracy to defraud the public.
  10. what a load of horse shit.
  11. Anyone with a higher capacity V-Twin and aftermarket pipes is stuffed :( $38 per test these days, which should be refunded if you pass the test IMO...
  12. Just another reason never to go to Victoria.. it's got to have the most over the top shit in the country and they wonder why people like Webber calls it the nanny state.
  13. There's already threads on this, that article is over a month old...
  14. harleys are stuffed then

    the saying used to be "only in america" now its "only in victoria"

    the greed is starting again, and will only get worse
  15. God bless victoria for implementing another revenue camera under the guise of "public safety". What next? Camera's for catching dirty cars driving through Toorak... Buy a spray can, write a letter and makehtenoise any way you can.
  16. someone should get a motormower or two and just cut a few laps with a big "**** you" sign.
  17. +1 (y)
  18. That figure is measured very close to the exhaust pipe (around 1-2ft i think) where as if the camera would be furthur away (maybe not in some cases). Sound levels drop off pretty quickly. How the hell will it know which vehicle is causing the noise?? Multilane roads etc. You could stand on the side of the road with an air horn and blow it every time a car goes past the camera.

    I'm glad my bike has an exup valve lol. Its pansily quiet at idle and free reving it but it's nice and loud under load. Just gotta know to pull the clutch in.