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nanny state - nanny businsses

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by patR1, May 12, 2010.

  1. Recently I put my car up and motorbike for sale at carsales.com bikesales.com (bike is gone)
    Now the car has been there for a while now ,and been getting a lot of scam msg and emails so i got pissed of one day and wanted a break - exams - so i edited my ad at carsales increased the km and changed my phone number. So nobody will email or ring me.
    2 days later i check for my ad and guess what it has been deleted.
    I make an interstate call to carsales in VIctoria and ask them why?

    They say you are trying to sell another car. which i denied and explain the above to them...
    He goes i have to pay for another ad . Thats when i got upset and told him no bloody way. Now they demanded for me to scan my rego papers and send them to verify i am selling same car lol.
    Then they look at my history and yes i sold 2 cars before for a family member.
    And the prick goes "you know you be committing a criminal offence against the state if you sell more then 4 cars per financial year. "
    Then he adds, if we see that you add another ad (more then 4) it will be taken off as its more than 4 cars/bikes per year....

    I’m thinking to myself WOW, all that for a stupid ad at car sales.
    You guys in Victoria are going crazy with the rules and regulations even some popular businesses there are going into nanny mode.

    Just another example of this nanny state..... They stick to bullshit, instead of worrying about other important matters.
  2. The guy I bought my bike from simply changed the asking price to near its RRP while he was deciding whether he wanted to sell or not. Sounds simpler than what you got yourself into D:
  3. It's arse covering on the part of the business to minimise their possible liability if you are dodgy. Nothing to do with nannying.

  4. yes a second America here in AU. Australia is slowly overtaking with its stupid laws, as it already overtook America with obesity....

    Soon you would need to show your passport, and a current bill to verify ur address, to put an ad up...
  5. Having just returned from a month in the UK, I can assure you that they beat both with the number of spherical people around. Made me feel like quite the stick insect, and I'm a fat old bastard.

    Not surprising though. Many more portions of haggis and chips with a deep fried Mars Bar for afters and I'd have been joining them. Food of the Gods that.
  6. why is it an offence to sell more than 4 cars per year?
  7. Because they classify that as trading without an LMCT I'm assuming.
  8. yep, you must have a licence if your selling more than 4/year iirc. Remember reading it at the car auctions or on the VR webby.
  9. ebay australia automatically inform the ATO if you sell more than $1000 worth of stuff in the one financial year too..
  10. has it ever occured to you that your infantile actions are what lead to you being treated like you are? seriously, you NEED an nanny.
  11. wow did not know about ebay reported - thats nuts....
    PatB - living in australia all my life i thought this is normal (size of people), until i went to travel europe for 6 months that when i released how beautiful women can be.... how attractive they are even the pregnant ones...
    Now i understand why a lot of single guys here lol ....
    But then im not flaming the ladies here, its the lifestyle - education systems as well are to be blamed... working from 8 to 8pm. this is another topic all together.
  12. :rofl:

    But I must admit, I'm begining to find PatR1 very entertaining.....

  13. must be hard walking straight with that chip on your shoulder man......... is it heavy ?

  14. hornet - true that I definitely wouldn't mind a sexy nanny, she can nanny me all night long . but the topic is nanny businesses unless you have some experiences in
    hmmmm some nanny love palaces that report you, if customer spends too much . ... and i bet they do

  15. I'm not sure about that as if one sells 2 camera lenses at 1000 a pop it's not commercial selling.
    If Ebay do that then it's dodgy I want to see proof.
  16. YEAH we need proof. Dam im worried now as apparently the ATO can hit u any time within 7 years.. and i did sell a bit on ebay...

  17. :rofl:

    Classic. Just classic.
  18. Because its another nanny state rule out of a big bag of many hundreds more that you most likely find out by being panalised while in the act...
    Otherwise people dont know, dont care , dont protest, and the nanny bag gets bigger....
    Look what happens in Greece or France recently , government makes a decision people dont like and half a million gets out to protest.
    Now that is power .

    Here the only big gathering is a parade of all those fuk#n homosexuals at oxford street during mardi gras
  19. Not very helpful that post Danny
  20. Good thing here is no adds......