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Naming your bike.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robbie3786, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. I'm on my learners, and i bought a bike last weekend, and nice little red zzr 250... anyways... friends and family said i should give it a name.. just wanting to know if i have to give it a name? and yeah..... also.. what names do you have for your bbikes?

  2. You don't 'have' to do anything with your bike.

    That said, mine's called Nina; it seemed like a good name for a little Italian girl.
  3. My first bike was a black ZZR, named her 'Black Betty' ! lol

    Now, the Triumph Sprint ST, the mrs named him 'Terry'.
  4. Depends on who you're talking to... My new bike is "The Green Lantern" or "Frog Vomit" or "the 6".

    Previous bikes have been "Miss Ninja", "Miss Errrrr" and "the old biatch"


    But no, you don't have to give it a name!
  5. It doesn't matter what we suggest, or what you want to name it.
    You will call it "*&%$ing piece of &%#@" when it doesn't start for some reason... ;)
  6. "The Bike" or just "Bike"
  7. My wife calls mine "Helen" - a second mistress for whom I buy presents and lavish with care - all attention that used to be hers lol
  8. Yes you have to give it a name, else you will collapse and die.

    I nicknamed my zzr 'my bike', but hey I'm a mushy kinda guy :p
  9. My bike is called the crazy frog cause thats what it sounds like. You know, that annoying as hell blue frog that did ringtones and stuff? My bike is a two stroke if that helps you understand!
  10. my current ride (not my bike) my g/f gave the name "Brucey" because it is an Arquin Bruiser :shock:
  11. Haha you should call it Spud the Spada!
  12. Mine is known as the Horny Devil.
  13. Every bike deserves a name they're not complete without one, i called my girl Vanessa :)
  14. Apparently mine is called "The Public Urinal" to all the cats in the neighborhood :evil:
  15. salute.... esp when i am working on her.... generally speaking without the a few vowels :p
  16. Everyone does that. :roll:

    I do refer to it as a girl though so Spud won't work :LOL:
  17. my old one was "the pig"

    my new one is Bumblebee due to its colour scheme :cool:
  18. My bikes name is Chiaki, after the chick that played Gogo in Kill Bill (Chiaki Kuriyama). Ex girlfriend named it, because it's a ninja I think she put a little too much thought into it. I would have just called it "the bike".
  19. Cheers,

    I like the fact of having it names now...

    I'm thinking of calling it Roxy or Iron Hide (I love the transformers)

    Wot do u guys think?
  20. I don't know what you should call it but I just call my bike 'bike'.

    She listens best to that name. My bike recognizes me by how well I ride her, not by which name I call her.


    Oh, one thing though. Bikes are female.