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Naming Your Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Roderz, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. Names


    Leticia: Roderz' FZR 250 (Soon to be re-named after her MAJOR Makeover)
    Betty II: deyago's VFR 800
    FUBAR: VTRBob's retired CBR 1000
    Nicole: VTRBob's VTR 1000 Firestorm
    Gonzo: Mithrel's ZZR 250
    The Panther: Scope's GPX 250
    The Blade: Lurk's CBR 954 RR Fireblade
    Days are Numbered Equal to My Restrictions biatch: Phanoongy's Across
    Flipper: Flipper's Across
    Green Meanie: sluglie's Triumph Trident 900ws
    WTF: sluglie's Yamaha XJ 400z
    Veronica: sluglie's CBR 600 F4-i
    Lucy: ob123's BMW
    Betty May Worth: farawayman's BMW K 1100
    WHOFLUNGDUNG: snaws Hyosung Comet 250
    Willow: CNSTR's NSR250
    bekky: CNSTR's CBR600f4i Rossi
    BettyNugs: BoogieMan's Hyosung Aquila 250
    Lara: neilo's Honda VFR 800
    Lucien: CBRSteve's Honda CBR 1000F
    mini me: tanyathecheeky's Yamaha FZR 250
    old girl: devils-advocaat's GTR 1000
    The Only Way to Fly: Seanus' Honda VTR 1000F
    Garfield: MrOkimura's Aprilia Falco
    cadbury: Marshy's Two-Wheeled Vehicle
    abuse: wofq's Two-Wheeled Vehicle
    The Zeph: DK's Kawasaki ZR 550 Zephyr
    Gypsy: TrenShadow's Kawasaki GPz 250
    Elvira/Scott Noe'Frends/Scott/Animal Farm: emjaye's Kawasaki ZZR 250
    Black Betty: Ed Wood's Honda CB 1300
    Da Wasp: Thejewishone's Suzuki SV 650S
    Poofta: Mizz ZZR's Kawasaki ZZR 600
    BUDGIE: midnight's Honda CBR 1100XX Blackbird
    Candy: in the wind's Harley Davidson Softail Custom 1340
    Temperamental: firefling's Suzuki SV 650S
    Thomas: Fidelio's Suzuki GSX 250F Across
    Cerberus: voyager's XV 250
    B.O.B.: Kez Across' Suzuki GSX 250F Across
    Hoss: plummet's Honda ST 1300
    Nelly: matt232's Honda CBR 1000RR Fire Blade
    suzi: gsxr1000's Suzuki GSXR 1000 (I'm guessing here... :p)
    Dallas: csls22's Kawasaki ZZR
    Stanley: csls22's Yamaha FZR
    Betty: Bladewar's
    Shrike: russ' Suzuki SV
    Bond: bondgirl's Honda CB 250
    Buddy: GSX14's Suzuki GSX 1400
    Dino/Black Beast/The Black biatch: fly's1985 BMW R65
    Baby Bandit: itimms' GSF250V
    Z: itimms' ZR7
    Black Betty: Foxy's Suzuki SV 650
    Kellogs: folma's Bandit 600
    Precious: archy's ZZR
    Pusti: Pink Angel's FZR

    If your baby doesn't have a name, then what kind of cruel unusual person are you? Even the family dog gets a name... So get to work and name him/her...

    I'll up date the list as needed...

  2. Roderz, you must be nearly as bored as Gemma!
  3. I dont have a name except I refer to it as "her"
    my wife calls it "that f#@king bike or his toy"
  4. I'd call my bike "fast" but then i'd be afraid a whole heap of people would name their bikes "faster" or "fastest"

    So instead i'll settle for naming my bike Gonzo!

    ... I've always loved that name.
  5. WTF??? Welcome to the Gaybar, what is this, Priscilla queen of the desert?
    Names for bikes :roll: abuse the shit out of it and then put it back in the shed.
  6. And who exaclty are you calling gay Scooter?
  7. well the GPX got dubbed 'The Panther', cause its black and it purrs...

    and for the record guys, it's a J, not a G....
  8. Hang on scooter, most (and I stress most) people I know call their bike a name relating to the opposite gender. How can that be gay? You obviously don't take any pride in owning a bike do you? Abuse it then put it in the shed.
  9. No my bike (let's call it black biatch for those that like names) get's very well maintained, customised, and ridden hard at every opportunity.

    .....and I stress all people that I know don't call their bike a girlie name, way too soft option, and I have been riding roadies for over twenty years.
    Sounds a wee bit ullysses, with a little mra tossed in.... by the way how come it is the weirdo end of the bike community that always wants to be known as a MRA affiliate??
  10. man, if you dont want to name your bike, dont name your bike... but f#ck off and leave us who want to alone...

    different people have different ways of doing things - some will give everything in the house a name, some wont even give their pets the honour...

    i name all my computers - are you going to go calling me crazy now?
  11. my bike gets a new name every day,,,,today its "118 days till i sell you biatch" and tomorrow its "117 days till i sell you biatch"
  12. I was gonna call my bike....my bike. Alas it seems nearly every other rider has already grabbed my bikes name :(
  13. Mine gets referred to as "The Blade" being a fireblade that sorta makes sense
    does that count as a name....
  14. LMAO @ phanoongy..... that was good.
  15. my triumph is called "my bike" and the across is called " my smuggling alcohol into phillip island bike" ;)

  16. Mine is "the bike". Never occurred to me to give it a name. Will think about it and get back to you.
  17. my triumph is the "green meanie" origional and best - british racing green

    my 400 is called "WTF" because nobody knows what it is till i tell them

    and the cbr is called "veronica" from resident evil : code veronica x, cause i am damn sure the thing has a terminal virus and is just waiting to die and take me with it
  18. Close to...

    Give me time... I'll catch up... at least she gets to go to work still... :p

    That's fine scooter, if you don't want to partake in a bit of good-natured fun, that's your call...

    Try not to harass us that do though...
  19. dude, i'll swap jobs with you anyday... you can go stand next to a dead building for 10hrs a night...

    hell, i read a 334 page novel tuesday night from cover to cover with about an hour to spare...
    and last night i went and pulled a week's worth of newspapers out of someone's recycle tub across the road, and it still only kept me amused until about 3am...

    of all the sites i have ever worked at (yes, including the power pole), i hate north melbourne the most...... :mad:

    and now because i dont have the bike, it looks like it's the only f#cking site i'm going to be put on...... something tells me i aint gunna be with my current company much longer.....
  20. Still waiting to hear who's gay Scooter. if you want to stir shit then back it up. I like naming my bikes, wanna give me shit about it? See you at coffee night some time. That's if after spending so many years being a cool rider you can drag your geriatric body down there.