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Named and Shamed: Pro Honda Currimundi.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Matty, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. Pro Honda is on the right hand side of Nicklen (sp) Way heading towards Caloundra, in the area of Currimundi.

    I recently took my bike there for a general service and a lesson on how to do certain things - check air filter, change oil and radiator fluid. I can do these things on a car, but I would rather seek proper instruction then fiddle with things im not 100% sure about. I didnt get the instruction, but thats not my gripe.

    After having the bike serviced and detail paid to the fixing of the tail light, as it was'nt lighting up when the headlight system was turned on. Also, the rear brake pads needed replacing and also a slight chain tighten.

    It took about 1 hour to do the bike, at such sort notice I was pleasantly pleased, untill I picked up the bike.

    (Its raining)

    As I rode home, I could smell petrol, I assumed it was the P.o.S civic infront of me being faulty. I didnt think much of it, and decided to check the bike over the next day, I worked the night before and was tired as!

    So I got up the next day and prepaired to go to work, mounted my crotch rocket and headed to work, about 3kms from home, the bike slows, I know ive done about half a tank, but not a full, but I wasnt sure, so I switched to reserve. As I leaned over, I noticed my leg was wet, It was raining, but not that much. I investigated.

    To my supprise I find 3 small holes in the side of my tank, the largest being the width of a screwdriver shaft.

    I called the store the next day, as it was 10:30 at night. Glenn from Pro Honda disputes all liability. Despite the fact that I took the bike strait home from the store and didnt stop anywhere. I inspected the bike for damage before the service, just to make sure nothing popped up, I also wipe it down should it get wet, nothing.

    I got the bike about a month and a half ago? I was paranoid and expected it vigourisouly (sp) for fuel spot leaks, not sure the exact term, but where petrol leaking makes a bubble in the pain, as its pressing it. Nothing.

    One of the people who looked at the bike, when I first got it, was a close friend, Angus. His dads my family solicitor, I suppose Ill be giving him a workout in the upcoming weeks,

    In short: GG Pro Honda Currimundi.


    Edit: Any suggestions on what to do? Or how much a VT250 Spada tank sells for haha?
  2. you sure its not rusty?i wouldnt think theres no way that anyone could accidently do that damage...they may have poked at it with a screwdriver to see what the bubbles were....if it is rust then id say they are no way liable...no matter if it wasnt leaking when you took it in there

  3. Hmmm...what caused the holes? Did someone ram a screwdriver through the side of your tank? Is it rust from the inside?

    If it's rust, how would Pro Honda be responsible?

    If it's vandalism, maybe they are responsible. However it is hard to imagine vandalism of that sort not being visible when you pick the bike up...

    How about posting some pics in here before you go on trying to damage someone's reputation without any evidence whatsoever. From what you have said so far you seem to have missed the mark completely.

    All the best

    Trevor G
  4. Hmm.... this is very grey.

    I'd remove the name and get it sorted first fore you go ahead and accuse people of screwing your bike.

    From what I read, this isn't a clear cut black and white thing.

    Also, if I were a mechanic, and I poked the tank to check for rust and it was rusted, I'd tell my client.

    I'd prollly ask Angus if he was willing to put what he saw in testimony (ie, like the fact that he checked it with you and confident there was no rust etc etc...)
  5. I suggest you contact Pro Motorcycles head office via phone or you can email and someone will get back to you - the contact info is on their website.

    I've always found them to be helpful and honest, and try to rectify any grievances as quickly as possible.

    Hope you get it all sorted out.
  6. can understand the frustration but i wouldn't be too quick to name and shame.

    how 'bout posting a pic of those 3 holes you describe.

    hope it gets sorted.
  7. yep sounds weird, Spada, if a grey import then it could have been sitting in a shed for 10 years.

    Hope it gets sorted though mate
  8. Matty, has there been a resolution to your problem? I'm interested in how this was sorted out, and if the shop rectified the leaking tank.
  9. lol thats funny been there done that.
    are the hole LHS midnear the fuel tap? probaly rusted through
    is thefuel tap attached?
    bit careless on there side not to see it
  10. I think you will find, reading the story carefully, (since the OP has not made a reappearance) that he did not buy the bike from the dealer named. If that is the case, they bear no responsibility for a rusted fuel tank.

    "I recently took my bike there for a general service and a lesson on how to do certain things "

    If so it's a case of Netrider being used, deliberately, ignorantly and maliciously, to slam an innocent party.

    All the best

    Trevor G
  11. Out of respect for Pro Honda, and the Pro Motorcycles group, could this thread be removed? Or perhaps renamed? Matty has not replied to say if the problem was his fault or the service departments fault, and I think it is incredibly disrespectful not to update with the outcome.

    He is bad-mouthing a respected business because his bike had a problem. Why draw negative attention to them when it is not warranted?
  12. With respect this thread had dropped to the bottom of the list until you revived it a month after the last post.

    I deliberatley didn't say what I thought of the OP to avoid giving it any further airplay.

    It should be obvious that Mods don't care what is said in here - a bit of controversy (even at the expense of someone's business reputation) is always good for net stats and potential advertising revenue.

    Why don't you PM the mods or take it up in Site discussion? I might even back you...


    Trevor G
  13. Update:

    After taking my bike back to them to investigate further, they were unsure as to how a series of holes appeared in the tank. They opted to purchase me a new tank, without asking my permission.

    I have a friend whos brother is into bike's and specifically into bike and parts imports. He said he would be able to get me a tank for around 250-300$ AUD. Upon arriving at Pro Honda with tralier in tow! I learned they would not release my bike to me, unless I pay for the tank and checking iof the bike - I opted to pay for the labour time in checking but refused to pay for the tank as I had in no way asked for a tank to be purchased in my name.

    They illegally acted as my agent to a 3rd party wreckers to purchase me a tank without my permission.

    Eventually, after numerous weeks of stuffing around, I paid 560$ for the tank and a treatment on the inside to ensure that rust wouldnt damage my carbs and ruin the guts of my bike.

    Upon my inspection of the tank - being picked up after treatment, I ran my finger on the insde of the tank to find large amount of rust sediment, and also a large hard grey block of plastic substance, which I was told would break down and disintergrate.

    Several days later, the amount of rust comming from the new tank had clogged my carbs so bad that I had to push it the last 1km to the store to get them cleaned, for free - the owner of the store assured me that this would be free, as the sealer should have never allowed this to happen!

    Returning the next day! I found I have a 55$ account wating for me for labour costs.

    I also asked for my old tank back, and told them I wanted to have a friend give me a secon oppinion on it, they informed me that it had been thrown away.

    - Purchased a tank without my permission
    - Held my bike hostage for payment of unwanted tank
    - Sealed the tank (not to annoyed about that - had to be done)
    - The quality of job done on the Seal.=
    - Promised free treatment for their admitted error
    - Charged me for treatment - GG!

    Ive had friends want to buy bikes since ive dealt with Pro Honda - Ive since reffered them to Team Moto (same company ??? - different people! WHO CARES!) Who I have found to be a great buch of guys who actually care about customer service and their reputation.

    Pro Honda on the other hand, have lost my business forever, and as far as the badwill the ensures, unlucky for them - I have the internet.