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Name your fav Biker Cafe/fuelstop

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by CFVFR, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. Ok so I did a search of 'biker cafe' and came up with over 3000 possibles but none really match.
    (MOD- feel free to move if I am blind)
    So what I propose is for riders to nominate their fav cafe/fuelstop on their best rides.
    Maybe even drop a name or two of owners etc so that the rest can possibly peruse the services, what what??

    Prehaps one that does great b&E rolls/coffee etc.

    Heres one to start.

    Loch village cafe. South Gippsland, Vic
    Great egg and bacon focaccia & Hot Choc. Goes down well in the cold. There is also a clean WC next door. (for the number of times you need to take a leak in the cold)

  2. I can often be found lounging with the paper in the outdoor section of Babar's Cafe in Penrith
    next to Hog's Breath, in the new section of the Plaza

    it just ticks all the boxes
    -licensed, and stocking Stella and Miller Chill beers
    -awesome menu (try the Guinness Pie, or the seafood pizza, or my fave, the BLT and fries)
    -feel free to smoke
    -most importantly, bike friendly. plenty of places on the wide sidewalk to tuck your ride out of the way and keep an eye on from your table

    unfortunately, of course, it is in Penrith. Ghettto.
    but a good stop-off for runs up the Blue Mountains
  3. There can be only one.

    Ray's Black Spur Roadhouse, Narbethong.
  4. Coffee Stops close to Melbourne
    A.D Ryan'sBar & Restaurant

    Cnr Hyde & main St
    Diamond Creek

    Station 7

    The old Dairy Cafe
    41 Grant st

    Euroa Cafe:
    84 Binney St
    Euroa, Vic 3666
    (03) 5795 2254
    Charlottes on Main
    open 10 - 5 Daily

    Marysville Beechworth Bakery
    17 Murchison St, Marysville, Vic 3779 aroondah Hwy Healesville Victoria 3777
    Tel 03 5962 6610 Fax 03 5962 2905

    Beraldo coffee Guarantee

    22 High st

    The Courtyard Cafa

    120 Main rd Romsey

    Tallarook Hotel

    RebBeard Bakery
    38A high st
    03 5424 1107

    Yarck General Store
    5773 4204
  5. Jeeze!!
    Its a call to arms.
    People are busy writing!!
    Great to see

  6. Come again?
  7. Vic - Loch Village Pantry, and others as mentioned above.

    Tas - Jo's Garage and Weldborough Pub.
  8. I was being silly :oops:

    The Famous Robertson Pie Shop, at the top of Macquarie Pass!!!
  9. Sandyfoot Cafe/takeaway at Malua Bay :D

    One nice run down the Clyde, then a gentle roll through the towns on the Coast Road followed by an AWESOME burger overlooking the beach :grin: :grin:
  10. Isn't that where all the bikers hang out ? :eek:hno:
  11. +1!
  12. The Moo Moo Cafe, Old Pacific Highway Mooball

    The coffee is great, the service is great, the staff are friendly, the Moo Moo Burger is massive, and the prices are good.

    The Old Fernvale Bakery, Brisbane Valley Highway Fernvale - great for a cold drink and a pie after flying thru Splityard, but watch the coffee - it can be scalding hot!

    The Esk Bakery, Esk - Biker friendly, great service, toilets round the corner
  13. My most fav place to stop at is a little cafe in Dean's Marsh. It is a real hippy type of place with such fantastic ambience :wink:

    The road to it from the GOR is also such a beautiful piece of road :grin:
  14. If you're touring Tassie, make a point of going through Cygnet and stop at the little bakery there. You'll never ever taste a better pie anywhere - all made by the owner who is a top bloke! When we went through, we stopped there after having it recommended to us, the owner came out of the shop and sat out the front chatting with us while we ate. Great range of food made at the bakery, friendly service and highly recommended!
  15. And don't forget the Heathcote bakery - best pies you're ever likely to find (in Victoria).

    Not being a coffee drinker I can't add much in the way of cafes, however for places to eat:

    Texas Hamburgers
    Mercer Street Geelong
    (near Peter Stevens)

    Turkish Kitchen
    Lyttleton Terrace Bendigo
    (excellent Kebabs)

    Deeva Indian Restaurant
    Eureka Street Ballarat
    ($10 lunch special on weekends - or just get takeaway and sit in the park across the road)

    Edit: Oh and +1000 to the bakery in Cygnet, definitely the best pies.
  16. I can sometimes be found at Barbar if i'm in penrith. Otherwise road warriors i guess.
  17. "The Fireplace" @ 10 Mile
  18. A pub ...any pub .
    Cold drinks ..big meals ..

    I don't drink coffee :wink: