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Name these bikes cause I sure can't

Discussion in 'Bikes' at netrider.net.au started by Oldmaid, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. So a few weeks ago the besties and I went for a little R&R overseas. The girls wanted, in no particular order, to have serious retail therapy; drink their body weight in ludicrously names cocktails; work on keeping a dermatologist in business in 10-15 years time and to experience a bit of cultcha.
    Well I was up for it as all well but I ended up almost being bestie blacklisted:whistle:
    You see once I got to Singabore...all I could see were bikes and felt the ache of missing my little wasabi...here is part 1 of my OS bike perving..

    So much to the increasing annoyance of my besties I just had to stop and look and/or photograph any bike that took my fancy...
    For all the ATTGATT the Singaporeans like to wear their jackets back to front usually with either with scuffs or thongs...quite a look and one that I don't think I could pull off with such aplomb as the locals.

    The other thing was the roads were deadly quiet in Singabore...then I realised it was the ERP- electronic road pricing. for most of the roads in the Singapore CBD there were tolls at different times of the day...maybe a good idea? At least bikes got a discounted rate (see that NSW toll meisters??) .(y)

    But on wandering around there were heaps of scoots, a few fancy pants cruisers and a mixture of bikes. I did find some makes/models/brands that i just had never heard of and i have no doubt that someone here on NR will gladly tell me.:)

    They also do the number plate on the front and back as well... but as you can see some are across the front and some side on

    I did do some touristy things with the girls the best of which was the botanic gardens which are housed in 2 greenhouse domes...very nice:happy:

    Oh and I did manage to get a few beers down the gullet...it was thirsty work looking out for motorbikes:sneaky:

    Then the really interesting bike bit was to come when we headed off to Male the capital of the Maldives...part 2
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  2. So part 2...Male...wow...an Islamic country and on Male no grog but they make the bestest mocktails ever serioulsy. The population on Male ia bout 100,000 and guess what there are about 30,000 bikes. I reckon I dragged the girls around to see at least half of these ha. God they hated me!
    So the parking lots were a smorgasbord of delights very few brands that I recognised.
    Here is a quiet parking lot
    Bikes as far as the eye could see...lots of scoots...
    found this Smurf one haha

    Lots of pulsars...???like the car or ??

    Then a few of these suzukis were around

    Came across a Yamaha 'enticer' aint ever heard of that one...

    A few Honda 'phantoms' as well...


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  3. Part 3 and I promise no more after this!
    I came across a motorcyyle learners school on Male. What a hoot!:woot:

    Someone sits behind the rider and tries to teach them what to do or they sit with the centre stand up, engine on and go through gear changes...:ROFLMAO:


    More bikes that I saw but my friends refused to look at
    I couldn't work this one out to save myself!
    A triumph that I assume is not called a byson?:rolleyes:

    And here my dears is the money shot from the resort, away from Male, with alcohol flowing freely all day and night...was nice to see a sunset over the ocean...not something we Easties see!:smug:
    They made a mean marguerita...

    And where I got to sleep with my own little baclony and straight down into the water...was a bit wasted on one's own...:sneaky:

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  4. some very interesting bikes found this on the Byson, its a Yamaha 150cc launched in Indonesia 2012

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  5. Good on ya JeffcoJeffco I just thought it was the owner's name lol!:wacky:
  6. Got to love the old Google check out the POWER of the mighty Yamaha Enticer

    The Enticer could be called as India's first true cruiser styled bike with tear dropped fuel tank as Harley Davidson's. The only and the most fatal shortcoming of the Enticer was its puny 123.7 4-stroke air cooled engine which was certainly an under powered mill for a so called cruiser. Although the styling was spot-on this time by Yamaha.

    Price Discontinued
    Launched 2002
    Engine Displacement 123.7 CC
    Engine Type Air cooled, 4 stroke
    Number Of Cylinders 1
    Valves Per Cylinder 2
    Max Power 11.0 PS @8000 rpm
    Max Torque 10.4 Nm @6500 rpm
    Bore x Stroke 54.0 x 54.0 mm
    Fuel Type Petrol
    Starter Electric-Kick
    Transmission Type Manual
    Number Of Speed Gears 4
    Final Drive (Rear Wheel) Chain
    Front Tyre (Full Spec) 2.75 x 18
    Rear Tyre (Full Spec) 120/80 x 16
    Front Brake Type 230 mm Disc
    Rear Brake Type 130 mm Drum
    Suspension Front Telescopic fork
    Suspension Rear Swingarm with coil spring and oil damper
    Overall Length 2090 mm
    Overall Width 790 mm
    Overall Height 1125 mm
    Wheelbase 1380 mm
    Ground Clearance 140 mm
    Kerb Weight 116 kg
    Fuel Capacity 13.5 Litres
  7. :p ya maniac!
    I just knew that NR would be the font of all...bugger me looking up google! Much more entertaining this way ha!;)
    Yes makes sens that Male would have Indian bike/s...large funding comes from there to keep Maldivian economy ticking along...
  8. I did like the look of the enticer I found it very.........enticing :happy:
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  9. yes some of them were quite nice looking bikes and in general, well loved...you have to go in a ballot apparently to be allowed to get a bike or a car and teh taxes on them are prohibitively expensive for a local.
  10. The Daystar is a Daelim I think.
  11. Don't knock it 'till you've tried it.

    Back in my miss-spent middle age, before I learnt the pukka way to teach motorbike riding, I did teach a lady to ride from the pillion seat.

    She learnt to ride and I quite enjoyed the experience.
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  12. Wasn't it law in QLD not that long ago? for a while there you had to have a qualified rider follow you around, but before that . . . .?

    And as to the different bike in developing nations, you soon realised that the Australian bike culture is the exception rather than the norm. Only a small percentage of bikes sold in the world are of the type we buy here. Most sold are 250cc or smaller and most are scooters or step-throughs. In fact 250cc is considered a big bike.
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  13. Great place Singapore, especially if visiting there from some other asian countries, the road traffic is almost civilised.

    Couple of things I thought was interesting:
    1. You can get a special (cheaper) rego if you only want to drive after hours and/or on weekends.
    2. You need to have at least 3/4 tank of fuel if you are heading across the straits to Malaysia (as fuel is cheaper in Malaysia so Singpore does not want to loose the fuel tax.
    3. Tampering with your fuel gauge is almost a capital offence.
    4. Talking about offences, a lot of the comercial vehicles have orange lights on their roofs, when they speed these light flash, the police just stand on the side of the road and take down number plates of vans with flashing lights to send speeding tickets to.
    5. If caught tampering with your orange light see the section on fuel gauges (3).
    6. All the yellow and black taxis double as military transport if there is a call to barracks.
    7. Oh, its also illegal to feed the pigions.
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  14. The Pulsar is a Bajaj Auto motorcycle, as in the indian maker that bought a large chunk of KTM and also manufacture all Dukes and RCs smaller than 400cc.

    The one pictured looks like an older 150cc Pulsar, here's the current one: http://www.bajajauto.com/pulsar150dtsi_index.asp
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  15. Wow.. Thanks everyone...I spent hours just eyeing off the bikes quite closely. I was probably being watched like a hawk on Singabore's many surveillance cams ha! Probably by the owner's tapping a machete in readiness in Male ;)

    I really was quite amazed by
    -some of the makes/brands,
    -the appalling condition of some bikes but they still farted along,
    -the love bestowed on some of the bikes pristine, so lovingly detailed,
    - the crazy paint jobs like the smurf scoot,
    - and so very glad that I don't have to kickstart wasabi :D
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  16. Pre LAMS you could be under guidance of a pillion. They got rid of that, though I think you can still do it from a sidecar. You do still need, in Queensland, to be supervised to be a person with a class of licence more than you (you actually need a supervisor when you go get your unrestricted licence (which is another QRide course); technically you can wear an L plate and ride a Hayabusa.

    Remember though that to get an L's here it is 30 questions on motorcycle knowledge, and you can go straight on the bike (not a Hayabusa but). Apparently you can do it online now!

    Also - top bike-spotting in exotic places OldmaidOldmaid. Anyone can see you have the bug bad. My personal favourite would have to be the Suzuki...

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  17. The reverse jacket thingy is popular in the stinking hot humid countries to the north because is stops bug splatter all over your lovely business attire, while allowing free breathing behind you on your back. Also highly protective in a spill, some kind of high tech polyester blend that melts on contact with high friction surfaces, thus sealing wounds and preventing blood loss.
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