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Name the Part!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Komanche Sly, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. Hey guys , hope Ive picked the right section...

    I need to get a new one of these but I embarrassingly dont know the name of it.
    I have one missing and the bolts that once held it in place are still there and rub against my boot causing premature wear.

    Whats it called? Heel plate perhaps?? I have no idea.



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  3. Remove bolts = cheaper fix.
    Or make a plate?
  4. Cheers Stewy.

    The only materials at my disposal are tissue paper and spit.

    I spoke with a guy on ebay in the uk who makes them for the Fireblades but he seems to think they wont fit despite the centre to centre measurement of the two holes being the same.

    Found some carbon fibre ones in Germany for the 250 with free postage but I think they would look daft.
  5. Glue the plates to your boots :)

    I keep wondering if your username is UK hip hop inspired?
  6. It is indeed!
    They dont make it like that anymore...
  7. ha ha excellent :D

    They sure don't mate. I saw them live many years ago in Norwich supporting Ice T and the Rhyme Syndicate - they absolutely pissed on them and Ice T got all huffy as people kept shouting for Hijack to come back on ha ha

    "Back in Brixton it's quiet...."

    Good days :D
  8. Thanks!! :)
  9. RH side 50607-KAZ-000 = $12.85 +gst RRP
    LH side 50608-KAZ-000 = $12.85 +gst RRP
    Available from your honda dealer
  10. Yeah the heel guard. They aren't exactly hard to get. If you want a genuine one: You could either buy one from your local (aussie) honda dealer, buy a genuine one from ebay, order a genuine one from an overseas parts supplier or go to a wrecker.

    I'd probably go aftermarket. There are a few carbon fibre ones on ebay, which look a bit silly imo. Jester on cbr250 forums sells some pretty cool metal ones which look like the bigger bikes.

    You can get heel guards from bigger cbr's, which either fit or can be modified to fit. I can't remember which models/years.