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Name That Sound - VF400F not starting; MP3 within

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by cragv, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. My brother picked up a cheap motorcycle ("not running") a while back and has had some time to play with it over the long weekend. It's a Honda VF400F, with a 400cc V4 engine and was made in 1983.

    Using a can of Nulon Start Ya Bastard, he got it ticking over but it makes a horrible noise (he thinks from one of the 4 cylinders in particular). Exhaust gasses come from both exhaust pipes.

    Click here to listen to the 34-second soundbyte. The engine actually starts at 24 seconds so you get about 9 seconds of running to listen to.

    If anyone has an opinion on what that noise might indicate, I'd be all ears. I thought I might post this both here and also on the OCAU motoring forum as I was hoping to get a handful of responses from the gifted people on both forums coming from different motoring backgrounds. Thanks for your thoughts, guys, I really appreciate your time.
  2. Interesting specs on Nulon Start Ya Bastard - it's 24% ether!
    Could also be called "Shutup Ya biatch" I reckon...
  3. It's an early V4 Honda, so, at a wild guess, the cams are screwed.

    There's at least one other brand on the shelves in SuperCrap that's 50% and, apparently, John Deere's own brand is 80%.

    Great for those of us with a legitimate use for ether but no desire to jump through the legal hoops now required to obtain it :twisted:.
  4. Definitely sounded "valvey" to me too...

    There's a legitimate use for ether?
  5. Hm interesting, thanks guys. I was thinking some sort of horrific internal damage from a dropped valve or something, but I have zero experience with such things and wasn't even sure if the piston would still manage to move in a cylinder with other bits of metal floating around in it. Thanks for the ideas, PB and NK.
  6. I might be very wrong here, and will be corrected sharply...
    But if it starts, I doubt you've dropped a valve into the bore.
  7. yeah sounds like valve slap

    but at the same time is has that KUHKUHKUH that you get from open pipes....
  8. It's a vital component in the fuel used for compression ignition model aero engines (commonly called "diesels" but they haven't a lot to do with old Rudolf really). Not that they're terribly common now that glow plugs and electrics have cornered the market and model engines tend to be bigger, on average, than they were of yore (big diesels tend to vibrate like mad). Standard fuel is equal parts ether, kerosene and castor oil. Dependent on engine and use, the proportions might vary and a dash of amyl or isopropyl-nitrate might be added.

    So yes, there are uses for ether that involve neither amphetamines nor coercion.
  9. Wow Pat, thanks!
    I've spent some time around model aeros, but by the time I was on the scene it was all glowplugs and paraffin...
    I thought they were all loopy from the doping fumes, but it turns out it was ether and amyl-nitrate all along!!!
  10. From my bro, commenting on the above: "...that's really interesting because when you get it running for a few seconds, exhaust comes out from the back and bottom of the engine near the exhaust exit for two of the cylinders. I havnt had it running long enough yet to trace that accurately."

    This has been an interesting read so far, thanks all.
  11. That's probably just perished exhaust gaskets; easy enough to rectify.
  12. I wouldnt run it again until you get the valves clearances done, thats what killed my 400 engine, your pretty lucky as there are alot of vfr engines around for spare parts
  13. Thanks for that, Dylan. Parts are quite rare though, as a VFR this is not. The VF400F was only made for two years and there are precious few parts around. It's an interesting bike, and I think it'll sound awesome if/when it runs again!
  14. vf400f im blind :) bit like finding parts for my nc23 engine i'd think
  15. The sound of it reminds me of an engine that's totally out of time, like as if a distributor (or equiv) or a cam(s) is in the wrong orientation.....

    What happened between when it was running and when it was not?
    (sry just re-read the post properly, perhaps someone has done a bit of home maintenance?).

    My guess would be electronic or valve timing, most likely valve timing (ie the cams) which is also causing some wrong sounding noises.

    Just a guess.
  16. The only thing that sounds bad to me is the exhaust leak. Either from the header to exhaust port gaskets or the collector box. I can't hear any bad grinding or metallic clattering/hammering noises at all.