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Name Me

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Tiga, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Given some recent confusion between me and a 28 year old "apriliagirl" who can be found on rsvp and given that I'm now mostly riding the triumph I figure it's time for a name change.

    Only problem is that I'm having a complete creative block on what I should go with. Suggestions to date include:

    "Scrumpy Trumpie" - I'm ok with this but would prefer to move away from bike brand references so I don't have to keep changing my name.

    "Strumpie" - Combination of the above. Not so sure about this one


    "Strumpet" - hmm, don't think I want to go here :?

    So, if anyone out there has a good suggestion (or a bad one) I'd love to hear it :)
  2. Tripilia? :?

    This is to make the message longer
  3. 01101011 01100001 01110100 ?
  4. The Bird With The Hot Bird In Her Avatar?

    Bit long perhaps...

    Sass! Or Sassy! Something something....

    Anyway, Sass.
  5. Forum name:


    Forum signature:

    I can also be found on redhotpie.com.au, adultfriendfinder.com.au, adultmatchmaker.com.au and match.com.au !

  6. HELLO, HELLO, your all missing the point.

    Theres a Chick on RSVP with an Aprilila Durrrr.

    Doh and a 2 year old :( i think my little kid alergy is about to flare up
  7. lol, it may be a little long but I like it :grin:
  8. ok I have a few bad ones:

    6HEAVEN5 - sounds like aporn name but///
    Daytonababe - meh
    DaytonaGRL - ok I'm scraping...
  9. Why not just go with....................

    Cute :)
  10. well there you go... why not just leave teh name change up to vic ;) :LOL:
  11. nah man , i get it !
    I'm taking the micky out of the reference to RSVP. LOL
    You see, with that signature the desperate and dateless here on netrider will go searching for aprilia girl. Then they will think the real aprilia girl is the netrider aprilia girl. The real aprilia girl will think she is a internet dating hornbag, while the netrider apriliagirl will not ! :p. Then the netrider aprilia girl will be chatting to some desperate and dateless dude who thinks she is the real aprila girl. Then they he will get confused if a date is set up and the netrider aprilia girl arrives on a Triumph. Then the real aprilia girl will find out about this thread. Then the real aprilia girl and the netrider aprilia girl will have a cat-fight over nameing rights. Then all the desperate and dateless dudes will watch ! :LOL:

    see, thats some lateral thinking for ya !
  12. Jeez why should you change you name if you like it.
    This kind of crap really pisses me right off.
    Make that other bird change hers.

    Anyway my 2 cents worth ...

    The 1 & only Aprilia Girl
    The Original Aprilia Girl

    Āprilia Ģirl

    lol go the fancy characters, though not sure if will work, some forums allow some dont. Jeez if it does work can see the rush now. Every1 will be changing :LOL:
  13. A cunning plan except for one small thing. I am the REAL ApriliaGirl and hence the imposter on rsvp must be the rsvp ApriliaGirl!

    And I'd definitely kick ass in the event of said cat fight, unless of course the rsvp ApriliaGirl turns out to weigh more than your average stick figure - then I might lose.
  14. Will I make the change then?? :grin:
  15. Will the REAL Aprilia girl please strip naked and step forward :p or may be thats just another one of my fantasies :oops:

    dosen't sound like the RSVP one even has a bike (i said HAS one NOT is one children) so she cant be as nice as our Aprilia girl
  16. How about QTπ or tripplechick

    No Doonks, I said tripple, not nipple :p
  17. Ok, I'm going to listen to eswen on this one (not quite sure why)....

    Vic, take your super mod powers and surprise me :p
  18. did I do good??????
  19. Well you get what you pay for !!!! :grin: :grin:
  20. faaark,

    this thread has become redhotpie, match.com, and adultfriendfinder rolled into one !