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name me.......please

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Duffman, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. OK, following brief discussions quite some time ago (i believe with Hornet and the artist formally known as duncanK) I am thinking a name change is in order.

    So far the consensus around the office is that I stick to the Simpsons theme, apart from our IT guy who suggested “loser on a scooter” (Damn the IT department, they are always one step ahead of me :evil: )

    Hornet, I know your vote will presumably be “Duffman” the only problem is that I’m running out of Duffman quotes for my signature….meh I will just have to start recycling some.

    Any other suggestions will be considered, preferably stupid ones.
  2. "Mighty Penis"
    - after the yacht of the same name in Ford Fairlane, Rock n Roll Detective.
  3. How about "Disco Scoo"?

    "Disco Stu doesn't need to advertise..."
  4. can you even change your name ? :?:
  5. you know when something is so stupid it becomes funny or even cool?
    I think you've hit the nail on the head Loz.
    I like it! :p
  6. or how about Crazy Penis after the band of the same name?
  7. Definately SOMETHING with a penis.
  8. That rules out groberts04 then.
  9. Detachable penis ??
  10. Penisonic.
  11. Penismightierthansword?
  12. penal implant ??? :?
  13. Look sorry if there's a theme developing here.

    I just figure the bigger the vehicle, the more compensating is going on.

    Which is why I REFUSE to stand next to scooter pilots at urinals.
  14. sounding a bit like penisenvy :eek: goin on here or penisobsession :shock:
  15. ahhhh .... thats it !! ..... penis extension !!
  16. mini me?
    and Loz, that may or may not refer my size :grin: :roll:
  17. Whatever you change your name to, Jono, you'll always be Duffman :LOL:
  18. Detachable penis??? :p

    My vote is with Disco Scoo tho myself...
  19. how about .... lifelike dildo