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Name Badges

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by vic, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. Hands up those people who would be interested in having a Netrider Name Badge.

    The badge would be a high quality metal badge with a resin overlay to protect and enhance it. It would contain the Netrider logo and your name.

    Prices are yet to be confirmed but they would be probably be around the $15 mark.(shipped)

    is a sample only. Colours of the badge are yet to be decided.
  2. I'm in!! Watch space??
  3. I'm in too. Although I had thoughts of a cloth type name badge/tag that could be sown to Netrider shirt/top. But dismissed it as not cost effective.
  4. You going to have room for both forum name and real name to avoid confusion?
  5. I'll be in. I've economised on the number of letters. :LOL:
  6. What if you're not a receptionist?
  7. have to change jobs then :p
  8. Brilliant idea...I was having a sook to someone on a recent ride that many people know who I am (numer plate 'LIL' kinda gives it away), yet I have a tendency to forget names. Generally I remember user names :oops:

    :D :D :D
  9. Instead of mine saying


    can mine say


  10. just checking the swear filter :D
  11. dick

    Maybe it should say doonks smartarse (how did you get past the filter???
  12. Yep, I'm in.

    Great idea, as long as it has room for both our forum name and *real* name.
  13. I won't wear any badges with pins on my jacket on the bike.

    Not after a friendly ex-copper at the petrol station told me if you come off onto them, the pins push straight through the little back holding thing into your flesh.

    Though I would be highly interested in a cloth badge. Either with/without the name.
  14. I would have thought that having your namebadge on whilst riding kinda pointless....unless you ride that slow that you can have a conversation on the road :shock: :p :LOL:

    The badges would be pulled out at stops (for smokers, they may be in cigarette packets :wink: , for everyone else....sort it out for yourselves :p )

    :D :D :D
  15. ;)

    at least I use my powers for good, not evil ......
  16. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    What a tosser he must have been.

    If you come off of your bike that is the last thing that will be worrying you, more to the point they are too easy to lose.

    Most rally badges these days come with pre-cast holes that allow them to be sown on otherwise you end up leaving most (good) rallies with leass badges than you arrived with.

    It may be a worthwhile feature to incorporate into the netrider badge Vic.

    Maybe an annual netrider rally could be organised with a badge issued for every year :?:
  17. She was being friendly, and had seen a few examples of riders with a whole bunch of little holes in them, after a _low_ speed crash. I personally appreciated the advice.

    Yep in a high speed one you're going to have more things to worry about, but at a low speed one, where you fall flat, it's something to worry about.

    Why I don't carry stuff in my pockets either. Know of one guy whose keys narrowly missed piercing his groin in a low speed fall, popped a hole in his leg. And heard of people breaking ribs from mobile phones in low speed falls as well.

    If you want to wear them, your choice. All I said was I don't want to and I'd prefer a cloth badge of some sort, if at all possible.
  18. Not too sure about that particular type. Everywhere you go people will think you work there. Maybe a stylish one of the emblem would be better as opposed to a Mackers type one. Hey! Maybe we could get gold stars for the number of posts! :wink:
  19. If it looked like this following the contours of the rider and with your name underneath it would look OK, and with 3 or 4 small holes around the edge so it can be sown on and the pin removed if you wish. (don't say that I don't care Kaer :wink: )

  20. Very clever Doonks :p

    (PS. Right-click -> View page source and all will be revealed ;))