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Name and Shame - 'Hope Diving Services' - road rage

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by daewoo, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. 6:15 this morning I was ridding north on Harris Street, Pyrmont.

    At the Miller Street Intersection I rode up the left turn only lane and pulled back in at the front, stopping at the red light.

    The interchangeable white tradies ute behind beep it's horn, and I just shook my head.

    As soon as the light changed I accelerated up to 65 (50 zone) and kept my eye in the mirror as he tried to keep up.

    At my turn I indicated and move left and he moved left to tailgate me, then swerved right around me, very close, and the passenger threw an empty cigarette packet out the window...

    Not the smartest thing when you have your business name across the tailgate, but I guess I have no real recourse...


    Please save the "I would have smashed him" comments. I couldn't smash my was out of a smashing good time...

    Please save the "report him to the cops" comments. From experience, they don't give a sh!t... ever...

    Let's all just call him a c^nt to make me feel good, and I can get on with my day... :) ...

    As I am sure is the case with anyone who rides at sparrows fart time like me... F^ckin tradies are the bane of my existence...

  2. Well I'd at least ring the company and tell them that you HAD reported him to the Police, even if you hadn't....
  3. Pretty sure 'The Company' is his mobile phone... anyone can have a website these days...

    I am just over the Sydney road rage, aggressive driving thing...

    Was thinking about some abusive phone calls, but then I am just being as aggressive as him...

  4. Given that there is a single mobile number on his contact us page, chances are its a business owned by the tool that was in the ute.

    Just send constant abusive e-mails from a hotmail account. But if you want to seriously piss him off, Print out a solid black A4 page, then fax it to him multipul times per day :D
  5. He's a tosser, report him to the EPA. About a $220 on the spot fine, and if he contests it in court... well, he'd be a bigger idiot then originally thought.
  6. That is a grand idea! :LOL: Just make sure you don't have your fax set to verify every transmission
  7. I have a mate who as a Council Health Inspector is an "authorised person" to send those fines out... I was going to ask him to send one, but it is a bit dodgy and I would hate for him to get in the sh!t...

    Can't report someone to the EPA... unless an "authorised person' witnesses it...

  8. +1
  9. And I do know just how pissed one can get from spam/bullshit faxes.
    As I have my own company, with just myself working, when I get home to find 2 stupid spam faxes using half an ink cartridge to advertise some gay product it gets annoying...

    Unless his computer accepts the faxes (highly unlikely) then it will be an avenue for you to let some steam off! Even if someone else pisses you off, just grab your trusty solid black A4 page and fax it to this d*&kHead!

    :p :LOL: :grin:
  10. How funny, I had a deadshit tradie playing cat and mouse with me this morning too! He kept motioning to change into the right lane on a 2 lane bit, indicator on, then off. I got sick of this and went into the right to let him play with his blinkers by himself, sure enough halfway up the side decided to indicate and merge on me at the same time so I beansed it to get out of there, which he must have taken umbridge with and was on my dot for the rest of the trip down that road :roll:
  11. Mate doesn't Sydney mid week traffic suck. I'm about to start a commute from up the F3 and I hear the tradies are going to be the biggest threat to me coming to the city. That's why I am thinking I need to by a cop bike to 'part the seas'.

    I'll admit that a lot of my mates are tradies and ride, so it's obviously a generalisation, but they don't in general have a good rep in Sydney.

  12. I can stand tradies, they're not the worst drivers (in terms of skill) on the road but they are pretty bad in general. But what makes them so bad is that they're crazy and drive like tools.

    This morning riding in the rain to work, filtering thru kms of stantionary traffic and this to$$er in a work van sees me and moves across to the center to block me. We keep creeping forward and he knows im there so he stays right over. Finally I got the shits and passed him in an empty turning lane of the road and "gestured at him rudely" and continued on until the next trade vehicle.
  13. Get a role of fax paper, and draw a line the whole way down the middle of the role. At the end draw a little spider. Fax this and it will use his whole role.
  14. It is just the time I ride... leave home at 5:30 to beat the traffic... I can ride the whole way to work at 20 over... limited by my own good sense... but yesterday I had tradies try to kill me 4 times...

    There are some who are trying to go fast and swerve all over the lanes (that's my job :) )... but mostly they drive their underpowered interchangable white utes or vans at 10km under the speed limit, side by side... change lanes without indicating... stop in the middle of the road for no reason... do U-turns over double yellows...

    I guess they are usually thinking about their day ahead, and just don't care about the job they are doing at the time...

    From my experience they aren't usually aggressive, just absent... aggressive is the domain of Suit Man in his 4WD...

  15. Looks like his office address is home. Maybe stop by for a few burn outs on the lawn?

    I'd give him a few 2am wake up calls also. Just say something like "Be a good citizen.... share the road" in a chirpy voice.

    Should upset him just a tad. :grin:
  16. Don't kno where you are Daewoo, but down here in Victoria you can make a phonecall and dob in anyone for littering/throwing a cigarette out of a vehicle, without any(independant) witnesses. Daughter got done for the cigarette thingy without any follow up, just fined her on the word of the dobber. How do they kno it wasn't someone who she's pissed off at some point, and they just wanted to get even. Just another revenue ploy if you ask me.

    Anyway. I told my son that if you argue back on a bike, you are never going to win. They'll just mow you down. As he can look after himself quite adequately, I said if they motion you to pull over, well, that's another story. If you choose this course of action, leave your helmet on :wink: .

    If anyone does, pay it no mind. It's easy to talk tough on a forum.
  17. Sign their e-mail address up for every p0rn and spam thing you can find on the net.
  18. +1

    Done that before, they weren't happy :D And easy too!