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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by reggie_mk, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. Hi all.
    Im interested in buying a naked bike. It will be my first bike and ive done a bit of research and like the yamaha zeal, suzi gsf250v and of course the honda vtr. further down are the kawasaki zr250 ballius and the honda cb 250f hornet (just because it is an import). Are there any more about the same price range and in the late 90s-00s bracket i dont know about that are worthwhile?


  2. Where are you based, there is heaps of modern Bandits around. I have been looking for 250s too and have seen a number of pre 95 ones well 4.5k and i bet you could get for under 4k.

    Whats ur budget, where are you located?

    I am a orad bike noob too, but i love the naked look - I am going to have a Ducati Monster at my house, ready to ride the day my Ps expire :)
  3. I thought this was gonna be another one of eswens threads :p

    I think bandits are around that price range
  4. Think you've pretty much listed everything that wouldn't be classed as a cruiser or basic commuter (ie CB250). The VTR has less power than the others you mention ('cause it's a twin) but does look good, the Balius has a disturbingly small amount of torque compared to the others.
  5. Not sure I agree with that :shock: Was giving a ST2 a run for its money today - but then, he may not have been trying that hard :oops:
  6. VTR puts out 32ps compared to 40+ for the others, both the bandit and zeal also produce more torque (hornet produces the same, Balius much less). Yes the VTR is 10-15kg lighter but you get more variation than that in riders anyway.
  7. Buy a bandit. Then buy a bigger one.

    See? Its that simple. :p
  8. Yeah biach bet me to it.

    Ditto on the bandits :)
  9. I think its unanomous. Buy a bandit
  10. Nope. Zeal is a much better bike.
  11. hold up!!
    VTR is definately the way to go. Forget all this ranting and raving about bandits. VTR's are lighter although slightly less power output. This compensates for it.

    You must admit the VTR's have made quite a name for themselves. I spent two months test riding all or these bikes mentioned above and even after buying one 6 months ago, I still have no regrets.

    It's entirely upto youeself but well done on going naked.

  12. 2nd that - had mine 12 months & still loving it. Am taking it to do Tassie before we say "goodbye 250 - hello 620" :grin:
  13. no your all wrong...you need the power and sweet handling of the Hornet :twisted:
  14. BUT the VTR is much more expensive than the Bandit.
  15. Ok - lets get serious ...

    The VTR looks better
    Is much more forgiving for newer riders - don't have to rev the sh*t out of it & it rolls into corners so well
    Has greater resale value - they're always in demand
    & Is a very comfortable ride :grin:
    But then, I'm biased :p
  16. The VTR looks better than what? I had to decide on which bike to get this week and one of the reasons i chose the cb250f Hornet cos i reckon is looks HEAPS better than all the other 250s.

    The VTR does look good thats for sure, but not better than the hornet, IMO.

    They certainly have an amazing resale value thats for sure. Another reason i didnt get one, couldnt bring myself to spend an extra 1k for 1 dial and a 5speed :)

    It all depends on how much cash you wanna spend...
  17. NOTHING turns in as nicely as that grippy 16" front wheel, though. Think, and it's there......
  18. Just buy a 250 Katana, it's better looking than the lot of 'em :p

  19. they do look good. liked em ever since i saw one years ago