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naked zzr 250 needs advice

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ericgao, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. Hi, all. happy new year. i had a bike accident last year. My front and side faring and dash board were cracked but original headlight is still ok. i was wondering how to utilze the original headlight but could not find the place to hold it ( it was held by top faring). where could i find aftermarket bracket to hold the headlight? thanks a lot

  2. i'm doubting there will be one specific to that headlight... i've seen a couple naked zzr's, not one of them have used the orig headlight... you can maybe scab a bikini fairing off something else, or a bracket with light off something else and modify the points at which that mounts to the bike.
  3. possiby gpx hframe? it mounts the mirrors and headlight. take the bike to a wreckers and ask them if you can try one out?
    otherwise its time to find some creative apprentice welders ;)
  4. You can get clamps that attach to the forks, and hold a generic round headlight. Try Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket, products sold by MCS and available at most bike shops by order, or LSL of Germany, among others. Also a wrecker might have the whole kaboodle off something like a Kawasaki Zephyr. Making Streetfighters is never as cheap as you think.