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Naked Wings - GL1000 and 1100

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by LineNoise, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. Any owners past or present lurking around?

    Considering picking one up, maybe bringing one in from overseas even, as a project bike after my in on a Gamma fell through when the owner selfishly decided he wanted to keep it.

    Got a pretty good idea what I want to do with it (that CB750-4 burnt orange, 4 into 4 megaphones, little flat-nose bullet fairing, single seater conversion etc.). Just curious to see just how much of a money pit I'd be getting myself into from a mechanical standpoint.

    Leaning more towards the 1000 at the moment.
  2. Right model but that's a bit too busy for mine. I'm thinking a lot closer to a stock restoration, and probably could be put back to standard in a lazy afternoon.
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  4. I'd cheerfully kill for an original 'Wing. Rode one in 1975 and loved it.
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  6. I regret selling mine 6mths ago!! :(

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  7. That's pretty. How'd she treat you Bax? Run into any big issues while you owned it?
  8. This is kind of sexy. Gold wings are not what I'm into, but this looks awesome.

  9. Apart from the clutch slipping slightly, this ran really well!
    It did go though a full resto (engine out ... ETC).
    Cost approx 5k to get it to this stage which was mostly consumed by cosmetics.
    All else was pretty inexpensive from the states.
    This was a 76'with virtually all 82 GL1100 parts.

    The biggest thing to watch on these are the timing belts.. that lovely opposed engine is dead if it snaps!
    So if you do get one, be sure this is the one of the first things you check... better yet replace. And it doesnt suffer un-balanced carbs aswell.
    All else is pretty much like any bike... with the addition of a massive radiator!

    When Honda built these, they almost got as close as you can get to a car on 2 wheels!

  10. Umm yep I owned a 76 GL1000 LTD (gold wheels and special badges) Sold it about May this year. To a guy who rode it back to Adelaide.