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Naked vs. motard

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by bleck, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. Im looking at buying my first bike since riding farmbikes when i was a teenager.
    I've always loved naked bikes so it seems its a toss up between
    vtr250 or monster since the initial pricing isnt that different from what i can see.

    er-5s GSX400's and XJR400's are too rare.
    and the cb400 is just too new to be available at a reasonable price 2nd hand.

    im gunna guess that servicing is exxy on the duke?
    Im 25 and newly got my l's, what sort of price am i up for on insurance? the fellow at peter stevens quoted me $300 on a GS50 when i went in there to have a look what was available.

    The other option i guess is a motard/trail bike but my concern here is comfort. I want to be able to do semi regular long rides out to the country ie. 3+ hours.

    How long can you spend on a motard/dakar style bike before getting a numb arse?

  2. any help on the comfort issue guys?
  3. what other naked bikes should i be looking for?
  4. There's people who do day rides on motards... Personally I reckon they'd be a bit harsh with all the vibration and the tiny seat, although you can stand up nice and easily...

    I reckon the VTR's beaut - and the GS500 probably isn't too bad either.
  5. Other nakeds that I looked at were the Zeal and the Balius.

    Ended up on a VTR250 and it is a good little machine, suspension leaves much to be desired imo but I'm sure most 250's would have that problem anyways.

    Just today did 2 hours into the city and back and I'm fine as far as not being sore etc, planning on heading out again in a few in fact. I do find that I slide up against the tank a fair bit, too lazy to get stomp grips or anything so far though.

    A motard would probably have more punch than the VTR, if that's a concern... but I've found it perfectly fine with nice grunt from the bottom.
  6. You get used to it really, really quickly. Gel seats are available, or if you're into the old man look sheepskin covers help a lot.

    GS500 would be great for longer rides.
  7. VTR250 is a sensible option.

    It's got plenty of pull where you need it most, 0 - 100. Anything over that and things start slowing down.

    Cruises beautifully at 100-110 down freeways.

    It gives a nice feet back, slightly leaned forward sporty position without compromising on comfort.

    Sounds great compared to a lot of 250's (mmmmmmm v-twin).

    3 hour ride I don't think would give you any problems at all.
  8. get a motard with a gel seat.

    4 to 5 hours in the saddle is fine.

    if your arse starts hurting, you'll be having way too much fun to think about it! :twisted:
  9. :shock:
  10. well.....if you read that sentence alone......could be misinterpreted.....i would like to take this opportunity to point out that:



    ...not boys.....
  11. And if you're too tight arse to buy the gel seat, a couple of hours work with some foam, vinyl and a staple gun can produce a satisfactory result on a motard seat. Just buy the seat :grin:
  12. Id like to take this opportunity to thank you for that,
    whats was i asking about again?
  13. you were talking about how incredibly fantastic motards are, how you would love to own one, and how you are putting down a deposit on one tomorrow :p