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naked vs fairing

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by sunite, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. for learners, is it betta to get a naked??

    well is it cheaper to repair a faired or naked bike?

    the word on the street its cheaper to repair naked
  2. Definitely cheaper to repair naked. No broken fairings to worry about... Faired bikes just mean more plastic to smash when you go down.
  3. Naked bikes are cheaper to repair after a drop so insurance rates are lower as well.

    In warmer weather, naked bikes are great although riding into a strong headwind can be a bit daunting at times. Mind you, naked bikes dont get blown around as much as a faired bike with a cross wind.
  4. Naked bikes also tend to be cheaper to service as there is no fairing to removed to get to the engine. With faired bikes i would recomend getting oggie knobs to keep it safe in case of an off.
  5. But nothing compares to the look of a faired bike :D
  6. Except a sexy naked bike :LOL: :p :LOL:
  7. Ha :LOL: Nothing sexy about nakedness :D

    More tantalising to look at curves that are covered in gorgeous fairings and dazzling graphic art work. :)

    But each to their own :wink:
  8. I would have thought it would depend on the drop / damage.

    At least the plastic would protect (not much being plastic) the metal components below on the minor scraps. But with naked it would be direct on the engine parts?.

    If it was a bad enough ding it wouldn’t matter either way.
    Scratched plastic vs. scratched / dented metal. . . I’d take the plastic.

    As Pink Angel said: Nothing compares to their look :)
  9. here are some past opinions


    put some oggy knobs on a bike with fairings to stop expensive damage when you have a simple drop.

    I like fairings because it makes my bike look like a spaceship. vroooomm
  10. Tends to break as much as scratch, and the faired bikes end up with as much engine cover damage as a naked if not more as the bars on a naked tend to hold it up more than the clip ons of a faired bike. But as you say it depends on the drop.
  12. Hrm, well I just bought my first bike. She's naked. My bf also just bought his first bike and his is fully faired. I get a whole lot more wind resistance on my bike than he does, however being a learner, I feel a lot more comfortable about dropping my bike than he does.

    If you're gonna be doing a lot of freeway riding, the fairings would make it more comfortable for you. If not, then go the cheaper option for your first bike.
  13. and the occasional Lemon :LOL: :p :LOL:
  14. fairings are good protection from the elements, but you can usually get some sort of bolt on screen for most naked's. that will help with buffetting your helmet.

    Faired or naked oggie knobs are a good investment, with a naked bike your going to be grinding away engine and gear box covers as it slides down the road, also can flip a little easier as there are more things for it to catch on.
    a faired bike has a barrier to protect all those parts and is smooth so things arent likely to bit into the ground and throw it over, but are also expensive to purchase, can get cheap replacements second hand out of the motorcycle trader or trading post if you look hard enough.

    it comes down to personal preference. both have their pros and cons.
  15. but back to the original question.........

    which one is cheaper to repair!!!!!!!!
  16. It would depend on what damage you do.

    In a big accident your likely to have at least a few hundred dollars in fairing repairs, on top of any engine/gearbox covers.

    If you just dropped it in the driveway, you can cause a couple of hundred dollars damage to the fairing + brackets. If you dropped a naked bike, and the handlebars stopped the engine cover from the touching the ground, you'd get away with $50 for a new bar end, maybe a mirror depending on your bike.

    If you're worried about wind etc, buy a bike with a fairing, and take off the lower parts when not doing highway riding. My fiancee removed the lower half of his fairing off his FZR, so it was easier to work on and tune. Then put it back on for longer rides.