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Naked test ride day! My 1st 1000's!!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by motormouse, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. I had such a great time on Sat – my 1st 1000cc ride!!!! I test rode some gorgeous bikes!!!!!!!!!!

    Gecko Motorcyles set up a special naked ride day and I booked myself in for 4 bikes but ended up riding 5.

    9.30am Ducati Monster S2R1000: Smooth as silk. I wasn’t even sure if I had changed gears or not cause I couldn’t feel it. My 1st 1000cc bike and man was it a great feeling. I opened it up down the highway and was holding on for my life. Couldn’t get the smile off my face (it was pretty much there the entire day and still had it when I woke up the next morning!)

    10am KTM Superduke: Closest thing I have come to riding a horse. The seating poition was so upright and it kicked too. What a fun bike! My 2nd fav for the day.

    10.30am: Aprillia Tuono: Horrible bloody thing! It’s seriously tempramental and the throttle is hopeless. It just felt all wrong.

    11am: Aprillia RSV: WINNER!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!! I’ve had wet dreams about this baby. I had my reservations about it as I hadn’t ridden a full on sports bike before. Getting on it was a little confronting and I thought ‘Oh boy what have I gotten myself in for’, but holy cow did I love it! It took a couple of minutes to get the feel for it but once I did I just felt like I could trust her and I went with it. It cornered like it was on rails – it just went so easily and smoothly. It was like I became one with the bike – 1st time I had ever felt that! Better then sex – do yourself a favour and ride one. Anyone got a spare $25,000 I could have??????

    11.30: Moto Guzzi Sports 1200: More of a touring position and again a huge amount of power. I was sitting at a traffic light giving it some throttle and the whole bike lent over to the right when I turned my wrist. Very cool. It was a fun bike and I’d probably have raved about it some more if I hadn’t just stepped off the RSV.

    After I’d ridden all these great bikes guess what????

    I had to get back on my 250cc :) How horrible. I felt like I was riding a snail – sooo frustrating. The first corner I came out wide which surprised me. I was used to the ones I’d just ridden which take no effort at all to turn. I realised then just how big a difference there really was. Now that I have an unrestricted license I think I’ll be upgrading sooner then I origionally had planned.

    What a great way to spend a Sat morning! :grin: :grin: :grin:
  2. You make me Sick!
    Sounds like you had a great day.
    I fear the outcome on the wallet if I Have a similar day, followed by the outcome on my life when the purchesing department were to find out.
  3. Sounds like a great day out, I'd love the chance to get on that variety of bikes one after another.
  4. "Hey honey, check out the ZX10R replica fairing kit I got for my cheap, small, slow and inexpensive bike that I couldn't possible love more than you..."
  5. Go the Aprilia ! I was looking at them yesterday, I plan on taking a couple of them for a spin when I get off restrictions, namely the SL 750 Shiver "Nuda Passione". I think I will also give the superduke a shot aswell ;)
  6. Sounds like a blast Tess. I must ride a SuperDuke. And a Tuono. And a K1200R. etc etc etc etc
  7. god damn it, why wasn't i told about this ride day??? oh well will have to wait til the next one, sp how come you got to ride the rsv, when it was a nakeds day?
  8. Ohh they had a couple of not so nakeds too. It was great to get an idea of the bikes one after another. It really gave you an impression of the different styles and handling etc.
  9. yeah i'm waiting for cmc to hold one, to compare the kwakas with the hondas, in aboput 12 months i will be upgrading again, and i'm tossed up between the zx10r, cbr1000rr, z1000, but also waitingto see what is in planning from honda to replace the blackbird, and also the vtr1000f
  10. lucky bast***
    im jealous
  11. It was a good day!

    I only wanted to ride the Guzzi Norge and grabbed the 9am slot as I had 'domestic duties' later in the day. The second run had the California Classic free, so I took it out and was subsequently late home.

    After the rides I felt the Norge would be a great touring bike, but wasn't all that impressed with the Cali Classic - I've never liked floorboards.

    A mate there was really impressed with the Guzzi 1200 Sport and the Griso. Looks like Guzzi is making some bikes with appeal beyond the one-eyed converts (guilty!)

  12. *insert jealous glare here*

    sounds like a great day to be had motormouse. my comparison is only in cars but i know the pain getting back into something slow and horrible after a day of testing nicer machinery :)

    ....now...to convince the dealers down here to do the same thing...
  13. Faaaaaark, where was the advertising for this??? I would have been on it in five seconds!!
  14. Good selection of bikes there. Sounds like you had a ball!

    I pretty much did something similar a couple of months ago. Ended up being a toss up between the Triumph Speed Triple and the Superduke, with the KTM winning a place in my heart and garage.

    As for the RSV......beg, borrow or steal that 25 g's. Itll be worth every penny!
  15. Offering????
  16. I also tried a few bikes that day with Tess.

    For a long time I've been eyeing off the RSV, but was actually dissapointed, not nearly as epic or as fun as I was hoping. Getting back on my Gixxar reminded me why I love it so much :LOL:

    BTW, a lot of those bikes were meant to be test ridden so they might still be there to have a go on before they go off to the next shop thats doing a ride day, give em a ring.
  17. so tess when will you be riding down to Melbourne to show us an upgrade???? lol time to start saving hey :p
  18. Tess gave her feelings on riding each of them.
    And the tuono has a diferent tune from what I gather.
    And what makes any one person truly more qualified than an other? (even you)
  19. How about them tigers?