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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dudsy, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Looking to buy a naked/streetfighter in the litre class

    Got a budget of around $20K. Either new or near new.

    So far i have narrowed it down to -

    New z1000
    2010/11 speed triple
    2009/10 Ducati streetfighter

    looking at riding to work most days, weather allowing(no wet weather). 50/50 light traffic to freeway riding with the occasional half-day ride out to putty.

    ATM im leaning toward the Z because it offers the best bang for buck, and for me at least the new speed is butt ugly from the tank forward

    i will be test riding a Z and a speed triple soon. Looking for some feedback on the Duke as it will be difficult to organize a test ride on one of those anytime soon

    Other bikes i have considered are the
    Brutale -not great reviews and no dealers near me
    Tuono - seems like a great bike but just out of my price range, and again no dealers near me.

  2. I'm in a similar boat but will also be looking at the new Duc 848 streetfighter. The reviews are saying it's more relaxed than the original streetfighter and more tame for your commute.
  3. In the AMCN magazine from a few months ago, The Tunono V4R & Brutale 1090 received excellent reviews. All the 4 independent reviewers rated these as their top 2 with the Brutale a VERY close second.

    But yeah the Ducati Streetfighter 848 is coming out next month so maybe wait for it to come out. That does look smashing.
  4. Any idea on the price for one of those?

    I was seriously thinking about the brutale but dont want the hassle of going to Sydney for servicing & warranty issues.
  5. They are likely to be around $20 as that is what the 848 is.
  6. Superduke?
  7. Ducati 848 will be around the 20K mark as VC quoted.

    The Brutales are getting good reviews so maybe you could at least test ride it, if you can. :)
  8. Even a 1100 monster could be an option. Why is it so hard!!!
  9. KTM SDR. B-king is in that price range too.

    For me if not the SDR, then the Z1000.
  10. Have fun on the Speedy, you'll forget what it looks like after the ride. I was surprised how good the handling was compared to the old one, and that triple!
  11. The new Speed triple R !!!

    The word from Triumph Aus is that the current speed triple range will get a price drop and the new Speed triple R will top out at $19,999 ride away

    The ABS 2011 speed triple will drop to $18,999 and the standard to $17,999
  12. Would have to be one of these for my money:
    MV Agusta Brutale 1090RR
    Test rode one a couple of months back and now I just need to save some cash and my 06 Speed Triple will be traded in.
    Stunning bike to look at and goes like stink, handles like a weapon. Brand new Ride away $20,800 couple of demo ones around for $18990 etc.
    Make sure you get the RR. Extra R gives you better suspension+steering damper+forged ali. wheels+slipper clutch and brembo monoblocs that the single R doesn't get.
  13. Dealer I spoke to said wont be anymore in the country til Feb/March 2012. Is this true?
  14. Got a source for that info? I was quoted just over $20k last week and that was just for the standard model.

    FZN are ok, bit too plain for me.

    Same as the KTM, just doesn't do it for me.

    I probably would get the Brutale, but just have a feeling that after sale servicing and warranty would be a PITA.
  15. There are still some of the 2010/11 Brutale 1090RR on showroom floors, but there is a revised 2012 model just been released. Engine revisions see it pump out 158 hp (up from 144 hp). Everything else seems to be much the same. While more power is nice I don't think the bike really needed it, but I guess it is to compete with the headline numbers of the V4R Tuono. So yes 2012 models available Feb/March but should still be able to find the current version.
    eg. Bikepoint Search
    Service and Warranty purely depends on the dealers near you. If you have a dealer near you that you are happy with it shouldn't be a problem. Servicing cost/parts availability is going to be no worse that the other Italians (ducati/aprilia etc.) but probably a bit more that the Z1000. You can still have parts delays on the Triumph aswell like when I had to wait almost 6 weeks for a Sprag clutch replacement and that was when my bike was still current model.
  16. Spoke to both NSW dealers. They have sold out of current models and are awaiting arrival of the new 2012 model in Feb 12, & will retail for $22,800. Which puts it out of my price range. :cry:
  17. Sales guy at PS, I have test ridden a 2011 , and chatting here and there, he was told by Triumph aus (also known as PS imports) that they had to RE-Jigg the speedy price points to make them marketable, as they didnt feel that people will pay over $20K, a big psychological barrier etc, he was told the whole speed triple range would drop slightly to accomodate it.

    The amount of info and reasoning behind it gives it credence to me..

    EDIT: and standard model is $18500 ride away !????
    ABS version is $19,999 ride away !

    I can vouch for this !

    Although Triumph have been EXCELLENT as far as warranty and assistance, besides the whole waiting for parts thang..:(.
  18. I'd get the Brutale 1090 or a 1078. They have dropped the ass out of the price recently to move some bikes. Beautiful quality, if a little expensive on the servicing side. Go like a cut snake!!! My brother has a 1078 compared to my 1125 it is much more immediate acceleration but ultimately seem to be about the same speed in a straight line. Would be my choice of bike for $20k in a naked. I could never get a street fighter...... have you sat on one of those things? Bloody uncomfortable for a long ride and a total pig around town
  19. Hey dudsy

    Been pondering the same decision, as Im off my restrictions next week.

    Havent riden any yet (cause I can't), but from the reviews Iv'e read plus the looks & value for money, I'm leaning towards the z1000.


    Spend the change an top of the range exhaust, and a custom paint job!