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Naked road bike opinions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by forgottoshower, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Looking to upgrade, like the nakeds. Tossing up the new Triumph Speed Triple, MV Brutale, or distant 3rd and onwards Z1000, CB1000r or the FV1. Looked at the Streetfighter (extra cost vs MV and ST not worth it, maybe) and the Tuono (do not like). My first 2 picks there is $2000 difference, am torn. Anyone riden either???
  2. What about a Monster 1100?
  3. On second thoughts, why even bother just buy the Trumpy. I think it is one the honiest bikes around at the moment.
  4. I've only ridden the Z and triple. The Speed Triple has the best tight-corner handling I've sampled on any bike. Great leverage for massively easy tip in and very linear power which makes powering out a breeze. I found myself at redline and into the next gear a fair bit, due to flat torque curve. At higher speeds (above legal) its not impressive if you're used to 4 cyls, but in the tighter stuff it really shines.

    The Z felt a fair bit heavier, tip in not as good. But decent chunk of torque at quite low rpm and solid feeling bike.

    I wont comment on the others as I haven't ridden them. If you haven't considered the SV1k, its worth a look.
  5. What is the difference betweent he sv1000 and the sv1000s??
  6. With Suzukis the "S" denotes "special styling"

    In this case it differentiates between the fully naked, and the semi-faired version.
  7. Love nakeds mate.....love 'em

    What about
    -KTM superduke 990
    -Aprilia shiver
    -Yamaha FZ1n
  8. I've got a Yammy FZ1N and love it. I've ridden the Street and Speed Triple (though not the brand new ones), Brutale Z1000 and CB1000. Trumpys were plenty of fun, preferred the smaller Street over the Speed (though this may be different with the new ones). Not a huge CB1000 fan, hate the looks, ride didn't blow my socks off. Z1000 was nice. Wouldn't buy any of the above over my modded FZ1N but I'd definitely consider the new Brutale. Rode one of those and loved it, take from that what you will ;) Love to try a Superduke and Street Fighter one day. Rode and loved the Hypermotard, couldn't own it as my only bike though.
  9. What is the bike going to be used for? If it is just going to be a weekend toy then you can look at getting something more focused, or if it will be doing commuting/touring duties as well as weekend fun then you must take that into consideration as well. Pillion comfort might also be something you need to look at.

    My top three nakeds at a reasonable price would be:
    1: KTM Superduke 990 (R model if weekend/solo riding only)
    2: Triumph triples both the Street and Speed. I feel the Street Triple R is easily one of the best bang for buck bikes available right now. 1050 might be more useful if you are looking to do a lot of 2up riding or if you are a larger frame.
    3: Yamaha FZ1/CB1000R/Z1000. I put these 3 in together as they are all fairly similar, all can be had cheap, and are easily to customise to suit your personal needs and tastes.
  10. Thanks for the responses guys. To answer some questions;

    Haven't considered the SV1000, can't find any info about it... even on the suzuki site

    Pillion comfort is a minimal issue. 1/2 hr would be the max occasional ride.

    Didnt like the look of the KTM or either of the Aprilias. Prefer the Streetfighter over the Monster looks wise.

    I currently ride a GS500, not long til I come off restrictions so I'm putting a shortlist of test rides together, was late getting off L's. No, I'm not 18... lol. Looking to upgrade to another bike I can commute around town on, ride the highway every couple of weeks, and shoot to the GOR or Vic highcountry every now and again. Re. conspiracy's comment, I love a bit of speed but am not chasing 300kms or anything. 180 on my GS500 feels pretty quick so anything post-200 will do me (spoken like a noob I spose...) Don't want to sound vain, but it needs to look the part to. Love the look of the nakeds and their versatility is also appealing.

    There are a lot more options out there than I first thought! On looks and data alone I'm leaning towards the S3 and Brutale. Hopefully MV will have sorted its distribution later this year and the Brutale will be a realistic option. Like RedXZ said, its hard to split the 3 jap bikes and none of them have the wow factor the Italians or the Triumph give. That is all said without riding them, but like I say the options are massive so some need to be cut so I don't do a dozen test rides of a dozen bikes...:nopity:
  11. I would personally steer away from the MV. My mate has got a Brutale, he bought it new, and has spent more time in the dealers workshop than out on the roads enjoying it. That said when he does have it he loves it, and it has one of the best induction sounds I have heard in a while.

    If you are not too concerned with speed, take a good look more towards the twins and triples, as they have the power at real world speeds, and it is just such an addictive sort of motor to play with.
  12. i got my street a few months ago, and from my research i had two choices - the ktm 690 and the street, in the end it all came down to ktm being a little bit too uncomfortable for me... i kind of think bikes like the honda and the z will date quite alot faster than the triumph...
    the street is also quite easy to ride through peak hour snarls, nice to cruise around on, and a real hoot in the hills...
  13. Did you ride the speed triple? How did you find it compared to the street???
  14. When I was hunting I test rode both the speed triple and the street triple. Far preferred the street. It felt much more precise than the speed, which tended to wallow in corners. Triumph have since updated the speed triple, supposedly with better suspension (I rode a 2009 model). I wasn't a fan of the speed. They're both triples though. And triples sound boring.

    On the other bikes:

    MV Agusta Brutale: Lovely, brilliant bike. They do have issues though - especially electrical and with the wheel bearings. The potential cost of repairs put me off buying one.

    SV1000: Nice engine, ugly bike. Nice to ride but nothing particularly special.

    Z1000: Ugly, IMHO. So I didn't ride one.

    CB1000R: Haven't ridden one. I think they look nice, but heard they were boring.

    FZ1N: In stock format, a bit boring. With a few mods (gearing, PC3 + remap, slip on, airbox, FCE), turns into a fire breather. I ended up buying one pre-modded, and it is insane. 147bhp. Gobs of torque. A real pity Yamaha neutered these things stock - they just need to breathe more. I fell in love with this bike as soon as I rode it. I did have my PC3 fail on me a couple of months back (pretty rare apparently) - and I felt what it was like without a remap. Wow, boring. Totally different bike.

    Although having said that... I'm kind of wanting a Ducati Monster or Diavel now. Nothing wrong with the FZ1N. I just love dukes.
  15. 147 ! yikes... its not hard to like FZ1N- lots of stonk for not (i'm guessing) lots of cash...

    like many pretty things with issues, i'm sure there is lots of people out there willing to take a chance -(on the mv)...
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  17. I've done some research on the CB1000R. I REALLY want one of those, alas, Honda are discontinuing them in Aus. You can still get them, but not for much longer. The + side is that you can get them cheap ATM. PS had one a few weeks ago that was reduced by ~5k.
  18. if you like the cb1000r, elizabeth street ps have a used one on the floor. looks decent and has a few mods.
  19. The CB1000R's are cheap everywhere. I didn't know Honda were discontinuing them, but it doesn't surprise me. Weren't they more expensive than a blade?
  20. slightly less than a blade. But no1 can tell you what bike you are going to enjoy the most, ride them and decide with what you love, not what looks best on paper. im hoping that if the cb1k's are discontinued it might drive the price of used ones up a bit in the future! wishful thinking!