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Naked Rides

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by 2wheelsagain, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Hypothetically, if I was to test ride a Bandit 1200 and a Hornet 900 (both used, less than 20,000km) without Mrs 2wheelsagain finding out and I brought 1 home, which one would suit a big bastard like me?
    Which one would I be more comfortable sleeping with in the garage?
    I'm leaning towards a Bandit, but liquid cooling is attractive also.
    What are automatic upgrades with these bike? Opinions, comments invited.

    An XJR 1300 is a long shot as well especially if its black.
  2. How big are ya, ya bastard?

    I test rode both (I'm a hefty 120kg) and the injected engine and quick handling of the Hornet9 won me over - and I'm still won, I really miss that bike.

    I've ridden a few Bandit12s now, Kenny's was great (still no hornet but a good bike) and another was notably shithouse, it handled like a boat. The bandit's more powerful (once you've done the pipe and jets) to the tune of about 20hp but it's delivered in an old-school, carby sort of way.

    The Hornet is just a brilliant bike all-round - great in town, on tour, in the twisties and on the back wheel. I'd have another one anyday.
  3. Thanks Loz so the Hornet only pokes out about 100hp? How much can be "extracted"? I'll be coming down from 140. (different delivery I know)

    Glad I'm not the only big bastard on NR :LOL:
    All the more to weight the front I say :wink:
  4. Well look, it's a fireblade 919 engine. If you throw in the original cams and fiddle-arse about there's no reason you can't get it back up around the 130-140hp mark. Oddly enough, not many people do. Just doing the cans didn't change much. For street riding it's not lacking in power - I saw 245 on the clock at one point, and it's fast but linear between 0-100. You might spend more time higher in the revs than on a more powerful bike, but that adds to the excitement I reckon.

    I upgraded my springs front and rear, and had the rear revalved, for about a total of $600, which was a good thing to do. $1000 would sort the suspension good and proper with a revalve and anti-dive treatment for the forks too.

    The main reason I liked it better than the Bandit was that it felt large and muscular enough for me, but it was smaller and more nimble than the bandit, which also felt... "older." Check both out though
  5. having seen Loz riding the Hornet 9 with my own eyes, I can say it suited him perfectly and he should immediately go out & buy another one!

    I have a distinct memory of him coming up to a corner, sliding his arse to the side & speeding up, and I swear I heard a 'woohoo!!!!' coming out of his helmet.

    ride one 2wheels, you'll love it.
  6. Yeah, I intend to. I'll post a comp when it happens.
    Thanks guys.
  7. The only thing I know is that bandit12 are fairly heavy, and they REALLY need a set of pipes. I saw a review once that said you get an extra 30hp out of pipes and a carb tune to suit.

    For me I'd get the Hornet every time, lighter bike leads to lower running costs, better performance and stopping, and so on.
  8. That said, Tash, I've woohooed into many a helmet on many a bike! In fact I think the vast majority of the bikes I've ridden have been excellent fun, from CD250Us and VTR250s to VFRs, CBs, CBRs, SVs, ZXs, DLs, YZFs, etc, etc, etc... It takes a special kind of bike for me not to find some way to get a woohoo out of it!
  9. yes, but some make you WOOHOO more than others eh?
  10. I am a fan of the bandit, but it comes down to what feels right to you. You probably should take a look at a GSX1400 while you're at it :wink:
  11. I've had my hornet 9 now for all of 3 weeks and it's awseome. :bannanabutt:

    just got it back from it's first service and it just gets smoother and smoother each time I ride it. I couldn't resist taking her for a run down McCarrs Creek Road bushland twisties on the way home..................I use it a lot but...........awesome :bannanabutt: :bannanabutt:

    I have been looking at this bike and "researching" for ages and I have never found anyone to say a bad word about them and it has exceeded all expectations.

    It will sit on 80kms at 3000 rpm easy and will stand up for overtaking as though you poked a red hot .............well you know.

    In saying that, it is at really low speed splitting and filtering that I can really appreciate it's nimbleness and lightweight balance....................easy

    I cannot see any reason to fiddle with the exhaust and the like for a little top end speed (that will rarely be used) and I really like the low growl she lets out when you open her up. :music:

    I have found the suspension glides over all the sh1t with ease and settles nicely into the twisties. I think Loz may have had non adjustable front shocks??

    I have braided brake lines and she can stop on a dime.

    It's size may feel small, but there is a lot of big bike go in this package for sure............Don't know about pillion comfort, but who cares :rofl: :rofl:
  12. Thanks for the tips Jeff.
    I'd love a newy, but that would see me sleeping in the garage :cry:
    It's going to be a tough choice. All the more reason to ride them all :LOL:
  13. Remember summer is almost here ,it won't be as cold in the garage ,I just added some carpet and I'm enjoying the garage.
  14. Hi,
    I am not competent to compare those two bikes as I never ridden anything else other than Honda. Purchased as a new bike in early January 2007 and for the last 9 months traveled around 15.000kms without any issue. 110hp is plenty of power for someone like me (110kg) in any situation. Bike is usually the fastest from the lights (which is safer as well), great for commuting, lane splitting/filtering between cars (not too wide), easy to ride. Fuel consumption on average is 250km for a 19 lit. tank but that depends on how aggressive is your ride. Keep in mind that with this bike you can also lose your license very easy.

    However, there are few things that I don't like with this bike such as handle weights which tends to unscrew due to vibrations (easy fixable). Mirrors are bad too (this is Honda's chronic disease). In very rare occasions I hear some strange noises from the engine but they disappear (maybe I should start visiting a shrink).

    All in all, Hornet is a great bike, make sure to perform regular maintenance, change the oil on regular basis, filters, (sparks are pain to replace), and it will last for a very long period like any other Honda.

    Have a safe ride & lots of fun

    PS: I don't sleep in garage :) At the end of day this is not $25k Harley.
    I think this bike is generally underestimated (I don't see them a lot) because some people link the bike price with performance/quality.
    Brand new CB900 cost about $10k compared to e.g. $14k FZ1N. Is $4k difference worth of extra 35hp (80cc)?
  15. :LOL: Every time I see the title of this thread I think it's one of Carri's :LOL:.
  16. Bandit's aren't Bandit's... the later they are the better they are.

    If you get a bandit don't go any earlier than a K6 if you can avoid it.

    The Hornets are good bang for the buck too, ride well.

    Test ride both, buy the one that suits you better :)
  17. Developing a mental picture............... :LOL:
  18. A certain "men's" magazine (Mrs 2wheelsagain bought it honest!) has a quick review on the Bandit 1250 (and Honda Blackbird) and they mention a full fairing option for the Bandit.
    I cant find anything on the net.
    Just wondering what it looks like. Anyone seen it?
  19. I vote Bandit. Stunt bike, Stunt bike, Stunt bike!

    Just seems like one of the best-all rounders out there.

    As others have said the exhaust system is really restrictive so adding a decent can will give you around 10hp extra.

    Also the S version is really pretty hot for a big bike.
  20. It was available in the UK for the Bandit 1200S and the Bandit 650S.

    It was a set of optional lowers for the bike not a full fairing.


    Found it! But it appears not to be available for the 1250 (yet).