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Naked or Faired for Splitting/Filtering in commute

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by nelda, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Naked

  2. Faired

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  3. Depend on your skill/bravery/craziness...

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  1. The title said it all.
    Which one is the better?

    I was led to believe that naked is better for city commuting but some said that faired would be the same. So can we have a "definite" answer.

    PS: I do realize that this is a forum.

  2. Naked generally have wide bars, where faired bikes have clip on's which are closer and lower, so there don't make the bike as wide......6 of one half a dozen of the other..... maybe check out insurance on said bikes you are looking at, to me that would be the decider if you aren't fussed whether it be naked or fairing :)
  3. Faired bikes with fold-in mirrors and clip-on bars are narrower.

    Nakeds with wide bars let you steer and manoever better at low speed, plus becaue you sit up straighter you can see further ahead.

    If you want the ultimate commuter, look at a 250cc scooter, they rip through traffic and are a hell of a lot of fun around town.
  4. Scooter? No thanks.

    C'mon guys, I know the "reasoning" but from experience, which one?
  5. Naked. They wheelie better.
  6. Faired, not as wide and most of the roads i split down are narrow
  7. Prolly a V-twin semi-faired sportsbike with clip-ons!

    Or a supermoto/enduro - narrow, easy riding position, maneuverable, light, and the handlebars are high enough to miss most mirrors!
  8. From experience with all sorts - what Loz said about a 250cc scooter.
    If you are only going to be commuting then a scooter is definitely the way to go.

    I do love the anti-scooter bias from those that have never ridden one. :roll:
  9. How do you possibly know that I haven't ridden a scooter?

    Anyhow, let's just said that I won't even consider scooter.
  10. I'd recommend a faired, but thats only cause I hate the look of naked bikes.

    Having said that, if you're in middle of the city and frequently deal with near stationary traffic, a scooter would be sensible if you don't mind looking a little... ahem... 'italian' (read:faggy).

    Other than that... a little single or vtwin? cbr125r maybe? gpx?
  11. I currently ride VTR250.
    Next month is the upgrade time and I want a bigger bike >=600cc

    Arguably, some would argue Daytona 675 would be perfect.
    (Calling flux....) but I don't think my budget would stretch that far. (<=10K)
  12. I'd say naked is much better, simply because they are 'chuckable' compared to the faired ones. Naked handlebars may be wider, but they normally sit higher than the average sedan - so you can get through no problems.

    Then again, I prefer the look of naked bikes, so I'm biased :p
  13. I reckon this thread is silly. One of the silliest questions thus far.
  14. The barn door on the front of the RT doesn't seem to stop me from filtering more....erm.....assertively than many of the nakeds I see regularly :grin: .

    To be honest, I think riding position and manouvreability have more bearing on the matter than what bodywork you've got on. Clip-ons are narrow, but I don't feel that I have as much control in tight, nadgery situations if the riding position of the bike is too sporty (personal opinion only and may reflect a lack of long term experience with sports bikes).

    Old style UJMs were always pretty good given stock, flat bars. As noted above, current trends seem to dictate wide bars on nakeds but bear in mind that bars can be changed.

    Overall, perfect (for me) would be a naked bike with a low CofG, classic upright riding position and bars that put my hands at a width where my thumbs are in line with my armpits as a compromise between narrowness and control. Engine width doesn't make much difference as, when you take note of such things, bars and mirrors are generally wider. Also, I've never found panniers to be a handicap as the rule of "if the whiskers will go through, the rest will follow" has always worked for me.

    Of course, I don't ride or own the ideal filtering bike, but the RT was chosen for reasons other than its status as an ideal urban commuter :grin: .
  15. Do you mean a Daytona would be perfect as a commuter??? Def. not...not from what I've read/researched/heard.

    Nelda I can't answer your question as I've only experience commuting on a naked...VTR250...and it does the job pretty good..very pretty good. :cool: But I can't compare with faired.

    As for bar width, I've only ever clipped mirrors 3 times ever whilst commuting and I commute lots and the latest incident was this afternoon splitting down the hill towards the lights at the railway crossing on Toorak rd but that was because someone tried to block me from splitting. I got around them fine, but clipped their mirror in the process.

    Instead of asking what's a better bike for commuting - naked or faired - you are better off asking 'what's a good commuter bike'. ;)
  16. VTR250 is an absolute cracker of a bike around town. I don't reckon there's much I'd be faster on around city streets, those things cane.
  17. I'd say a big single with a high position...so basically any dirt bike you can get compliance for. Been riding a DRZ400E around for a while and think its the ducks guts for filtering traffic. Relatively light for a larger bike [no way I'm using a CBRRRRRR @ 6'2"], good handling, excellent torque from the single and a ripper of a seating position and general overall height for getting through traffic and seeing whats around.

    Plus its narrow as all get out.

    Still, gotta say I wouldn't mind hooning around on a larger sports bike and maybe a cruiser as well. Hmm...best of all three worlds? Damn...why can't I just like one???
  18. Exactly.
  19. Nelda you're pretty much already riding an awesome commuter. However, seeing as you're upgrading and want something that'll do the job, you need to look at what else you'll be using the bike for. Are you keen on touring on it? Seek out a twisty rd every now and then? Perhaps a trackday or two? Or just commuting.

    For all the above, in the naked section an Aprilia Shiver would work well. Faired - the GSXR750 is supposedly good for commuting and does all the other stuff you want it to.
  20. Well,
    I do sometime heads to National park (sydney-wollongong) and personally lean slightly to faired as my push bike is a road bike and I kinda like that position.

    So to re-phrase: Would a ducati s2r800 a better commuting tool than a cbr1000RRRrrrrr? and yes throw in a bit of twisty (once in a blue moon, track day? no no)