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Naked or Cruiser...???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Shori, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    My first real post, not counting the intro bit. Anyways, I just did my 2 days pre-learners and realised it's not easy to ride a motorbike. Damn too many things going on & to remember.

    This is what I have got planned for myself:

    - buy a used bike and practice for 3-4 months. BUDGET $2000.
    - then get a decent bike and I plan to keep it until I can get a full license.

    But this is the tricky bit:

    I can't decide between a Cruiser & a Naked bike. As I have to buy the gear now, I'm really confused as it depends on what bike style I'll buy after 4 months. I need to decide now on the style and buy the gear based on that.

    I don't wanna end up wearing a sports bike kinda helmet on a cruiser.

    Some have suggested I try both styles and then decide as I have never rode before. But the problem with that is I'm too nervous to go to an outlet & take the test drive as I might drop it. None of my friends ride.

    Man I never thought it'll be so difficult to get things in order.

    All I can tell you guys to help me out is:

    - i'm 6'0 & 85kgs
    - budget for decent bike is $8000
    - the bikes I have in mind (since 650cc is the limit & I plan to keep it till I get the full license. I want to settle for nothing less then 600cc):

    - Yamaha XVS650, XVS650A
    - Kawasaki EX650C Ninja 650RL (not Naked, but this is the only not naked I like)
    - Kawasaki ER6n
    - Suzuki SFV650U (Gladius) (I know not many like the looks)
    - Just wondering if Kawasaki VERSYS is Learner Legal. Its 650cc and 59.4HP

    There are a few Hyosung models that look real kewl. But don't know how reliable the Co. is & the availability of parts. I'll have to read up on that.

    Can't find any other Naked or Cruisers that look like the above models.

    Oh...nearly forgot most important of all the questions - What do chicks dig...???

  2. Chicks dig it when you stall at the lights, then accidentally press the horn.

    Just sitting on the bikes may give you a feeling of what you're more comfortable riding. I know it did for me.
  3. Ninja 650 and ER6n are not L legal. I'm pretty sure the Versey isn't L legal either. :)
  4. NSW LAMS list got updated with the above kwaka's, apparently restricted versions are comeing soon.
  5. - buy a used bike and practice for 3-4 months. BUDGET $2000.
    - then get a decent bike and I plan to keep it until I can get a full license.

    Why this way?
  6. Cool!
    I'm gunna be irresistible.

  7. Buy 1 bike and be done with it.

    If you are meaning you would wear an open face helmet on a cruiser, considering when i had my crash i went face first into the tarmac, an open face helmet scares the life out of me.

    PS chicks dig whatever looks 'cool' (to them) and whatever they know is expensive.
  8. My advice: go naked. It's a more generic style so I think it's better to start on. Not that there's that much difference, but still... and since you're fairly tall, you don't have to worry about getting especially low bike which I feel is cruisers' main selling point for a learner.

    Scientific research shows that chicks generally prefer cruisers to sports bikes but as mentioned by another poster, above all they dig whatever they think is expensive. They probably won't be fooled by a $2,000 bike regardless of its style so don't worry about it too much at this point :)
  9. naked.

    you'll hit the twisties or your cruiser and start crying.

    get a pos and keep it until your off your restrictions, then upgrade. its the way to go.
  10. Go naked, I see them as the middle ground. Then once you've got off restrictions you can decide to go to either a cruise, sports bike or stay with naked bikes.

    If your wanting to go flying through the twisties as fast as you can, then don't get a cruiser, as they are not designed for it. Mind you, cruising though the hills on a cruiser is supposed to be an awesome experience according to many people.
  11. There are some good functional mid sized LAMS bikes but the only (yes the only!) one with any 'cool' at all is the XVS650.
  12. I was the same as you, couldnt decide whicg style I wanted more. ended up gettin a naked, i couldnt resist the fun ill have on the twisties. Ill get a crusier in a few years when I can spend alot and wanna go up to the coast?

    What will you be using the bike for? commute or fun?

    if your really not to sure you could hire a bike for a day, see whats its like. It doesnt cost much for a day, then you can see what its like on a full days ride. Here are some prices from a melbourne site

    Yamaha XVS650
    Classic $198 for 24hours

    Honda VTR 250 $165 24hours

    Obviously prices dont include bond, just dont drop em lol

    I got a Hyo naked, and yer I cop Hyo bashing all the time lol. but its a good full size bike to learn on and if you keep your eye on it and get it serviced and keep it clean you should be fine. But there are some lemons out there.

    Happy Hunting
  13. naked bikes make you look hotter to females
  14. go for a naked - you can cruise on a naked, but you can't corner on a cruiser! :p

    seriously though - until you know what kind of bike you like, and what kind of riding you enjoy, you're better off with an 'average' bike, rather than one emphasising sports riding or slow and relaxed cruising.

    I went for a cruiser as my first bike and cannot wait to get rid of it - I used to scrape pegs all over the place and there was an overall scary absence of ground clearance which translates into very little margin for error if you overcook a corner!
  15. what kind of riding do you envisage doing and is 'riding well' important to you?

    a naked will be more flexible as well as the benefits that others have mentioned.
  16. if you ask Loz he'll say get something with fairings...

  17. Hey guys,

    Thanks for all the inputs.

    I'll be mostly using the bike for fun - mostly wknds and evening sometimes. I walk to work and live in Pyrmont next to the city.

    I think I'll go for the Naked, just coz I think I'll have more fun on it and easy to manouver.

    The reason I plan to get a shitty bike first for $2000 is to gain confidence and if I happen to drop it in the intial period I drop a shitty one. I dont care what the shitty one lookes like (just not the mud bikes) as it's only for practicing.

    Because of financial constraints I would have preferrd to buy a good decent bike and settle with that until the full license. But scared that I might drop it.

    I'm finding it hard to find one of the Naked models I have mentioned before. Any suggestions where I should be looking...???

  18. ^ I was going to get something cheap (postie) and then buy a better bike, but I got convinced not to and I think it was the right choice.

    Murphy's law says that as soon as you get your "good" bike you'll drop it.

    You could even consider getting something with cosmetic damage, I did this but I was also shown a police report of the crash and was sure that the bike was in reasonable nick. Ends up cheaper and you don't have to worry about dropping the bike.

    And anyway, your first bike only has to last for one year of restrictions, so who cares what it looks like. (Unless NSW laws are different, in which case go ahead and get something pretty if you'll be stuck with it for longer.)
  19. It takes 3 yrs to get a full license in NSW as far as I know. But factors such as age and having a full driving license can play a rold as I have been told....

    IdeallyI'd like to get a decent bike to start with and not a shit one. It suits my finances. But then the risk of dropping it as I have never rode before. Just 2 days with RTA, not enough in my opinion....
  20. you won't necessarily drop your bike because of a lack of experience, but if you do that's what insurance is for.