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Naked mid size bike suggestions 6-8k

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by andy_marc, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Hi all..
    Just wondering if youcan seggest some decent mid size bikes for around 6-8k.|
    I went over the weekend and test rode a few bikes..

    2012 Kawazaki Z1000 - Not what i really wanted to test but the kawa dealer suggested it (i wanted to test a z750 but they didnt have one as a demo).
    Awesome quick bike.. couldnt believe how smooth it was to ride. But at 14K way over my budget.

    2012 Suzuki GSR750 - Another nice bike to ride.. Very smooth... Not as quick as the z1000 but quick enough.. Very comfy all round. My choice but again 12k ride away - too high a price.

    2010 Triumph Street triple - Handles great.. Loved the exhaust note - but didnt like the fact it wasnt as smooth as the other two. a few times going back on the throttle in tracffid was a little too jumpy for me where the kawa and suzuki were so smooth (a little dissapointed actually. Maybe just that bike??)..

    Any suggestions would be great. As im in SA its a little hard as there isnt much of a range here to look at, especially on the second hand market.

    I would also like to try a Honda hornet 650/900 and the yami fz6/8/1.
    Ducati's look nice but for the price range im after would be lucky to get anything newer than a 200 model

    Im about 85kgs and 6ft. Be mainly used for weekend rides and maybe (if i dont need a car) some commuting. No real need for a Pillion but intend later on taking someone with me occasionally.

    Also with the z1000 - does anyone know what the difference between the 2012 and older models are?

  2. The Z1000 was very different up until the 2010 model onwards, which is when the current one was introduced, from then on, the only difference so far has been the colour schemes..
  3. I know that they did bring a new model in 2010. So whats the difference between a 2010 and say a 2008 model?

    For my budget i think a 2010 will be still too expensive!

    As much as id love a new one, the fact it wont get ridden all the time i cant seem to justify that much money where i can maybe get something that would suit my needs for 6-8k.
  4. fz1 could be had in that price range.
  5. The old one had an engine from a zx9 that was detuned to have more power down low, visually its a little different aswell.

    The 2010 onwards z1000 had a brand new engine built purely for it & the Ninja 1000 that followed in 2011..

    Basically a brand new design, it has a bit of a nod to the previous z1000 but is basically an entirely new bike.

    Not to say the older one isn't a good bike, its just different, havent riddden one myself (I ride a Ninja 1000)..
  6. Thanks for that info!
    Shame there is none for sale in SA!
    There is an 05 Z750 which has caught my eye though! Low Kms (16500) and only $6250.
  7. Out of the suggestions so far the FZ1 is a good option.

    Edit: If you are happy with 600cc then check out Honda CB600F Hornet.
  8. Can't beat the Street Triple, most fun you'll have. Throttle is an easy fix, take slack out of cable and get TPS reset
  9. If you can afford to stretch your budget to about $10k then you can't go past a street triple
  10. Can get street triples within the budget, seen plenty around 8k!
  11. I'm on an 08 Hornet 600. Plenty happy with it... commute every day and take it out on the weekends; I'm the same size as you and the bike's very capable.
  12. Sorry. I meant the Street Triple R
  13. Oh ok yeah they're not that cheap yet. But even the standard street kills everything in the class already
  14. you could also look at a Gsr600 or the cb600f in that price range. there is also a er-5n but being though this process the last month, found the kwaka was underpowered and the honda more expensive. I ended up[ with a gsr600 for 6,300 on road though peter stevens.
  15. All of these other bikes are run of the mill commuters though, so I guess it depends what you want. The hornet er6 gsr6 cb6 are all not bad bikes, but they're rather boring next to the triumph
  16. Just read your first post again.
    I would still test ride the Z750. That is a good bike..
    I would also test ride a 2008 CB600F Hornet.
    Try giving the Triumph Street Triple another ride, you might like it more on the second ride.
  17. Thanks guys.
    Yeah took an 05 Z750 for a test ride yesterday.
    Definitely in my shortlist.
    It was comfy to ride. Still had heaps of power (similar feel to the GSr750 i rode). And at 6300 a lot cheaper than a street triple.
    I do love the look of the Street triple though, but yeah was a little dissapointed when i rode it. Besides i dont want to spent any more than 8k and id be really hard pressed to get one for that price.
  18. I'd probably buy an SV650 or an Er-6n.
  19. A Street Triple would murder a Z750, you definately owe yourself another ride on one.

    I test rode a Z750 before I got my first Street Triple, and by god i'm glad I didnt get it.

    Theres a reason even the standard Streety has won every comparo its been in world wide!
  20. Im sure it does!
    Nut considering i have ridden both bikes now, i cant justify spending an extra 4k on a bike that is only Slightly better IMO than the z750.
    This one i have seen is immaculate, only 19000 kms on it, serviced every 3000 kms and seriously rides like a new bike.

    Besides i have had a look and believe you me.. i will not find a Striple for under 8k anywhere in Australia!