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Naked Man Bike Options

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. So, again, unless my Powerball comes up tonight, this is a pretty speculative discussion and I won't be actually buying - or even test-riding - any time soon. But it's nice to dream, and it's nice to talk bikes with people who love bikes.

    Mentally I'd pretty much decided that the next bike after my current Bandit (in a few years when the kids finish uni and start supporting themselves) would be a B-King. I love the manbikeness of the Bandit, so I'm not looking to do something completely different - but the B-King has twice the power, and is just cool.

    Other options I'd considered included a newer Bandit and a Superduke (which, I know, is quite a different beast as a twin but still a sporty naked).

    Recent discussions here had me taking another look at the Speed Triple, and in the process of that I found this comparo with the new Z1000. http://www.motorcycle.com/shoot-out...saki-z1000-vs-triumph-speed-triple-89250.html The old Z never turned me on that much, but this new one has me rethinking that a bit.

    So have at 'er! Other alternatives? Pros and cons of bikes in that list? Let's just take it for granted that anything way smaller is out (though a Street Triple is a possibility) and a motard is out and so is an adventure bike. And we shall not even think of cr... cr... We're talking sporty nakeds or near-nakeds.
  2. Tuono. Before they give it too many cylinders for a road bike.
  3. The Tuono is definitely horn. If the Powerball *does* drop it'd definitely be on the list. If it doesn't, the fact that it's almost twice as expensive as most of the competitors I listed will weigh on it.
  4. Hmm, mebbe, will have to have a look.
  5. Hmm, indeed, the K1300SE is very tasty indeed. Same price issue as the Tuono, though, only more so...
  6. Superduke R. Either that or the V4 Tuono when it comes out.
  7. Although similar, a GSX1400?
  8. Actually that would suit you well (GSX1400)

    Get a nice low km used one, throw on a full Akrapovic system, get some Yoshi cams and a PC3. Should get around 135-142rwhp nice and easy and enough torque to pull a train.
  9. Yeah, the 1400 is definitely on the list I've considered, too. I suspect it would do what I want perfectly, but ... I do struggle with the 'retro' look. Maybe it's shallow to be put off by looks, but we like what we like...
  10. Heh, and I don't mean to be dismissive. We now have a list that includes three Suzuki products (Bandit, B-King, GSX1400), a Kawasaki (Z1000), Triumph (Speed Triple), BMW (K1300 R), Aprilia (Tuono) and KTM (Superduke). No Honda or Yamaha... but they don't really seem to have contenders. The FZ is OK but not really there IMO, and the Honda nakeds are both retro and too smooth to really work as 'man bikes', again IMO. I guess Buell is another possibility - the Rotax-engined ones.
  11. a yamaha one - vmax

    the more I read on this bike, the more I want to take it for a spin... v4, shed loads of torque, will leave most bikes far behind on take off.. Will easily spin the rear wheel changing in to 3rd..

    and personally I've never liked Yammies but this bike may change my mind.
  12. Hmm, yess, that's one I'd definitely missed. This bit from a review means it definitely belongs on this list: "The VMAX is quicker than a Hayabusa, ZX-14, B-King, K 1200 S and everything else on the street. And yes. The VMAX is even quicker than our own GSX1620 monster built last year. Make no mistake. This is no H-D wannabe cruiser. This is a wild machine that’ll knock your boots off and strain your neck. This is the ultimate in acceleration-induced adrenaline. And stupid fun. Really stupid fun!"
  13. Yamaha MT 01
    Benelli TNT
    MV Agusta Brutale
    Ducati Streetfighter
  14. Aye, 'tis true. Spoiled for choice! The Duke in particular is hawt.
  15. Honda CB1000R it a decent bike too, just could use a stiffer rear shock.

    Ducati Hypermotard might be worth a look too, though small fuel tank limits its range.
  16. Ducati Streetfighter S , done, dusted , the end .

    I can dream as well it seems !
  17. What about the new Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200?
  18. Not a fan of 'tards, for myself.

    Interesting as they are in their own way, I'm gonna rule out the VMax and the MT01. They're not what I wanna do next... maybe later when I'm older (lol and have even slower reflexes!)

    Saw the new FZ01 today and it's kinda cute, even though I suspect it's too peaky for my taste. And I may as well add in the CB1000R to complete the set.
  19. Will work on a Top Ten table with more info, just for my own amusement.