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naked learner

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by sc00b, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. I'm currently on my L's, looking to get my P's in the next few weeks. I have my full car license so I'll only be on restrictions for a year.

    I'm on a borrowed gpx 250 at the moment and my brother has offered me the use of one of his bikes when I get my P's - it's an aprilia pegaso - but I'd really like to get my own bike. Unfortunately all the bikes I really like aren't learner legal. My dream bike would be the griso but I'd settle for a thruxton =P~ Can anyone suggest any naked learner legal bikes that I might like?

    Not impressed with the hyosungs, the 250 bandit looks nice but I'd prefer a bike I can keep more long term rather than just the year I'm on restrictions. I'm kinda average height (for a girl) the seat height of the gpx is perfect for me and I'd prefer to ride a bike I can pick up if I need to, so not too heavy.

    Any suggestions appreciated :grin:
  2. Vtr250. Can't really go wrong.. They make excellent commuters as well if you can afford to keep it when/if you upgrade.

    If height is a problem alot of the learner legal nakeds will probably be too big.. Cb400 is learner legal but not sure if theres any around in aus.
  3. Oh............ I had a completely different thread in mind after reading the topic :? :?
  4. Yeah here I was thinking this threrad would have photos and then get deleted. :rofl:
  5. vtr250.......great little bike......just do a search and this bike always comes up highly recommended to all learners...and they are great fun carving up the city race tracks.....errr i mean public roads :LOL:
  6. Spada. I still love thrashing mine around...but, I couldn't see you keeping it, or any LAMS bike, as your sole bike once off restrictions. By the way, D- for the misleading thread title :LOL:
  7. Seriously, the vtr's are a great little bike.

    I had one as a loaner when the hornet went for a service and the riding setup is almost identical and ( I just jumped on and rode off without really loking what I was riding :LOL: ) it took me a while to realise it wasn't a baby hornet.

    The little rumble from the v twin finally gave it away :LOL:

    Good fun little bike, but does leave you wanting more.

    In saying that, if you have never ridden a bigger bike, you will love it for years.

  8. ok, sorry about the misleading title :LOL:

    I don't mind the look of the vtr but I can't see it keeping me satisfied for more than a year tho, so do they hold their value well?
  9. VTR

    they hold their value like sh*t to a spada...
  10. I have a bandit, i came from the same situation, from a full license and onto a 250. I am into my third year on it (not entirely by choice) and have found it a great little bike. It's about the same size as the VTR but has an inline 4, with more power than the VTR, so should provide more entertainment for longer... VTR is a great bike tho, just lacks a little bit of balls compared to the bandit.
  11. If you like the thruxton you may like the Yamaha SRV 250 Renaissa,

    Only available second hand now and a bit hard to find,

    but tasteful retro styling, sweet v twin motor...
  12. More info needed:

    1) Are you on a budget?

    2) How old can it be?

    3) Will a single cylinder do, rather than a multi?

    4) Do you want your own bike to stand out from the crowd? or

    5) Do you want your bike to be a high performer?


    Trevor G

    PS I have had more appreciative comments from a wide range of people when I ride the NSR150 (in standard trim) than any other bike I remember. And it flies, but I am not suggesting one for you...
  13. I have the VTR and have been very happy with it. Have been on my ps for about six months and still learning. The only issue I have is that it lacks a little in the balls department which is understandable for a 250.
    Biggest issue is peanut Canberra drivers who see a small bike and try to beat you through roundabouts etc which is always a laugh.
    Chicks seem to love it's looks though and I usually get positive comments on it.
    If you want to check it out and see how it feels height and weight wise away from a dealer you are more than welcome.


  14. So you haven't gotten bored with it yet? Cause they are a very nice looking bike I just wasn't sure it could keep my attention long term
  15. Thanks Org, I like the look of it. Going to research them a bit more, cheers
  16. Hey Trevor,

    1) Depends on how long I'd be keeping it - if I like it but think I'll have to upgrade it within a year or two then I'd want to keep it well under 10k but if I fell in love with it I'd go up to 15k.

    2) Hmm, for the right bike I would overlook age so long as it would be reliable.

    3) Don't mind so long as it's sexy & fun to ride.

    4/5) As far as looks go standing out isn't a prerequisite but I do tend to prefer more uniquely styled bikes. Performance wise I'm not hung up on horsepower, so long as she growls (as opposed to my gpx which putters) and is powerful enough to make highway riding easier. But if it came down to it I'd choose looks over performance (altho I'm hoping for both)

    Hope that makes sense :grin:
  17. Hey James,

    Thanks for the offer, I'd appreciate a closer look at the VTR & chance to chat to someone who actually owns one (rather than someone who wants to sell me one). I'm pretty easy, let me know when's good for you. I know what you mean about canberra drivers, I know my bike kinda sounds like a lawnmower but it's ridiculous how often I get cars pulling out in front of me. That said, I've developed an appreciation for all the roundabouts in canberra since I've been riding - a lot of fun when there aren't any cars to get in the way :LOL:
  18. NW

    happy to help out a fellow rider.
    I am on the nth side of canberra and am on leave for the next week and a bit so am free pretty much any time for you to check it out/talk about it.


  19. :LOL: Just buy Marlon's SR400 and be done with it. Dead. Sexy.

  20. If you like the Thurxton, would you go for a Bonneville? They're learner legal here in the ACT.