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Naked girls plow fields for rain.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2up, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. Naked girls plow fields for rain
    Thu Jul 23, 9:21 am ET

    PATNA, India (Reuters) – Farmers in an eastern Indian state have asked their unmarried daughters to plow parched fields naked in a bid to embarrass the weather gods to bring some badly needed monsoon rain, officials said on Thursday.

    Witnesses said the naked girls in Bihar state plowed the fields and chanted ancient hymns after sunset to invoke the gods. They said elderly village women helped the girls drag the plows.

    "They (villagers) believe their acts would get the weather gods badly embarrassed, who in turn would ensure bumper crops by sending rains," Upendra Kumar, a village council official, said from Bihar's remote Banke Bazaar town.

    "This is the most trusted social custom in the area and the villagers have vowed to continue this practice until it rains very heavily."

    India this year suffered its worst start to the vital monsoon rains in eight decades, causing drought in some states.

  2. PATNA, India

    "At a recent meeting of the Patna Tourist Commission, it was decided that local women should be encouraged to plough the fields naked, and if anyone asked, it was to be attributed to a local rain ritual. The Tourist Commission predicted an upsurge in tourism for the area, and congratulated Mr Mahatma Camera for putting forward the idea.", sources said
  3. errr would be interested if they where bollywood girls, if not, no thanks :)
  4. lol tank u vely much
  5. Aren't naked girls went to be plowed
  6. Bloody typical !!!! Why can't a woman plow the field naked without it being called a publicity stunt. We often plow our fields naked on the Peninsula and the tourism rates hardly increase at all... :grin:
  7. I'd say that is why tourism has dropped off down there 'eh? \:D/
  8. I'd like to suggest that office girls in the Sydney CBD turn up to work naked in order to embarrass the financial gods to put an end to the GFC.

    It’s got to work, right?
  9. I'm willing to bet this news article is actually just fine without pics...
  10. unless its bollywood girls :grin:
  11. Let me just quietly express the opinion that there are a higher proportion of truly beautiful women (to my tastes, of course) among Indians than almost any other people on earth.

  12. Yep. 100% in agreement.
  13. I'm with you Bravus. I'd root all the ugly ones just to get a proper sniff of the good ones.
  14. Pfff, whatever, I'm sure a quick Google Imag... OHMYGOD

  15. Aish! Yum.
  16. i'll ave half
  17. niiiice. though shouldn't she be naked in a field?