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naked / fairing for commuting

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by geeth, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    As a lot of you will know, I am currently bikeless due to the laws of physics hating me.

    There are a few bikes I been looking at. Like the er6n, gsx650f and gsr600.
    I have heard a few mixed reports though on the pros and cons of fairing vs naked for commuting.

    Style wise I can like either, but I am wondering how the affect handling etc.

    From what I understand nakeds can be more nimble in traffic and bikes with fairings will blow hot air up your legs when the fan kicks in to cool it down but you get much less wind on yourself.

    Edit corrected a model
  2. Geeth, I commute on my CBR600F and the fairing honestly isn't an issue. I split / filter occasionally but the physical size of the bike isn't an issue for me.

    I liked the more upright position of the CBR for commuting and the fairing and screen are nice when you are getting buffeted by wind on the freeway.

    Obviously the naked will be better in a slow speed drop etc.

    Don't discount the z750 and FZ6N either. Both great bikes and a good step up from the 400.
  3. I am looking at the Fz6n but the z750 I wasn't really because I was a little worried about going up to 750 esp since my upgrade is only happening because I crashed the 400, the ones I listed was mainly to give an idea.

    Also the missus has told me to look at brand new bikes to for around 10k. It's a hard life to be told that I should get a brand new one :p
  4. Never owned a naked so quite limited experience, only owned full fairing and bikini fairing (sv). But if I was going to buy a bike strictly for commuting it would be naked, for several reasons. The typically higher and wider bars are more suited to commuting. Ideally I'd have an sv650 or er6 commuter, vtwins are great :) And I'd put a slip-on exhaust but leave everything else stock powerwise to maintain good economy.

    Can always get a bug screen attachment to gain some extra protection from wind and rain. On cold winter nights coming home at 11 from work when its raining and generally unpleasant, its nice to be able to have a bit of fairing protection to tuck behind. But I'd prefer being colder in winter than too hot in summer (full fairings keep the heat from dissipating).
  5. I commuted on the 400 which is naked and honestly I never had an issue.
    I don't think that I will like a aggressive positions that some bikes offer.

    Will work out the sitting positions when I get to the stage of actually test riding the bikes.

    I guess mainly what I would like to know is if there are many cons to a full fairing bike since I know what a naked is like.

    The only thing I don't like about a naked is purely cosmetic - it's that standard round like. I like the different style like say a er6n has.

    A twin is something that I am in favor of but that's not to say that if I see a good i4 for a good price that I am going to turn it away just for that.

    With the heat part, don't full fairing bikes have a habit of blasting your legs with hot air when the fan kicks in?
  6. Yeah, my blade is a total biatch in peak hour traffic if its not a cold day as it gets up to 105 if I'm sitting at traffic lights for more than a few seconds (at which point fan comes on an maintains that temp/brings it down. Normally sits on 77-82). Unpleasant as it makes you very hot very quickly. But thats a 900 sportsbike not a twin. My zzr250 wasn't anywhere near as bad in terms of heat in the fairings when stopped.

    SV versus SV650S theres a big difference in riding position and whilst the SVs isn't that sporty, a naked would be far more comfortable for commuting. But the ER6N versus ER6F there is little difference if any between the naked and faired version.
  7. I commute on a z750, love it - don't be worried about the jump to a 750, I went to the zed from a 250 single. When I bought mine last year an '08 ex demo could be had for 10k ride away, and I was offered a new '08 for 10k plus on roads.
  8. Nakeds have at least 65% less poofy plastic.
  9. I find a naked bike much easier to commute on than a sports bike. Most peak hour traffic is slow (even on the motorways) so the wind resisting fairings aren't required.

    The down side is on the open road rides on the weekend, a full fairing bike would be my choice.
  10. Naked, more so a twin or triple, is the go for what you want, especially since where you live is warm.

    The Z750 doesn't punch hard, so I'd consider it too if it fits you, pending a test ride.
  11. Unless its a fightered sportsbike.....

    Don't worry about the size of the engine Geeth, you have plenty of Kms under your belt and from all reports from the boys you were with when you layed it down it was just one of those things that could happen no matter what you were riding. Everyone has gone in too hot to a corner or misjudged a closing radius turn, some are lucky and some are not.

    A throttle is controlled with the mind and it will go as quick as you let it.

    Test ride like crazy, ride silly bikes you don't intend on owning and things you might not have originally considered.

    I was definatley going to by a SV, no ifs or buts but after test riding some different bikes I ended up with the CBR.
  12. That green Z750 who someone had on the ride to Woodend yesterday looks totally horn and the zed was saying to me, "test ride one like me when you step up from the two fiddy." They have my vote for looks and since its a 750, would have some torque to go with it and help on the commute.

    Even though its not on your list, the Street Triple R with the fly screen looks horn too (even though the under/side seat dual exhaust isn't my thing) and also said the same thing to me.

    As for fairings, I said to myself a few times yesterday that I wish I had some protection from the cold wind but that was at speeds greater than 80 km/h.

    EDIT: I noticed you're in Brisbane (three months to go before I return there) so apart from the cold burst in May and June and some in July, it won't really be too much of an issue to not have fairings unless wind $h!ts you in general when riding.

    As for sound, my personal preference has always been v-twins (the FireStorm I saw/heard booming off at the lights on the back wheel one day in 2004 got me interested in bikes) and they sound great with after market pipes both when you open up the taps and when you close the throttle and get the popping sound at lower revs to go with the deep rumble.
  13. One of the things you'd find a shock with a faired bike is the much larger turning circle - almost dropped the R6 I hired when a u-turn on a hill suddenly had to become a 3-pointer because of the huge turning circle. So I agree with the other points raised above but just wanted to give you a heads-up on that one.
  14. I commute naked Mon - Frid rain hail or shine around 60k each day.....freeways and heavy street traffic. Being naked is not an issue for me as I rarely reach speeds were the lack of a fairing or screen becomes uncomfortable. In my opinion its when you travel at 120kmh or over longer distances plus that a fairing or screen becomes a must have.
  15. Brett each of those bikes will do the job.
    If I was "smaller" the GSR would be my pick.

    Fairing or naked as a commuter doesnt make much difference as far as comfort goes. Fairings help in the high speed stuff.

    Having said that 2 of us rode to Bairnsdale on Sat and one of us could barely walk from the cold and it wasnt me :LOL:
  16. Commuting naked??? In Victoria...... give this man a medal!!
  17. Arrr, no. That would be because it's a sports bike, not because its faired. For example, the ol CBR is pretty nimble at slow speeds, albeit no BMX. I jumped onto a modern Gixxer and was shocked at how much of a pain it was a slow speeds, the lock was horrible.

    Personally I would take a faired bike any day. Some people will bag fairing as being poofy, but I in turn question their sexuality ;)

    I have a 75km per day commute, some parts of it through the rabbit warren suburban stuff, some it at highway speeds or better. No matter the weather conditions I never regret having fairings. When it's wet or blowing a gale I stay dryer and more stable. When it's 40+ deg I get less hot air forced through my lid and jacket.

    Possibly the single biggest plus for me is the wind protection on the hands, at temps above 3 deg I can wear summer gloves, which I much prefer as the feel at the levers is much better. Oh, and heated grips are poofy too ;)
  18. Nobody has mentioned wet weather! Fully faired is the go if you are a rain, hail or shine commuter. In winter the fairings do a perfect job of keeping all of the water and other road crap being flicked up onto your legs, as well as just keeping you generally dry. It is amazing how much protection fairings can give you from the elements if you hunker right down.

    But if you're a summer-only bloke, then I would say go the naked.

    Edit: Beaten by port :p
  19. Or just a bloke in general. Real men wear plastic pants. :cool:
  20. Thats given me an idea. Many of us have views and opinions on a range of issues that concern motorcyclists. For example wire rope barriers. Perhaps we should organise a summer nude ride to draw attention to our concerns? Peak hour through the cbd would be the go.....