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Naked, Faired or Cruiser

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Guest, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. I am looking at getting my first bike and I am still undesidered about which style to buy :D

    I like the VTR250, ZZR250 and also some of the cruisers. But I cannot decide between them, So if anyone has any onipions, or thoughts could you please provide them.

    What is the main difference between them ? and would I get sick of one before the other ?


  2. hmm well its horses for courses realy, gotta go and sit on the bikes and maybe ride em, get the feel of what feels good to you other than that, I have only riden to date, a vanila cb250, xv250 and a cbr-rr 250, you will find the cruisers more laid back and generaly eye candy to boot, but bear in mind, the 250 cruisers are quite underpowered, and you might get bored quick, but good all round bikes, ride some thing like a cbr, and its a different game, I honestly found a sports bike more steeper learning curve, gotta lean much more in the turns, but very fun at the same time, also a sports 250 can accelarate quite quickly, and imo have a decent amount of power, the vtrs are quite good me thinks, was gunna get one, but couldnt afford it, v twin engine, so lots of low down torque.
  3. Just Bought a VTR, Seems like a great bike, easy to ride and sounds cool as well. sorry cant yell u about other types of bikes as this is my first but im glad i bought it !
  4. Try as many on for size as you can...if your taller a naked/cruiser may be more comfortable for you than a race rep 250. I ride a Hornet 250 as it is a bit bigger than most others...the VTR's are a great bike too...the other half has an across which is ok...but too cramped for me.

    bear in mind after you get your P's you will most likely update so...something easy to ride, inexpensive to repair if the worst happens and cheap to insure means you will have more $$$ to lash out on something special when you get your full licence

    just some food for thought

  5. I like the naked look plus they're usually all-rounder bikes. I did a lot of research and finally settled on a Honda Hornet 250 - all reviews are positive about them.
  6. if you want to zip around corners and have a blast go the zzr, vtr, etc. If you just want to take it easy and not really into cornering etc go the cruiser. Comfort wise the zzr is a great bike. it all comes down to what you want.
  7. woo-hoo, another Hornet in the nest!
    Read pragnasty's epic ride report, Ez, he rode from the Gold Coast to Bowen and back on his Hornet 250, had a great trip.
  8. I bought a VTR250 last week, and so far i am glad i did, the only other bike i had ridden was a CB250, so i do no have much of a comparison
  9. 250 cruisers are something I think people grow out of pretty quickly - maybe with the exception of the vt250c and similar. This is just from what I have heard some people say. Having said that, 250's are something most people grow out of pretty quickly in general. I like naked because it will do the speeds I want and its cheap to insure.
  10. Thanks for your help guys,

    With the VT250C I have seen on one members signiture that their VT250C is far from "stock standard". Is there any mods that you can do to them ? eg make them perform better.

    I dont mind spending a bit on mods for it as 15 months will be a long time for me, ( I am impatient) and I just thought a couple of mods may keep me interested a bit longer.


  11. With 250s perhaps the most noticeable difference is going to be in performance. A cruiser is probably going to be comfortable to ride but won't corner very fast or be particularly quick in a straight line (some models struggle to break 110kph).
  12. dont know about mods, but i just got the ZZR250, great bike, its got me to Sydney from Melbourne comfortably enough. Doesnt have any power in the take off but its got it where its needed, can over take cars/trucks with ease. Maxxed it out at about 163 k's and have often hit 140 from 110-115 when overtaking trucks.

    all the same im dying for a bike thats quick off the mark!
  13. As much as I can agree with JD on the wont corner to quickly remark....my bike will get to 140kmph if you work the gears properley, and cornering is fun on my bike . Its not like a sports bike but Im always on the arse of any other 250 rider on the black spur.
    Had the back end lifted so my pegs wont go down easy and I got my massive rear onto the edge regularly.
    No performance enhancements really just the back end getting lifted.
    Comfy ride and it always gets attention where ever its parked.
    Bling bling.....
    Its all a choice thing........but I can most definatley break 110 barrier no worries......
  14. Hey, Stookie, Merry Christmas to you and the lady!
  15. And you and yours Hornet......
  16. Top speed's on any naked/cruiser is going to depend a lot on the size of the rider, on a fully faired bike this is less of an issue since the presence of a fairing means the drag coefficient of the bike isn't as variable. Granted some cruisers will pull 140kph however the ZZR that Tim also lists as a preference is good for around 170, which means you don't have to push the bike near to its limits to overtake. There are other 250cc cruisers that are only good for 135 (Virago) or 130 (GN250), with a large rider on board this can easily be reduced such that maintaining 110 could be an issue.
  17. Naked are real bikes. Everything else is not
  18. I was really stuck on what style of bike to get ,i got the gs500f to get me around and learn to ride for a year atleast.
    I read it a few times that learning on a sports style bike will help you learn to ride better and teach you alot faster .
    TRUE / FALSE???????????.
    So this sort of lead me to the sports/tour and im really happy with it .

    I really like the cruisers and still might get one ,i will hire one for a weekend once i get my newbie skills together after a year ,and i "think" 2 days will give me the time to tell if im a cruiser man or a sports/tourer man, before i get my bigger bike.

    Good luck with your choise ,you will be happy either way aslong as your on the road ,the smile will be there no matter what.
    cheers Sled.