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Naked choices

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by BJ, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Hi all brand spanking new here. I get my L's next week and for the past couple of days i have been slogging my way through previous forum topics.
    I was originally looking at a ZX2R but have since changed my mind and decided to go for the naked option. I've looked on most of the previous topics that talk about these bikes and ive settled on two main contenders.
    The Suzuki Bandit and the Honda Hornet.
    I've gotten the jist that if i have the money i should go for the Hornet, otherwise if i can't really afford it i should go for the Bandit...
    I cant really find many of these bikes for sale anywhere... except Queensland which is no good to me :grin:
    Budget is $5000 (not including gear)
    go hornet or bandit?
    and negative's that people know with either of these choices?
    thanks in advance.

  2. Get the Hornet!

    A: It looks cooler
    B: It's a Honda
    C: Fairly good rep.

    - I may be a little biased as I just got a nice shiny Spada (another naked Honda) on the weekend...

    Seriously though I can't give you much info in the way of negatives, but the Honda's have a fairly good rep. RE Reliability.

    If you're anything like I was when narrowing down preferences, you've already made your mind up :grin:
  3. HORNET!!!

    You may have to look a bit harder to find one, and may have to either a) wait longer or b) be prepared to buy one early, but it will be worth it.

    For example...I am on restrictions until 20 Feb 2007. I bought a Hornet 600 in early Feb. why??? it was a fricking bargain, and i'm currently customising it while I wait for Feb to come around.
    (plug for my thread: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=16414 )

    I'd been looking since Nov 05. this is the first one I found for the right price for me.

    You may also need to look interstate too - tradingpost.com, ebay, and bikepoint.com.au and bikesales.com.au are your friend!
  4. I have a hornet - i reallly love it - i agonised over which bike to buy and considered the bandit, the thing that put me off the bandit over the hornet was the Bandit is a tiny bit smaller bike (i am over 6') and 2 bike mechanics told me it was harder to fix/tune. Check out the hyosung, dunno what they are worth second hand but they look horn.

    The hornet looks heaps better than the bandit.

    Frankston Yamaha have a blue 250 hornet i saw it there on Friday when i was lookingat bars - ddidint have a price tag, give lots of bike shops a call they dont all advertise all of thier bikes - all bike shop prices are negotiable.

    Most of all, you can get one o these tank pads if you have a hornet, but cant if you get a bandit :)

  5. Hornet was my choice too.
    I tested a bandit.....skiny and light, thinner back tyre too. Nice all the same but compared to riding a hornet there was no comparison to me.
    Im happy i got the Hornet and I did have to look around but then one just popped up and I took it.

    I paid $5500 for mine. 97' with 18600 on the clock.
    Ive had it 2 months almost and its just had its 24000km major service, no dramas---no worries.

    If you can the HORNET is the choice....Bandit is good but a bit skinny for me. the big back tyre is great for the twisties. Feel like your with the big boys. Also , top speed on my Hornet is better then the BANDIT.
    After i actively compared the 2 I waited for the HORNET to come up....
  6. Both bikes are fairly similar, biggest difference is that Hornets I believe are only available as grey imports (and are pricey) whereas that sort of budget would easily get you an Aus-delivered Bandit (with the variable exhaust) in good condition. There are grey import Bandits too and these are generally cheaper than the Hornet (but certainly don't have any problems with reliability or availablity of parts).
  7. not quite...
    the 250 hornet is a grey import.
    the hornet 600 was sold here in aus between 1998 and 2002. so you can currently only buy one second hand (unless Honda decide to release one here).

    I've seen hornets for sale from $5000 to $8600 depending on year/km's/condition/mods
  8. Yes, but given that BJ is only on L's I was assuming that it's only the 250 they're interested in (since the 600 isn't on the LAMs list). Yeah if you're looking for a 600 then an Aus-delivered Hornet would be a good choice - but paying more for a grey import 250 version than you would for a locally delivered 250 Bandit just doesn't make much sense (unless you really like the Hornet styling)
  9. basically, it'll come down to price and what you like better.

    performance, handling, parts, servicing - difference wouldn't be worth thinking about. biggest factor will be the grin factor.

    fark, as a learner you probably wouldn't know the difference with handling/performance anyways. buy the one you find prettier :LOL:
  10. crap - sorry mate didn't see that!! ta.

    anyway - here's one on e-bay. And it's in QLD
  11. Hyosung GT250 Comets are a naked bike and selling for around 5-5500 second hand on ebay and bike sales. And there a pretty nice new bike.
  12. Go the Hornet, here's three on Bikesales, including a yummy yellow one in Sydney (happy to check it out for you if you need)


    Oh, and welcome to the friendly forum..... :grin:
  13. More like 5.5-6 There isnt one aroound for under 5.5

    But you would have to consider buying something with 2000kms on it and still under factory warranty Vs 10yo grey import, might not be as great a performer, but looks the goods and is very new...
  14. To prove my point here is an Aus delivered Bandit with 30,000 less kms for the same price (also in Qld). Oh and there's also Bandit for sale in Victoria on Bikepoint, asking price seems a bit high though - $4000-4500 would probably be a fairer price given the mileage (always going to pay more for a 250 in Victoria).
  15. Generally bling looking bikes are always going to decide which one.
    As JD says Bandits might be cheaper and smaller and have Aussie parts available, But on saying that.....Hands up all the HORNET owners who have had knightmares on getting thier bike fixed.

    Depending on the purchaser, price is negotialble, I got my Hornbag for less then it was advertised.....way less. Ive never had part's problems.Dont expect too. My bike had 18600 on clock. Runs like a dream, goes like stink.

    If the way a bike looks is of no concern to the guy riding it (250cc anyway) then why show pix of our bike in sig's ? is it because your proud of it....course it is. We love our bikes and we want it to look good. If a couple of $$$ gets you the bike you want....or could you really swap your bike for a functional one till you upgrade......swap your 250 for a postie bike.....till you upgrade.....why not ? its a bike it can do the speed limit and hey its only a bike........ I dont think so.
    From test riding the Bandit and the Hornet....i way prefered the Hornet, size, comfy, looks.....and its faster, big back wheel. Its a naked babyblade......
  16. The Bandit is cheaper and offers more torque than the Hornet (same power) and since it's using the frame from the 400cc version it's still reasonably big for a 250. But I agree with Stookie, if the Hornet is what you really want then you'll be happier in the long run buying that instead-you just need to be careful to make sure you find a good one (not one of the repaired wrecks brought into the country).
  17. yeah, power will be relative to condition, there will be nothing in it if they're both in the same condition. big tyre on a 250? i'd say its a BAD thing for everything but looks. possibly add to stability, but would make the handling suffer and will cost you MUCH more for new tyres ($150 fitted on the bandit, you wont find a 180 rear for that price :LOL: )

    hey stookie, was it the newer bandit V or the old crappy bandit that you rode? cos theres a world of difference between them, and i definately wouldn't call the V a short bike, the seat on my old one was higher than my thundercat, GF couldn't ride it (not a bad thing :wink: :LOL: )

    i'm a fan of the bandit, i DID like the hornet better looking at it on the net, but after buying the bandit and seeing a few hornets in person, i didn't think i was missing anything at all. and apparently bandits hold their value pretty well, my old one is up for sale at PS at the moment for $1500 more than i paid for it over 3 years ago with an extra 25,000 on the clock :p :p :p :p
  18. like JD said . HOLD OFF till you find a good one. Dont go rushing into it.

    JD. Im surprised at the power comparison between the bandit and hornet, I rode them both back to back and the Bandit was waaaaaaaay less nippy.
    Might have been just the bike though...
  19. Ahh it's only a difference of 3nm of torque - 27nm for the Bandit at 10,000rpm, 24nm at 11,000 for the Hornet. And yeah Coco is right about the "V" versions of the Bandit being different, the variable exhaust really improves engine response in the lower rpm range, no real difference above 10,000 though.