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Naked chicks + bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by es, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. Suck

  2. Rock

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  3. Whats the URL? I need to ... judge the material first

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  4. What about a naked guys site? that would be cool

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  5. Im voting naked

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  1. "You could even start a website - naked chicks working on bikes..."
    Out of curiosity, sucess or faliure?

    (Google: Your search - "naked chicks working on bikes" - did not match any documents. )
  2. I'd be very worried about the OH&S implications..... :D
  3. Yes but they say a bit of oil is good for the skin don't they :p
  4. And I'm always looking for somewhere within easy reach to put my spanner...
  5. *sigh* where do you come up with this stuff! :p :LOL:
  6. She's 18.... :wink:
  7. oh dear.....now where is this material?? :p
  8. Is this some project you're working on Es? Cause I'd log on...

    PS I have a digital camera if you need someone to take pics...
  9. Too normal for Mat's PC, must look elsewhere :LOL:
  10. from the pics of geek night that were posted i'd say use matts PC as a guide of what not to include!
  11. OH dear , we have hit a new low for a topic .
  12. Oh you know.... PMs from people...
    I try heh
  13. Bring it on..............
  14. would it be girls doing kinky stuff or actually working on bikes :?:
    theres nothing sexier than a girl covered in oil :?
  15. Oh, did I introduce myself yet... Gravvy, OH & S Officer, reporting for duty :p
  16. i think it would depend on whether you are planning to ad video streams too .... and whether or not they are also horny U.S college students on springbreak , talk about carrying your toolbox with you !!
  17. All I can say is..........


    One word of advice......(apart from opening this at work).....Make sure the bike has cooled down unless you plan on using the exhaust as a Brazilian waxing strip :LOL: :p :LOL:
  18. Mmm I'll take #14 thanks :)

    Chicks and bikes are the hottest things on Earth.
  19. Never mind about the chics ..what about the naked guys on bikes?? :wink: :p
  20. "Hear crickets chirping" looks like your on yer own :LOL: